AnonymEA AgarthI

It’s been ages that I’ve given a more detailed look into one of my Sims 4 builds. Very recently I’ve finished a build for a building challenge on the Sims Forum and since I already took photo’s to share with that (late) entry, I thought it could be fun to drop those here, hopefully, for you to enjoy. The challenge laid out was to create a representation of the fabled or mythic Agartha.

Have you ever wondered if there’s more to alien life than Sixam and its Sixamites? Because there is so much more going on than the minds of the general Sim population can fathom. We are here to let you in (on AnonymEA AgarthI)…

05-19-17_12-17-56 AM.jpg

Advice for Sims who seek knowledge and guidance is not to look to the skies but look at the ground under their feet!

05-19-17_12-28-48 AM

05-19-17_1-13-40 AM

There they will find the path to enlightenment, a path giving way to discovering not only ancient civilizations but extraterrestrial life alike.

We focus on a minor research and diplomacy settlement underneath the Simglobe’s crust in a non-disclosed location to ensure this information isn’t leaked to possibly cause panic and mayhem on the surface, mainly the Sim population. We, therefore, can not show you any pictures of its inhabitants either. We apologize for the inconvenience and understand this might compromise the validity of this report ;)

05-19-17_12-37-28 AM.jpg

We see that the flight of ascension and enlightenment, as well as mother nature, are honored in various ways in this advanced colony. Take a look at the bird statues that both enlighten and adorn the roofs over the main buildings as do the flowered gardens inside the ‘refreshing wellness’ buildings and their patio’s (in the middle of the lot).

05-19-17_12-52-44 AM.jpg

You’ll see a sun symbol reoccurring here and there also as a symbol of enlightenment.

05-19-17_12-54-36 AM.jpg

05-19-17_12-56-07 AM

The three lookout towers serve as both energy conduits and as meditational guarding stations. The Simworld’s crusted layers are thinner than they are on earth and therefore the towers are manned at all times by awareness students. They discover any and all breach in time as well as safeguard the passage of non-hostile ships or traders entering inner Simworld.

Even tho there has been no breach over the course of the last 65.000 years, the threat is there still and the inner Simglobe inhabitants stay forever vigilant, all eyes wide open.


8 thoughts on “AnonymEA AgarthI

  1. Simsophonique says:

    I love the garden so marvellous and the tower with round fences are extraordinaty well made. Thank you for sharing your awesome pictures of your buildings with us. It’s hard to visit the gallery sometimes despite I am not a sims 4 player.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lisabeesims says:

    I saw this gorgeous build in gallery and I want to use the glassed in office in my next story because the premise is that he works in the city and he wants to get away from it all and I want to do a one shot glass cubicle shot so I’m excited to use your pretty build it is perfect

    Liked by 1 person

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