Hello there,

Being a builder by nature I didn’t get a lot of playtime with my sims. To my regret, the main reason that I always started building again is I was lost as soon as my first generation was well under way. I seemed to lack a purpose, a common goal… and then in summer 2015 on the sims US forum I learned of this, to me, all new way to play the sims through legacies. After reading and following some legacies I’d come across, I was hooked on the idea and started playing with vigor.

Now you know why we are here. My legacy is based on the male prettacy rules by pammiechick on the US forum. It was her building challenge 4Sims4 edition for her male prettacy no less that has led me to read, follow and enjoy legacies… And later even start my very own legacy, a male prettacy with a species tolerant, strict patriarchy gender and strict traditional bloodline. The prettiest offspring (male) will be chosen as heir.

I hope this story will entertain you as much as writing it is satisfying to me. If you have any pointers, questions or comments, be sure to leave them behind! That would be very welcome and even helpful since I’m still a total newbie at this.

Thank you so much for reading!

2016-01-04 (1) Generation One – Equinus

Untitled Generation Two – Marley


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