Chapter 2.27 – White lies

When falling into each other’s arms again, the first thing Marley and his muse share is a warm embrace and words proclaiming of how much they have missed each other when apart.

And what they further talk about when together? Both their pasts growing up, their views and expectations of life, their families and how much Ruby longs for one herself and therefore Ruby’s search for an antidote to her vampiric condemnation.

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There’s never enough time to share it all, it seems but every time the lovebirds talk, Marley meticulously leaves his children or their mother’s out of it. Not being faintly forthcoming with Ruby over time is, however, starting to weigh on Marley.

The fact that Ruby’s a vampire and resides in the close vicinity of the dreary cut-off-from-society town of Forgotten Hollow surely helps in being able to fool Ruby in not knowing the full truth about his personal life.

Besides, Ruby not being able to bear a child as a vampire, isn’t at all bugging Marley even tho deep down he knows Ruby’s desire to nurture isn’t any smaller because of it. Ruby therefore often asks how Marley’s family is doing.

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Between his flirts, he tells her about his brothers, how his older brother is happily married and is raising a small one together with his wife. He also mentions his younger brother living with him as if they are two alone at home.

He holds Ruby so dearly and can not bear the thought of her losing faith in his sincerity. That’s why Marley hasn’t revealed to her that he’s the father of four. But the guilt is growing inside of Marley, so much so that he tries to make Ruby feel she is his queen in every single way feasible to him.

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“What is your home like, is it anything like this house or is your home more reminiscent of the forest dwellings I told you about, like the one I grew up in as a child?” Ruby asks Marley when she serves him a plate of hot damping mush.

While Ruby’s drinking her plasma juice, she watches Marley eat the food from his plate. “Is it any good?” she asks, “I think it’s horrible that I can’t bear to taste your dish to see if it’s seasoned okay, I just can’t stand a bite of anything other than this horrible plasma fruit or well, you know…”

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The look on Ruby’s face tells Marley she wants an answer to her questions. First, he tries to come up with an honest answer about the food, though preferably without hurting her feelings.

Marley replies: “I can’t quite tell what you tried to make but with what you have in your kitchen cupboards, I think you did a great job!” Marley continues after taking another bite to confirm his previous words and to give him more time to form a reply to her other question.

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He can talk all he wants about his home but has to steer clear of the mommas, nooboos or anything giving him away whatsoever, he firmly addresses himself silently. Marley tells Ruby about the size and exterior of the home, he tells her what his bedroom looks like, and mostly he talks of how he devoted his personal study to remind him of her.

There, he keeps and cherishes the little trinkets she has given him as gifts, a small picture he’s taken of her, and a jacket of his she’s been wearing that he hasn’t worn or washed since.

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After dinner, the two lovebirds dance to an old record playing on the gramophone until Marley drops serenade Ruby and whisk her away upstairs where they soon can be found under the duvet entwined in each other’s caress.

Remaining entangled in an embrace, they fall asleep before another day for Marley starts where he will be promoting his new album. Marley’s sleep is light and somewhat troubled for he knows tomorrow a new week starts and in the next weeks, visits to this magical place will be scarce again.

At the Manor, far less romantic issues are at hand. Plotting away, Rita is keeping Caprice somewhat in the dark about her plans other than revealing to her that they will be leaving soon and they need to be packed. Their few belongings are already being stored bit by bit over at a friend’s house here or there.


Rita’s made sure the timing is perfect. “Now that everything in the Manor goes so swimmingly with them new baby momma’s they don’t need Abel around as much, HA, priceless!” she snorts amused.

From this weekend on Abel will be away for a whole week with his friend Lamont and Marley will be busy and out of town mostly for his promotional affairs. Rita is planning to orchestrate the perfect moment for the ‘momma girl’s’ to be a night out too in the next week. “Caprice can babysit, right?” Rita inwardly laughs to herself, she’s so proud of her own devious plans.

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When they’ve arrived back at the Manor after the last drop off of things they can do without, for the time being, Rita gets a call from one of her partners in crime, Wesley Nax. In codewords, he informs her all is in place and all set for the big heist.

Rita looks around to check if there is anyone that can hear her reply. She knows Abel is out for this evening. Rita does hear Caprice’s footsteps down the hall. She waits until they die down: “Good, and what about the money? I ‘ve told you that without a share up front the whole thing will blow up in yer faces, I’m gonna need that now!”

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“Yeah, yeah, we need you to be at the Mainframe Mall again this Friday for the transfer, like I said, all is in place. Be there at noon,” is Wesley’s short reply before hanging up.

“Very well, that’s settled then,” the same business associate that was with the men the very night Rita laid her initial plans down, Dasha, says to Wesley and Liam, “The money will be available at the bank. I’ll make sure you’re announced and expected by the clerk. You know our go-to guy there, right, Liam?”

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“I love having friends in high places,” Wesley laughs aloud.

“Behave, baboon!” Liam addresses Wesley, “He isn’t talking to you! We still have to make this one count.” Then, Liam turns to Dasha. “Yes, Mister Manfiel, I’ll just mention a Viela/Manfiel pick up, right?

“Yes, he’ll be instructed. Friday, ten o’clock. I don’t foresee any problems,” Dasha says, “It is approved by Council, you have the green light. Be on time, there shouldn’t be anything standing in your way. We expect the money back with interest within two weeks time.”

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“Just make sure it all goes smoothly according to plan at the site, you hear? Keep me posted but remember, no details. I don’t know anything about it but like you already said; make it count!” Dasha says, ending their meeting, and while playing with the keys to his posh car in hand on the counter, he turns around and leaves.


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        Yes I know it ! but I didn’t really get it for the story right now , maybe later we’ll know more about the intention of the Counsil . But since thje beggining I felt them weird did you remember?
        You’re welcome I am here and there currently , I am back with my story but I take my time for reading. Heat and my noisy neighbohours I can’t sleep well I am too much tired.

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