Here is a taste of some of the builds I have shared with the simming community. Of course, they are available for you to, I hope, enjoy as I do.


Arid Abundance
A colonial Spanish build with 3x bed, 3x bath, pool, open formal dining and additional basement to fill in as desired.
For more pictures and/or dl, click here.

Bakery Bruttoboni
My first attempt on a retail venue. Situated in an old converted watchtower it is as the name suggests a bakery.
The lot comes with an employees room that can be converted into a home in the basement. For more pictures and/or download, click here.


Lisa’s Luxury
This is a home for star employee @lisa17ann as an entry for US forum building competition Quality Control edition 9. The brief asked for a cottage styled home and this is my entry with dashes of autumn colors.
The home has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, a very nice spa basement and great outside seating areas. For more pictures or dl, click here

Optimist’s Outlook
Entry for Quality Control 1 (third place)
This home is fitted with a wonderful greenhouse and music room in the backyard. For more pictures and/or dl, click here


‘t Catshuis02-25-16_10-46-53 PM

Eloquent Elderly Estate (first place)
Entry for Cbear13’s Quality Control Monthly edition 2. I chose to build a private nursing home for the demented elderly as asked for in the brief.
The nursing home houses 6 elderly and 1 live in caretaker. The household can be found in my catalog also. For more pictures and/or dl, click here

Mayor Movement
My very first challenge entry ánd second place for Under Renovation 12 on the US sims forum
This has a wonderfully hidden entrance to a gorgeous basement. For more pictures or dl, click here


A family home based on a design from 1932 by a dutch architect, Sybold van Ravesteyn. A lovely small family home with a lovely bbq area and pool in the backyard.
For more pictures or download, click here.

Rietveld Revisited
The inspiration is a building from Dutch designer Gerrit Rietveld.11-02-15_11-03-58c2a0pm.pngFor more pictures and download, click here

Martian Modernity (first place)
For the US forum competition of pammiechick (4sims4) edition thirteen i was challenged to make my first home for an alien in disguise. Yug Niela is out to study human behavior in Newcrest.
The alien hideout is separated from the home in the basement, included is a somewhat hidden rocketship. For more pictures and download, click here


Silvermoon Solace (first place)
A WINNING entry for Quality Control edition 2 on the US forum. It gives space to a master bedroom with study upstairs and room for the wee elves downstairs.
The floating patios give space to meditate and do yoga routines. For more pictures and/or dl, click here

Fun Fair Familyhome
A fun filled circus themed build for a lovely family called the Pulido Parade. 10-26-15_9-18-20c2a0pm.png
This build was triggered by lovely gizky’s gallerblueprintnt challenge edition 6. For more pictures and/or download, click here

Hideous Horrid’s Hide-out
Entry for 4sims4 edition number ten. This was a build a mansion meant for a troll prettacy challenge. Tried to give the exterior the idea of nordic folklore
The home is intended for a modern time troll that wants to shed his heritage in making his lineage prettier. For more pics or dl, click here

Ma sim Tirith
This build is inspired on the citadel of Minas Tirith in Tolkien’s ‘Lord of the Rings’. Being a HUGE Tolkien fan i been walking around with the idea for a while and was able to pull it off finally.
For more pictures or a downloadlink to Gallery, click here


Sandtrap Serenity
Entry for Under Renovation edition 14 of Zita1966 on the US forum. This home placed second. It has layered living.
My first asian themed build with an open garage also. For more pictures and/or dl, click here


Tiny Treasure
A build inspired by the tiny house challenge of catmando830 here on the forum. This build was lucky enough to get a Maxis Fav 09-08-15_10-29c2a0pm.pngMade a gypsy wagon with a very idylic campingspot. For more pictures and/or dl, click here

Bedouin Beginnings
A bedouin themed starter under 20k for your nomadic outdoor minded sim. It has a restroom in the back of the plot.
For more pictures and/or download, click here


5 thoughts on “Builds

  1. lovesstorms says:

    I will definitely be using one of these lots (or two) in my Neighborhood story! I didn’t realize what a fantastic builder you are. So very excited to add some of these to my neighborhood. It’s the perfect time, too, because I’m building it up right now. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. lovesstorms says:

        More? Oooh. I may wait a little longer. Actually, I’ve been concentrating on my Mushi story, so it may take longer than I expected before I get to it. Either way, I can find more on the Gallery, so I’ll look for them. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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