Chapter 2.22 – Home is where the heart is

Days, weeks, and even months go by filled with obligations and celebrations. Marley hardly finds time to see his beloved Ruby. Only a free, forgotten afternoon here or there is he able to spend with his muse, mostly to dote on and serenade her.

Marley is way too busy to give in to seeing Ruby as much as he’d like to. He has several meetings with the council, arranging everything to keep the kids and their mothers where they are. Marley also meets up with his agent and the record company to make arrangements for his next album and scheduling both rehearsals and studio time.

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All this, as mentioned, in the midst of several celebrations. There are the nooboo showers naturally which Abel is sweet enough to take care of for Marley. Then there are also several birthdays scheduled, being the birthdays of both Marley’s brothers, Josias and Abel.

Not long after Abel’s also follows Caprice’s young adult birthday, then quickly the birth of Marley’s and Abel’s cousin is also a fact. Melissa is kind enough to invite all Marley’s ‘mothers’ and their nooboos to the nooboo shower for newborn, Nathaniel Mezilkree. Although being a weird one, the Mezilkree family seems to be happy spending time together.

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Though all this nooboo chatter is getting the best of Marley. Whenever he has time to practice guitar or make preparations for his upcoming album, he secludes himself from the rest of the household. In his dad’s old office, the door locked, Marley devotes his time to music and his muse. Nobody’s ever allowed in there anymore.

It is in this study that Marley, again, after a couple of months have gone by, rubs the ring charm Ruby gave him. Immediately after, Marley clearly hears Ruby’s voice inside his head. He’s surprised by it every time still.

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“Meet me where we first saw each other,” he hears Ruby say, “But be there after sunrise tomorrow. I can’t pick you up before that. I’d like to stay a few days.”

Happy to hear Ruby’s response to her ring charm, Marley makes sure to reschedule an appointment with Mister Manfiel from Viela’s office the following morning, he cancels a rehearsal and is on his way.

06-04-17_10-59-27 PM.jpg

While Marley’s away, Abel’s is doing the books. He notices that Marley’s revenues are substantially lower now that he’s not performing but working on his album. Changes will have to be made soon. The household is costing too much this way, reserves will empty too soon.

Rita would heartily agree with Abel, be it from her own perspective. She would rather be damned on the spot than to start stealing solely for the gain of the Mezilkree family but Caprice and she will probably soon be asked to provide more for the growing household. She knows she and Caprice are momentarily the most expendable sims in the household now that Levi’s getting so big. She’s going to have to act since her prime objective has always been to look out for herself most of all.

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A job is out of the question for Rita, she’s been fired once too many in her lifetime to believe she can handle any type of work for a ‘boss’ now. She considers herself a wild one, the lone wolf, an entrepreneur of sorts.

Thinking of those undesired responsibilities, Levi being one of them, Rita feels urged to get herself a pick me up or rather ‘nick’ herself a pick me up and heads off to the attic in search of treasure. She ends up taking an ornate antique clock downstairs with her.

06-04-17_11-03-51 PM.jpg

After stashing the clock in her room for safekeeping, Levi comes walking in. “Hey ma,” he says with an expressionless face. “What’re your doing with that clock?” Levi asks seemingly casual after his eyes have wandered through the room.

“Oh, nothing, hon, just wanted to see if it looked suitable in here,” she tries innocently.

“I don’t see it tho,” Levi says.

Rita answers: “Uhm, no, no, I put it under the bed cause I thought it didn’t match the interior decor.”

06-04-17_11-10-15 PM.jpg

Levi then bends his knees to see under the bed, “Let me have a look.” Reluctantly Rita takes the clock from under the bed and puts it on the nightstand.

“But it looks great there! Did ya try that there just now? You should keep it there!” Levi says with a, for a kid his age, strangely stern emphasis on the last phrase.

06-04-17_11-14-24 PM.jpg

Baffled yet able to smile faintly, Rita replies: “Sure, kiddo, I’ll leave it there. You’re absolutely right.” She then ushers the boy out of the room and gives him a snack in the kitchen. “Go watch some TV, Levi,” she says nudging toward the living room.

Levi happily settles in the living. Rita scurries off to the conservatory to tend to the veggies and flowers. She’ll have to find some other time to finish what she’s started.


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