Chapter 2.17 – Secrets and big news

A.N. Writing this second generation, I’ve started realizing that halfway through my estimated chapters for a generation, I get a sense of urgency. I start getting insecure whether the chapters I write contain enough information to keep my story flowing well. Then, I tend to hold off on writing as often in fear of failure, setting the perfect trap for myself 😀

I’m happy to say I finally wrote down my plans for this current generation, since this story is becoming more story-driven, giving me more focus for the upcoming chapters of Monstrous Mezilkree. Roughly laying the outline for the remaining chapters for this generation is something I should have done some time ago already but I am glad I’ve done it!

Though, due to an unforeseen yet eye-opening personal experience within the Sims community on the US Forum (rest assured, not directly within the simlit section), my inspiration to play the game was temporarily flying in the wind 😦

I was in need of a break. That said, thank you for your patience in waiting for the next update of Monstrous Mezilkree – from grotesque to gorgeous. With renewed enthusiasm, as I try to get (back) into things, among which Andrew’s Pose Player, I now present to you chapter 2.17! 🙂

abel knackered 2.17.jpg

Abel has been feeling pretty knackered of late, taking care of an entire family is more work than he could have ever imagined. How did his mother do that combined with her job, is something he often wonders when running around doing chores and maintaining the Manor.

As Abel picks up a piece of clothing from the floor in Levi’s room, he is wrapped in melancholy thoughts: “Levi is growing up so fast, though I hope he will be able to make the right choices growing up. Levi’s father is hardly around yet of the two parents, Marley seems to teach the kid more valuable lessons than his mother seems to.”

12-22-16_12-17-28 PM.png

Rita is still not growing on Abel. She’s skipping around the house with always far too little on. Rita’s not making a proper effort when in the education of her teen friend, Caprice. It’s not that Rita’s devoting her time to her firstborn either, and to top it all off, she’s still out of a job even though Levi aged into a child recently. Things can’t nor should remain the same for much longer, Abel realizes.

Perhaps it is time to make Rita face the bare facts. Levi is growing up nicely as far as his growth and understanding at school is concerned, even the Council agrees,” Abel thinks to himself.

04-02-17_11-02-45 PM.jpg

Levi’s been going to Viela and Manfiel’s office every now and then for his physical and mental check-ups. There, they have a company physician see the boy and monitor his progress.

They report back that Levi is doing as expected and that there’s nothing to worry about. Nothing stands in the way for Levi to be the next heir when no siblings present themselves in future.

04-02-17_9-17-18 PM.jpg

“Next time I talk to Rita I’ll tell her she needs to start pitching in or she will get a notice to leave soon. Levi’s big enough for her to get a job! Not forget to check with Marley about it, though who knows when he’ll be back from his trip,” Abel figures, walking up the stairs with his arms full of laundry, “Ah well, I’ll keep quiet for a little while longer. I’ll just call Lamont later to get out of the house for a night. A change of scenery will probably do me good.”

What Abel doesn’t know, is that Rita is already making a sweet dollar here and there, secretly contacting her old fences and disposing herself of small jewelry of his late mother, Lisa, that Rita has found rummaging through Lisa’s old room. Rita has been using that bedroom as her own since Marley is not having any with her anymore.

As we speak, Rita is meeting up in San Myshuno with one of them old acquaintances.

04-02-17_8-36-04 PM.jpg

“So you think you can unload these for me? I might get my hands on some silverware also. It’s not that anyone I know would miss it,” Rita says with a mischievous grin as she lays a couple of rings, two of which containing huge stones, a watch, and some other knick knacks on the counter.

The man facing her looks awfully shady as does his enterprise. The place is scarcely lit, barely showing the items on the shelves in the store. The lights above the counter seem to suffice, though.

As Rita hops on the counter, she eagerly awaits the friend’s reply as he picks the items up one by one for closer examination.

04-02-17_8-20-23 PM.jpg

“These are alright,” the man says after some time. “I’ll give you three-hundred for em.”

Disappointed, Rita sputters and says: “Can’t you do any better than that? I just told you I’d get you more soon enough!” But right away Rita realizes an attitude isn’t going to help. She looks the guy in the eyes and then does a bold counteroffer, against her, perhaps, better judgment.

04-02-17_8-31-36 PM.jpg

“Could you make it four? Please, mon, I’m gonna have to eat from this, ya know, living from paycheck to paycheck,” is her final effort paired with a flirty wink yet still playing aloof.

“Geese, ya know I could never say no to your crazy ass cutie-pie face, angel, but three-fifty is as high as I’ll go,” is the man’s stern yet strangely seductive sounding reply. There must be some sort of history between these two cause what idiot for fall for this, right?

Shady Rita.jpg

Nonetheless, Rita happily walks outside three-hundred-and-fifty simoleons richer than she was before stepping into that greasy dive.

When Rita returns home, Melissa and Josias are visiting the Mezilkree Manor.

04-03-17_12-19-47 AM.jpg

They are sitting in the upstairs music room with Abel when Rita greets them on her way downstairs. Rita is determined to stash the money she has just earned, be it not that honestly. Yet when she reaches the bottom of the stairs, she overhears the sims upstairs sharing their big news.

“We are elated, really, we didn’t expect to get pregnant so soon,” Melissa says.

04-03-17_12-28-28 AM.jpg

“Indeed we are!” Josias pitches in, “And of course we wanted you to be the first to know. Are Marley and Levi here so we can tell them too?”

“Levi is downstairs, Marley isn’t at home tho. He is working on material for his new album, he’ll be gone for at least another week,” Abel answers. Then, Abel congratulates Melissa and his brother with the pregnancy. After a good brotherly hug, the three sims head downstairs in search of Levi, Rita nowhere to be seen.

A.N. I give credit to D-Tritus for sharing Mr. Nax (click his name to dl him in the Gallery), the poses (by rinvalee) in this chapter can all be found here on WP. The Viela office slash residence, including doctor’s examining room, can be found right HERE.


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6 thoughts on “Chapter 2.17 – Secrets and big news

  1. Simsophonique says:

    Welcome back ! I know the sims community can be rude and can push people down for not being into a certain trend as gameplay as decor etc but at the end we all don’t care of and continue to play our games.
    I am glad to see Rita on business , she is empty the Manor house and nobody seems to mind. This girl is damaging the fate of Levi , the next heir (he’s green skinned)
    and from when the heir has to do a psychological and a medical examination at Viela’s?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Twiggy says:

      Thank you very much, Simsophonique! I’m glad I’m getting back into my game and let bygones be bygones. In answer to your question: even tho not featured in past chapters, the Council has always provided medical healthcare and more to the inhabitants of the Manor in exchange for them living there. To the Council, the Mezilkree’s are some sort of ‘investment’ and being monitored from time to time is just part of the deal, all in the name of science and world peace of course. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Simsophonique says:

        I am glad I was not telling you a nonsense I was insecured with my understanding.
        That’s great you spoke to the Council and you bring me a highlight about it. I think it’s very important to add it to understand how the Mezilkree is manipulated and how Viela and co makes fortune of their back, they are slave of this system and too blind yet to understand.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Simsophonique says:

        and yes it’s like my story with the ISS Governement in fact , everything decision taken is for the good of the people well hmm the council , the iss governement etc acts for the good , really? All remains to be seen.

        Liked by 1 person

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