Hello you,

A small introduction to Twiggy (US Forum) a.k.a. Twiggytreats (Origin)
My younger brother introduced me to the Sims as he has done with many PC games through the years. I was immediately hooked to the Sims and played all PC versions except the Sims 3. Back then I had a World of Warcraft field trip that kept me away. Met my sweetheart at Warcraft’s Crossroads and that’s in short how I became a stay at home mom of the most wonderful WoW twins.

I’ve always been into building and decorating sims homes very much. When the Sims 4 came out, a love was rekindled and now I can spend hours with a new lot, room or sim. I tend to make my creations very detailed, that is probably the little perfectionist in me.

Until the Sims 4 I never really shared many lots or creations with the community. Most of the lots, I made for my sims only. Now I am sharing with the community and am active on the official forums since the summer of 2015 and having such a blast! I truly love the warmth the sims community holds. And later in 2015, I discovered the world of SimLit also. Then things really got interesting.

Builds – After seeing so many beautiful showcases of awesome creators and some encouragement from creators and fellow simmers alike I didn’t want to stay behind. So in the Builds section, I showcase some existing builds, entries to build challenges and new lot creations.

Male prettacy – In December 2015 I started posting more of my sims 4 endeavors under the section ‘Male prettacy’. A prolog and the first generation of ‘Monstrous Mezilkree – from grotesque to gorgeous‘ are awaiting interested readers so feel free to check it out. 🙂

Short stories – Since I started my male prettacy I found I have always enjoyed writing. With two toddlers running around I don’t always get the time to work on hobbies, though. I am so happy that a simple game as the Sims 4 has brought me a boost to my creativity. And not only the game has done so…

I wanna take the opportunity here to thank all those amazing SimLit writers for helping me to rekindle my writing passion. I love to hear from you what your thoughts are after reading my thoughts and stories here. 🙂