Chapter 2.25 – Lights, please

Rita walks up to a dimly lit back entrance to some sort of electronics store. She finds the fence already open.

07-16-17_1-28-22 PM.jpg

Liam, an old friend of hers, is waiting inside the store Rita enters on opening the back door.

After greeting each other, Rita and Liam walk into an office on their left. There, in a room as dimly lit as the back entrance to the establishment, two more men are just getting out of their seats.

07-16-17_2-05-00 PM

One is Wesley Nax, the fence that has been buying her previous nicked items. Rita doesn’t know the other one, tho he seems somewhat familiar. He introduces himself as Dasha, a business associate of her friends, and says he was just about to leave.

When Rita starts talking, not thinking much of it, Dasha, however, doesn’t make himself scarce. Only after Rita lays her initial plans down, Dasha gets up, looks at Wesley stating they’ll keep in touch, and wishes the attendees a good night.

07-16-17_2-14-15 PM.jpg

Until the next morning, Rita tries convincing the men of the success and wealth her grande scheme will yield. Just before opening hours of the computer hardware store, the friends come to a mutual understanding.

For a while after the groundworks of Rita’s devious plans are laid out, time progresses without any visible change in the Mezilkrees household’s status quo. Nothing out of the ordinary occurs at the Manor.

07-16-17_3-53-45 PM.jpg

Abel takes care of the day-to-day business there, Marley releases his first single on the market, Rylie and Immelda care for the family’s nooboos, and Rita and Caprice are being their sour selfs, all is well in the land of the ignorant.

After some time, Abel, however, gets word of his newest poetry bundle being added to the works of the Literary Digest. Finally, recognition for his talent! Abel couldn’t be happier, this couldn’t have come at a better time. He allows himself to take a break and have his favorite drink in the lounge.

07-16-17_4-37-47 PM.jpg

For so long, Abel has been the driving force behind so many others, like his mom was before him. But now, it is time for Abel Mezilkree to shine in the limelight.

Abel is invited to a celebration of this event on the annual Literary Digest’s Book Bal. He hears a plaque will be handed to him at the Bal, the official announcement of his poetry bundle will then be a fact. It’s all so exciting!

07-16-17_4-32-27 PM.jpg

With several weeks to go towards the Bal, Abel is getting more and more anxious. He’s going to have to present himself to a wider audience for the first time, he thinks before leaving the gym. So far, he’s only been known as, the brother and confidant of Marley Mezilkree. There, it will be him that deserves everyone’s attention.

The idea of being honored by the Literary Digest does wonders for Abel’s confidence since, lately, he was beginning to wonder whether he was finding fulfillment in life. Looking around the home made him feel this even more.

07-16-17_5-43-10 PM.jpg

Seeing kids all in various ages scurrying about and taking care of them, has made Abel feel that he would never be more than a surrogate dad so to speak. Now, with his career finally taking off, he can say he’s more than Marley’s brother, caretaker of the Mezilkree Manor, he is now Abel Mezilkree, the poet.

When the night has arrived in which Abel will be laureled along with some fellow writers who are also added to the ranks of the Literary Digest, Abel, however, finds yet another clue to respect the truth about his place in the world.

Poster Marley (small)

Because lord beholds, on arriving at the Book Bal, by large posters Abel’s informed about the performer that will liven up tonight’s affairs. It will be none other than the amazing Marley Mezilkree! Abel sighs out loud.

He wants to make himself scarce especially when on top of it all, he’s invited to hand his brother a platinum single for the first song of his upcoming album he’s brought forth. Yet, he will have to continue smiling while not only he and other writers will be laureled there but his brother as well.

07-16-17_9-06-36 PM.jpg

As Abel always does, he makes it through his ordeals unscathed that night. If only Abel could see the driving force behind his every action. He is the sole beneficiary when it comes to deserving to be laureled over his, and many of his family’s current feats accomplished. Yet, Abel’s insecurity prevails.

07-16-17_10-51-37 PM.jpg

All his recent contemplating, however, does send him on a search to find out about his heritage. If he’s not significant enough to write his own memoirs than his heritage and family’s tale surely is.

When Abel wants to talk about their heritage Marley isn’t giving him the time of day as if he has something to hide, though but sitting behind his computer, Abel dismisses that thought for he’s certain Marley can’t possibly know more than he does. Instead, he clicks another link that leads him, once again, to a dead end.

08-08-16_2-28-44 PM2_result

The brothers have grown up in the same family, Abel thinks to himself when behind the computer browsing the web for info. Abel knows Marley is walking around with questions himself yet the two can’t create the right atmosphere to start an open conversation about it. Abel doubts whether Marley could shed any light on it anyway.

Besides, the Manor is always packed to the brim, filled with noise and hardly a spot to be found where one can have a relaxing talk without being distracted. Then, he turns off the PC, reminding himself it’s time to get going and do the grocery shopping.

07-16-17_11-02-04 PM.jpg

Abel still needs ingredients for the cake of Levi’s pending birthday. He gets from behind the computer and is on his way, emptying the trash can on the way out.


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