Chapter 2.28 – The plot thickens

While searching for an antidote to her predicament, Ruby’s mind often wanders off. She thinks of Marley and how he’s spending his nights, not working, home alone with his brother as she starts browsing through a vampire encyclopedia.

08-11-17_11-45-30 PM


Oh, how Ruby would love to see for herself, see where her love lays his head to sleep at night when not by her side. Marley sitting in his study by the fire, his mind wandering off to his muse, she can only imagine.

Ruby would sacrifice an arm and leg to spend the night by Marley’s side in his bed but while a vampire still, Vlad would never let her leave Forgotten Hollow and the forests even if just for a night. Vlad would come and find her for sure. He would locate Ruby, sense where she’d be hiding.

magic door Ruby1

Besides, her doors don’t allow her to travel just anywhere, you know. She’s explained this to Marley the other day when he asked her more about them.

The doors are heritable, the way to obtain a portal somewhere is when a troll visits sacred astral sites with its family during childhood. It’s also connected with sites containing memorable events during adulthood.


Astral troll sites are places a troll is connected to somehow, they may also be gathering places for trolls and their fellowmen. Depending on the status and role of a family within the troll community a troll may accumulate a multitude of portal sites in its journey to adolescence.

Yet, when yanked away from your kind at a very early age, and growing up among vampires until a young adult, one does not obtain many sites. To top that off, Ruby remembers living a simple life with her family. Her parents had only been gatherers so didn’t have that many sites to share with her. Ruby hadn’t learned enough to get help when disaster struck anyway.

08-11-17_11-52-50 PM.jpg

No, the only way Ruby can get away from her unliving hell now without Vlad tracking her scent would be when after taking the antidote she’s been after for so long. If Ruby could shed her sanguine characteristics and feel whole again, Vlad would not sense his trail on her anymore, and so she secretly continuous her search through the old tomes in Vlad’s library.

Then, after picking up another ancient looking manuscript, running through the first few pages, Ruby thinks she might finally be on to something. Alas, at that point, Vlad walks in. Ruby has luckily put the book away as soon as she hears his footsteps on the stairs.

08-11-17_11-18-04 PM.jpg

Vlad walks up to her in eerie silence, strokes her hair and tells Ruby to get up. He then takes her by her arm, invites or rather tells her to stay for dinner, and leads her to his dungeons. She’ll have to come back at a later time to find out more.

Meanwhile, poolside at the Mezilkree Manor, Ruby and Caprice are talking about their pending leave. “As a goodbye, I’d like to take the other ‘Mezilkree mothers’ out for dinner. You know, to let them know we moms better stick together. Because in the end, I’m not certain Marley cares about the mothers nurturing his kids,” Rita explains.

08-11-17_9-02-27 PM.jpg

Caprice nods approvingly.

“Maybe you could babysit when we do, Caprice?” Rita asks, her head tilted.

Caprice answers that will not be a problem, no matter when the women decide to go out.

08-11-17_9-01-44 PM.jpg

“Good, good, I’ll talk to them then. I hope to go this weekend,” Rita says. “But that also depends on when Marley has the time to settle things before we go. I don’t want to be around for weeks after I have a goodbye party, right?” she grins.

And as luck will have it, Rita runs into Marley the next day in the conservatory as he comes home to grab a shower and change in between interviews.

“Hey, um,” Marley says, “You know the time has come to settle our affairs, right? When are you plan..,”

08-11-17_9-18-46 PM.jpg

Before Marley can finish, Rita interrupts him. “Do you have a minute, Friday evening, I think I can have everything settled then,” she says curtly.

“Only after I’m back from an interview and performance at the Sims Music Station which I suspect won’t be early,” Marley replies.

08-11-17_9-27-19 PM.jpg

Rita and Marley agree that late will not be an issue. Now, all Rita has to do is make sure she gets the ‘Mezilkree mothers’ out for a night and relay all latest intel to her partners in crime at the pick-up point on Friday afternoon. Everything is going according to plan, the hands are dealt, and Rita is betting all-in.

The following two days, Ruby’s getting closer and closer to the solution to all that troubles her, the answer to her prayers. She finds a suitable window of time to explore the manuscript that has peaked her interest.

08-11-17_10-33-42 PM.jpg

At first, she can’t find it. Frantically, she flies around Vlad’s library. “It must be here somewhere,” Ruby says out loud, knowing she will be the only one in the house for some time. Vlad has left the house in a feeding frenzy and will probably be out most of the night, creeping into sims’ homes, getting them in their sleep.

The thought alone makes Ruby quiver and pick up her pace. Whenever Vlad comes back home after a binge feed, he visits Ruby, the foul stench of his victims’ blood on his breath, in total delirium for more gratification, and he always takes it out on her.

02-13-17_1-58-15 AM_result.jpg

Ruby doesn’t want Vlad’s hands groping her anymore now that she knows she can be properly loved too. She wants to devote her mortal life solely to her true love of all life, Marley Mezilkree, and not some undead creep.

“Ah, there it is!” Ruby exclaims. When looking at the paper, she’s so happy all her studies of the occult pay off as she is able to decipher most of the writings in the manuscript. It tells of a cure that can be made.

08-11-17_11-14-17 PM.jpg

She’d known it all along! She carefully reads the words and memorizes the ingredients needed for the ultimate concoction to rid her of her curse. Ruby now knows what to do…


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3 thoughts on “Chapter 2.28 – The plot thickens

  1. Simsophonique says:

    Vlad is a pure monster for Ruby he keeps her in hostage as a slave and in every sims 4 games . I got the game but I don’t make a story with. I play with a vamp too married with an alien. Vlad is nasty to hell with everybody he cross his road. Lilith seems very pleasant. I don’t know enough the game for judging well.

    Rita organized the diner as a diversion I can’t wait to read the d-day sounds have plenty of fun !

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Simsophonique says:

        He went at my sims 4 house, and at first he was okay but he started to be mean . I fear for Twain my vampire ahah and I am sorry for Ruby I hope she’ll cure and join Marley. Thank you. I rarely play ts4 but vampires are cool.

        Liked by 1 person

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