Liebster Award

Oh my, I have been so occupied elsewhere that I totally missed this nomination last month by fellow simlit author and friend mastress Alita. Thank you, Sara, for your nomination of my tiny blog and forgive me for my late reply! ❤

Mastress Alita is an all around crazy awesome-ass librarian with the biggest heart including everyone with a good heart and stories to tell. She shares her own amazing stories over on Hijinks from the world of Sims 3. Be sure to check out her works and say hi! 🙂


Liebster Award rules:

  1.  Say thank you to the person who has nominated you for the award;
  2.  Answer the eleven questions the person has asked you;
  3.  Nominate people and notify them;
  4.  Ask the people you have nominated eleven questions.

Answers to the questions received
First off, lemme say this: The best questionnaire I have answered in a long time! Sara, you had me cracking up with those questions. Curious about them and my answers, read on, my friends 😛

1. What would be the title of your autobiography?
Now you see me, now you don’t
2. You and your friends start a rock band. What are you called?
Vibratory Vixens
3. What flavor of ice cream best represents you?
4. Would you rather fight ten duck-sized horses or one horse sized duck?
As interesting and imaginative as this sounds, I don’t fight. I would, however, take the entire troop of animals and cuddle em out in the open field for all to see and come to share the fun.
5. Aliens have landed! What is your first message to them?
I’d keep my trap shut but would speak from my ❤
6. Who was your first pop culture crush?
I seriously can’t remember! Not because I remember so little of when I was a kid, I just wasn’t into the whole fandom thing. Okay, granted, after a deeper search than an initial response, I thought AHA’s clip of ‘Take on me’ was the bomb in its day, tho didn’t feel like a crush. Anywayz, on to the next question 😀
7. Which food makes you gag?
Clear and simple, peas
8. What do you want to do on your first day of retirement?
Nothing at all
9. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Okay, had to look up what that meant lol but here it is, I guess I’m proud of being pure-hearted, true and honest, most of all I try to be that to myself and therefore also to everyone around me.
10. What is your favorite Halloween costume? (Or for my fellow geeks, cosplay outfit?)
Witch or Fairy I guess, NO, I wanna be a pirate lol but I’ll settle for making me a plumbob hahaha
11. Can you curl your tongue?
I’m wondering why you would want to know, please inform me lol but yes, I can 😛


Since I’m very late with finding out that I was nominated myself in the first place, all the to me known blogs I would want to nominate are already nominated. Therefore, I will not make it hard on any of my fave bloggers by making them add to or revise their acceptance posts.

Besides, I could never ever come up with questions better than the ones I have just answered. I hope you can all forgive me and I bid all the wonderful readers that stuck with me until this point a blessed life filled with their boldest dreams coming to fruition!


5 thoughts on “Liebster Award

    1. Twiggy says:

      Oh lol I do that too… barely but it touches haha Gotta love weirdo’s 😉 And you’re ever so welcome to join. I’m only afraid that the quality of my music will not be better than Shadow’s meow 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Simsophonique says:

    Me too I put this award in the box and put it in the closet for now. I don’t ignore I just not really enough in ease to reply questions. I have to translate them and see if I can reply to all. I will answer when I can and I don’t know when …
    I don’t think I’ll nominate people as well.
    For question 11 , I have a story to tell you : I remembered my first biology lessons I got about what is genetics and DNA was this excercice ahaha.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Simsophonique says:

        ha thank you You too ! but with the drama of photobucket I have to care for restoring my pictures for my bsides site and my real life, try to read stories etc. I am a slow reader.

        aah I was very ashamed because I don’t have the chance to do that. That’s genetic .

        I just wanted to let you know I understand your feelings with the awards . I wish things will be better soon .

        Liked by 1 person

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