Chapter 2.21 – Three times a charm

Without any interruption, Marley and Ruby spend the next three blissful days together. In between making love, they talk about a lot of things, though Marley doesn’t feel comfortable sharing with Ruby that he is a father already and about to have another couple of nooboos. Especially since Ruby over the course of the days shares with Marley that she would have loved a baby but can not until her curse is lifted.

Marley surely doesn’t want to break her heart. And besides, it’s not that any of his nooboo’s mothers come nearly as close to his heart as she does. There is absolutely no competition for Ruby, he knows he would never betray her! With that in mind, Marley feels at ease not informing Ruby as of yet.

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Then, on the fourth day, Abel calls Marley to tell him that his second child is announcing its arrival on the Simglobe. Knowing that he can not stay any longer with Ruby, for now, Marley answers Abel that he’ll be on his way. Marley promises his muse that he will be back with her as soon as possible. In return, Ruby reaches to get Marley something.

“Wear this ring charm and think of me whenever you need to talk, then rub the ring three times in a row. I’ll show you where to go look for me then. Until then, know that I’ll miss you,” Ruby says as she opens the top drawer of her vanity table. She then takes a white ring from a green satchel out of the drawer and puts it on Marley’s left hand. “It’s all that’s left to me of my kin. Please take good care of it as you do my heart,” Ruby says.

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Marley checks the ring on his left middle finger. It doesn’t appear to be anything fancy, though any gift from Ruby makes him feel richer than the biggest mogul could ever get.

He doesn’t understand how Ruby will point him to where he can find her with it tho but time will tell, Marley’s sure. After a last embrace and kiss goodbye, the two sims part and Marley’s off through yet another magic door although it looks the same every single time.

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In the past days, Marley’s found out a lot about Ruby. He knows she hasn’t spent time with any outsiders or any of her kin since she was taken. She’s mostly fed with slaves handed to her by her master. Until her last climb on the vampiric ladder that is.

Now Ruby is free to get her own meals and detain slaves herself. As creepy as that sounds, Marley knows that it’s this which makes it possible for him to enter her world without fearing for his life.

Thinking about it, Marley’s kinda freaked out. Yet the love for Ruby ánd her skin color seems to be stronger than any hesitations or fear he might face getting to know her better. With that in his mind, Marley’s off to the hospital. Even tho he is aware that he must be staying at the manor for the next few weeks, he’s already thinking of a next moment to sneak away and meet his muse again.

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Luckily, Marley soon arrives at the hospital and through the front door, a teddy bear in hand. He’s asked the taxi driver to stop at the gas station on the way to pick up a present for the nooboo, he’s also taken an almost fresh bouquet of flowers with him for the mother. If only he remembered her name. While heading to the hospital, Marley’s hoped to run into his brother Abel to check the mother’s name before seeing her.

“Immelda Snide, idiot! I don’t get you, Marley, honestly,” Abel sighs. “Why would you impregnate every woman you come across? You could at least remember the name of the women you woo, right?” he continues. “Immelda told me you two hooked up after a meet and greet in San Myshuno, remember?” Abel tries.

05-26-17_6-23-32 PM.jpg

“Oh, yeah, I think I remember her now. A skinny young thing, big eyes, black hair?” Marley asks, digging his memory. “Maybe I should have bought her a Tamagotchi instead of flowers?” he further wonders somewhat out loud before stepping through the doors to the delivery room bearing these gifts.

Abel throws his brows to the skies, wondering what has gotten into his brother. Soon his brother will have at least two more kiddos running around and what for? Marley’s too busy to give the kids the attention they deserve, Abel reckons. Besides, his brother isn’t really good with young kids either. Abel still hopes Marley will get to know his firstborn better or even Levi before any ages into a teen, but somehow doubts it.

With his brother in the delivery room, Abel allows himself to take a moment. He grabs a coffee from the cafeteria and takes a seat. Hours later, Marley joins Abel in the lobby. “Way to go, bro. It’s a boy!” Marley says as he takes the seat next to Abel.

05-26-17_6-18-31 PM.jpg

Abel realizes his brother looks tired but happy. “Congratulations, Marley! Dad would have been proud though one question, why father many nooboos? I know you can afford it now but why?” Abel asks but before Marley can answer, Abel continues, “It’s not that you want to ever marry anyone, do you?”

“I see you’ve been spending thought on that, brother.” Marley answers but pauses before continuing: “I don’t know. I’ve just never been really careful or safe when wooing anyone and have never stopped to think about dad’s legacy. I’ve just been trying to continue it while having the biggest amount of fun possible and get the influence of the Council out of my way.”

“Yet at the moment, I don’t know why the hell I would continue the way I have been. I mean, fun is good, but I won’t be impregnating anyone anymore from here on. Does that sound good, Abel?” Marley explains.

05-26-17_6-26-09 PM.jpg

After another pause, in which Abel only nods in response, seemingly happy his brother’s willing to clean up his act, Marley adds: “Do you think dad really knew what he was into or where he was from? Do you know anything about trolls, do I?”

“What makes you ask that?” Abel asks surprised, “You know what I think of the Council, Viela, and consorts yet now you mention it, I’ve never wondered where our origins lie or why the council considers us as trolls to be so repulsive.”

“Meh, what do you know, your pristine skin makes you the fair, handsome prince instead of the ogre or, pfft, troll of the fairytale!” Marley mocks his brother’s good intentions. “I’m happy you’re here though, bro, sorry,” Marley is soon to rectify himself, knowing that his youngest brother would do anything for him. He shouldn’t behave like such a dumb plum around him.

05-26-17_6-27-58 PM.jpg

“It’s all good, idiot,” Abel smiles. “Let us fetch that fair skinned Immelda and nooboo of yours and whisk them off to your fairytale castle.”

Marley laughs aloud in return. “You know me, bro, I only make pungent offspring. Neh, kidding but let’s just say Viela won’t be happy, the boy’s just like me.” Laughing all the way back, the brothers take happy Immelda and Ivan home.

In the course of the following weeks, the Mezilkree family and their friends also welcome the third possible heir of generation three, green-skinned Kyle Mezilkree, son of Marley Mezilkree and Rylie Wells.


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