Chapter 2.26 – Happy birthday, Levi!

Today is Levi’s birthday. Because Abel doesn’t trust Rita to make it a special day for the boy, he agrees with both Levi and Rita that she will be taking care of the festivities for the family’s celebrations the following weekend. Abel, as per Levi’s request, takes care of the kids’ day out with his friends on his birthday.

Abel has arranged that Levi is picked up after school with his mates. From there, the kids will be taken to an arcade where they can play to their heart’s content. Lamont is kind enough to drive Abel and the boys and girls to the arcade and after a bite to eat, they will be heading to the movies. Levi is looking forward to it, Abel can tell when he and Levi talk at breakfast.

07-24-17_2-00-31 AM.jpg

When the afternoon has arrived, Levi’s classmates all drum up around him in front of the school to come along to his party. Excitement is bouncing in the air like a spring foal as Abel and Lamont arrive to pick up the kids.

After a drive to Newcrest, the company of friends burst out of the car and scurry about, running to all corners of the arcade. Settling at the bar of the arcade, Abel and Lamont enjoy a drink together.

“Look at those boys go,” Lamont says with a smile as two of Levi’s friends walk by to watch the game on a Voidcritter Battle Station that Levi’s starting against Marie. “Isn’t it a shame you and I both never had any kids of our own?” he asks Abel.

07-24-17_1-36-55 AM.jpg

“I don’t know,” Abel replies, “I  guess I love looking after Marley’s kids just as well. I’ve been thinking; family is family, you know. My niece and nephews are all dear to me. Every one of my brothers’ kids is as dear to me as my own would be, I suppose.”

“But what about your own lineage? Don’t you want to have kids of your own? I’ve thought about it a lot during my lifetime. My wife, rest her soul, was just too sick, we chose not to for her sake,” Lamont says, the pain visible in his eyes.

07-24-17_1-31-23 AM.jpg

“I know, I wish things would be different for you, maybe even for me. I just don’t think kids were ever in my cards, Lamont,” Abel replies as he takes another sip of his fave drink.

Then, Abel lays his hand on Lamonts’ hand and says with a meaningful smile: “Besides, how would I make one, you know I’m not with the ladies but come, let us check on those kids,” Abel tries lightening the mood.

When the guys get upstairs, Levi’s just making faces to Billie, Marie’s best friend who Levi has invited because he secretly has an eye on her. She, however, is clearly more interested in Vihaan, Levi’s best friend, which makes Levi inwardly sulk most of the afternoon.

07-24-17_1-47-49 AM.jpg

Almost a teen, Levi doesn’t let anyone notice he is sulking over a girl though for with the example provided by his mother Rita and the behavior of his father around women, he wishes he didn’t even have any feelings for the other sex what so ever. Besides, Vihaan isn’t into Billie anyway it seems.

Levi decides then and there that from here on Levi will hang out with bro’s alone and will leave these girls to what they are, a nuisance to men. This sentiment, immediately a strong-seated belief, results in a new ‘Bro’ trait for Levi as soon as the candles on his birthday cake are blown that day.

07-24-17_10-30-51 PM.jpg

Meanwhile, at the Manor, Marley is pouring a stiff one and having a heated discussion with Rita at the bar in the upstairs lounge, claiming that he will not kick her to the curb when their kid is celebrating his birthday but her two months are about up and where has it gotten her?

Rita defends herself, stating she and Caprice almost have the money sorted. They talk numbers, agree on an amount and Rita promises to get in touch with Marley as soon as she has the money.

07-24-17_10-28-41 PM.jpg

“I want you to know, Rita, I never meant for it to end this way,” Marley says while raising his hand to his head, “But I dunno what to do anymore. Levi is a teen today. He needs everyone on board to make it a success. Do you even care where the boy ends up in life?

Marley continues his lecture: “The way I see it, Rita, you like the luxury my family provides yet you are not willing to commit your life to making that of your son the very best. How is that? Can you tell me?”

Rita's nose in the wind.jpg

Rita is not willing to get into this. Annoyed, she throws her nose in the wind and says Marley can keep the boy and mold him just the way he wants to. Rita promises to take her business elsewhere, live her life somewhere else. Somewhere she will not bother his majesty, Marley.

Marley’s reaction shows that Rita’s remark hurts him as he says: “Sure, you win, Rita, just make sure you don’t show your face to me until you have that money and say your goodbyes. Oh, and get that boy a nice birthday present, will ya.”

07-24-17_11-02-45 PM.jpg

As can be expected after his parents’ conversation on his actual birthday, the families celebrations that weekend in honor of Levi are surely not lacking in food and drinks, they are abundant though the atmosphere itself is one to carve up and feed to the dogs.

To top this off, Levi’s dad is out the door as soon as the celebrations are over and not to be seen again that weekend. At least Marley gets him a nice birthday present, a night out bowling with his mates ánd a promise to a week’s summer vacation with a friend, no supervision what so ever, all included with the compliments of his dad.

Happy teens, Levi!

Levi teen.jpg

A/N: Complete with a make-over, Levi now has an Insane and Bro trait (both via the Random Trait Generator) paired with the Serial Romantic aspiration (for the challenge’s sake).

The arcade is a retail lot provided by Fahook called Blickblock Empire. I put a bar in there, but otherwise, the lot stayed unchanged. You can view or dl Blickblock Empire in the S4 Gallery.


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