Chapter 2.23 – Family matters…

Levi throws his backpack against the chair in the corner, not even considering doing his homework. Although he’s happy to not be the only kid around the house anymore, he isn’t really keen on there being not one but two new additions to the family at once. And it’s not as if he can play with Ivan or Kyle at this stage.

Levi isn’t getting the attention a kid his age or any other age actually needs and deserves. Uncle Abel can only do so much in a day and since his dad is always on the move in his musical endeavors that leaves the baby mommas and Caprice.

06-19-17_1-00-35 PM

With disappointment written on his face, Levi walks downstairs and heads directly to his bedroom to cry it out under the comforting covers of his bed. Life just ain’t fair, it seems.

Can you tell Levi isn’t taking his own mother into the equation here? No matter what Rita’s busy with on a day to day basis, taking care of the essential needs of her firstborn has never seemed to be a priority and Levi knows it.

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When Levi was a young kid, he didn’t see clearly but now that he’s reached his tweens the way of the survivor is explained to him by observing the world around him.

Maybe his lifestyle should be enough if only it didn’t seem to Levi that he’s been pulling the short straws. Even more so now that Levi witnesses both Immelda and Rylie dote on their newborn.

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The next day at school just before recess is over, Levi spots a familiar face clearing the tables. It’s Marie Chouffe, his half sister. He and Marie have hit it off at the nooboo showers for their other half-siblings. He still can’t believe it tho, all this time he’s already had a sister, even attending the same school he is.

“It’s a shame Marie doesn’t live at the Manor,” Levi thinks as the two spend time playing together through the recess until the bell rings, ushering them back into class. Levi doesn’t fancy sitting in class for hours on end. He figures he’ll share this feeling with Marie and before you can say hooky, Levi, and Marie are playing just that!

They spend time in the nearby park, playing make-believe and sharing what’s left of their lunches. When Marie starts to feel guilty for wagging off, she hints of returning to school before they miss too much.

06-21-17_12-48-22 AM.jpg

Reluctantly, tho knowing it’s probably the smartest thing to do, Levi walks back to school with his sister.

At school, they run into a teacher in the hallway. When the teacher asks for an explanation, Levi answers him that he got sick during recess and Marie was kind enough to stay with him until he was feeling better.

06-20-17_11-50-28 PM.jpg

The teacher ignorantly compliments Marie and sends her off to class. Then the teacher checks up on the boy. Levi soon convinces the teacher that he’s doing fine now and the teacher also gives Levi a pass through the hall back to class.

Back home, after school, Levi’s smart enough not to tell his uncle about what happened. Instead, he tells his mother. She never questions anything he does, unlike Uncle Abel.

Levi knows this only stems from a disinterest in her own flesh and blood, yet in times like these, it is very convenient for him. His uncle would probably send him to the doctor or mention it to the Council’s physician come the time for another checkup.

06-21-17_1-06-34 AM.jpg

That just won’t do for Levi and so as expected, once Levi has informed his mother Rita, she places no doubts if she’s even listened to Levi’s explanation. She answers he can get himself some chips now that he’s feeling better and carries on doing her thing, further ignoring Levi.

Relieved that his skipping school today will not amount to any repercussions, Levi gets a bowl of chips out and steers towards the living to turn on the Tv. It is then that his uncle walks through the door of the kitchen.

06-21-17_1-12-55 AM.jpg

“Ah, good to run into you here, the conservatory needs tending to, would you mind?” Abel asks Rita, “And can we expect another ‘donation’ to the household funds in the coming weeks, Rita? It’s been a while now…” Abel says.

Levi stops to listen to his mother’s reply. “Yeah, yeah, keep your socks on, you’ll get some. I’ll ask Caprice for a little contribution also. We’ll put what we have between the both of us into your hands, don’t worry,” is Rita’s answer.

06-21-17_10-17-26 AM.jpg

“Granted, tho it better be at least a sustainable amount for the two of you this time around. We have too many mouths to feed here to be philanthropists,” is Abel’s stern reply.

A few weeks later, Levi, full circle, comes to terms with the fact that his mother is a total fraud. The old clock in Rita’s room has vanished. His mother took him for a day out in San Myshuno the other day and gave him an ice cream while heading into a shady dive herself and suddenly shortly after, his uncle has another contribution to the household funds.

06-21-17_10-20-20 AM.jpg

“How ignorant do these grown-ups think their kids really are?” Levi wonders. If anything, it is this day Levi pledges to himself that he will always protect his own interests, no grown-up interference for him or his half siblings for that matter. Someone has got to stick up for the rights of the next generation!


A.N. Marie is the daughter of Kiera Chouffe and Marley Mezilkree. Funny detail is that Marie and her half-brother Levi share the Insane Trait. Probably why they get along so well 😀 The school building used in this chapter is a creation by MilaMao which can be viewed and downloaded in The Sims 4 Gallery here.


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