Chapter 2.24 – The only way is up!

Marley makes sure his nooboos’ mommas are well-taken care off, all validated and confirm the Council’s rules and wishes, while he spends all his time finishing and promoting his upcoming album.

The little time he has left to himself, he spends within his study with Ruby on his mind or with Ruby herself in her dark and comforting home, always relying heavily on his brother, the council, and his management to take care of the day-to-day business, all for his love for music.

07-02-17_9-44-37 PMgroot.jpg

On the other hand, Abel is barely able to manage the load and responsibilities given to him. If only it wouldn’t always get the best of him or put him under the weather. Abel is, nonetheless, doing a tremendous job maintaining some sense of peace within the complex household that makes the Mezilkrees!

It’s his social network that gives him the compass to keep steering in the right direction. If Abel didn’t have his eldest brother’s love, lifelong mate Lamont and his brother Josias with Melissa to rely on, he wouldn’t be able to be there for the Mezilkrees the way he is upholding to this day.

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Abel is also happy with the new nooboos momma’s, Rylie and Immelda. In Abel’s opinion, they are breaths of fresh air compared to Rita and Caprice. Due to the new mommas’ compassion and cooperation, Abel can enjoy a night off at his brother’s house for the first time in ages.

He, his brother Josias, and Lamont are talking in the yard of Josias’ and Melissa’s home after a wonderful homemade dinner once his Itchy Plumbob or whatever illness he had under his skin has resolved.

07-03-17_1-22-07 AM.jpg

Melissa’s just returning from putting Nathaniel to bed after his feeding to hear the guys talking under the stars about the Mezilkree Manor’s current status quo.

“I keep thinking there must be something to this,” Abel says as Melissa seats herself with the men, “It seems he’s lost. And quite frankly it’s got me wondering about our history also. Why do we know so little about trolls?” Abel looks at his friends as if asking for a direct answer.

07-03-17_9-59-11 AM.jpg

“Okay, so he dropped this on you without investigating it himself? You know all he’s into are his chords and guitar strings, right?” Lamont asks Abel.

“And, oh yeah, knocking up fans here and there, he’s good with that too!” Josias mocks as always, making Lamont burst out in laughter.

07-03-17_9-55-13 AM.jpg

“This isn’t helping him, guys,” Melissa intervenes, “If Abel wants to find out more than he should educate himself. There’s not much I know on the matter so I’m afraid I can’t help you with this, Abel.”

“My mother told me folklore stories with trolls in them when I was a kid. I loved her stories. The trolls she mentioned in her stories lived in the north, in mountainous areas. But I always believed they were part of fairy tales and myths until I heard about and saw your brother and father for the first time,” Lamont pitches in.

07-03-17_10-03-59 AM.jpg

Josias lovingly advises his brother: “Don’t start looking into this when doing that solely for father, for Marley or anyone else for that matter. Delve into our past only for your own enlightenment. You have enough on your plate already, your present is much more important than the past, bro, I know.” Josias looks meaningful at Melissa after saying that.

Another hour of deep conversating later, Abel sees it’s time to go home. As he thanks Melissa for dinner and says his goodbyes, Lamont asks Abel if he wants a ride home. Confirmed, Abel and Lamont head to Lamont’s car in the car park nearby, leaving Melissa and Josias waving in the front yard.

The next day Abel and Marley have a serious conversation about the goings on in the Mezilkree household as well.

07-03-17_11-32-25 AM.jpg

On hearing that Rita has again put in a too small amount into the Mezilkree’s financial balance or into attention towards Levi alike, Marley’s fed up about the matter stating Rita has used up all her credits. He’ll force her to make an effort, he promises his brother.

And so it occurs that Marley goes off on Rita, mentioning that her efforts lack inspiration, involvement, and dedication. He’s ever so hard to her, making her feel that the last shred of dignity she has left is out the window.

07-03-17_11-41-38 AM.jpg

Visibly shaken to her core, Rita replies frantically: “Oh, this again?! I’ll get you that big sum alright if it’ll be the last thing I do! You’ve stripped enough of my confidence to make me not want to overstay my welcome here, don’t you worry! We’ll be out ya hair, me and Caprice both, give me two more months and we’re gone!!”

Then Rita storms out of the conservatory, leaving Marley on the doorstep to the music lounge. He didn’t expect her to react like that. He feels shaken himself afterward and doubts whether this was the right way to approach the matter.

“She has been warned, though, I’m no philanthropist! And those kids ain’t raising themselves, now do they?” Marley grumps as he heads up to his study.

07-03-17_11-49-16 AM.jpg

Rita meanwhile bundles away outside to find her peace again. She doesn’t understand, just can’t believe the whole world is always out to get her. Not thinking for a moment that it might be the other way around just as well.

Rita hasn’t been a guiding light nor found one during her lifetime. This finally comes to a breaking point, no doubt. The only question is when but this is not a thought on Rita’s mind at this very moment. Rita wants to get even, get back at life for the frustration she’s feeling. Something has to give, someone has to pay!

07-03-17_11-52-57 AM.jpg

Well out of sight of the Manor Rita calls a taxi and heads over to the hide-out of some of her old partners in crime. There she lays down her frustrations and mentions she’s looking for the right men to cover a big score. She will, however, need a down payment on the spoils, she says. Then and there the beginnings of devious plans are concocted.


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