Chapter 2.15 – Suffer well

Late one evening, Marley’s glad not to be alone when at the front door of a home after a drink too many at the lounge with his mates. Stumbling and giggling his now female company is trying to find the keyhole to her front door. She looks so innocent and naive. Marley’s found himself staring at the cute young thing all night. The fact that she’s been fangirling him before helps a great deal too.

01-13-17_1-15-32 PM.jpg

At the end of a few prizewinner’s meet-and-greet of the radio station in San Myshuno at Planet Honey Pop!, Marley’s done it again. It’s not always he strikes lucky, you know. She had reminded him of a kid in a candy store, her eyes wide open, disbelieve mixed with desire when Marley had invited himself to her home afterward. “Want to feel alive, let’s get the hell out of here and start a party together at your place,” he said.

fangirling Marley.jpgThinking it was a slam dunk for he’d also seen the young woman hanging around his hotel before performing in Windenburg a couple days prior.


Finally, the two sims step into her apartment. “Please make yourself comfortable, Marley. Wow, I can’t believe you are actually standing in my living room! Can I get you something to drink?” While talking, the girl nervously goes around the room picking things up from the floor and tidying the pillows on her couch.

Marley smiles at her frantic tidying. “Relax. I would love a drink, what are you serving?” he says as he pulls her near and massages her shoulders.

“Lemme check,” she says while already on her way to the kitchen. When the girl comes back with a bottle of nectar, two glasses, and a gesture saying this is all she has, Marley has just lit the candles in the room and found a dimmer to the light.


Marley smiles yet again and settling on the couch, he says: “Nice place you have here, you renting? What do you do for a living if I may ask and what is your name again? Sorry for all these questions but it’s been so crazy hectic today that even if you told me already, I must admit I forgot.”

“No problem,” the young sim replies as she seats herself next to Marley, “Great to meet you in person! I’m Immelda Snide, head chef at an experimental restaurant in Windenburg. I’m saving to buy a place of my own there one day, until that time I’m renting this apartment. It’s great living here, though, there’s always something to do out here in San My. Do you plan to perform here somewhere soon? I’ll be sure to get tickets then!”

01-13-17_12-23-53 PM.jpg

“Don’t worry bout that, when I’ll perform here, I’ll make sure you get a couple of tickets.” Marley boasts after which Immelda flies around his neck to thank him. When she eases her grip, he strengthens his. He looks at her intently when her eyes meet his. Then Marley kisses Immelda in the neck. Her body reacts immediately, feels softer to his touch. Marley knows he’s in luck now that he’s got Immelda hooked and kisses her passionately.

Not before long the two sims find themselves sliding into the bedroom where they start undressing each other while whispering seductive flirts to one and other. Soon Marley feels her naked skin against his and the world around them seems to resolve into a sultry mist.

01-13-17_3-59-08 PM.jpg

Marley wakes up somewhere during the night. Maybe he should be getting home but when seeing Immelda lying in bed next to him, her warm body’s glow radiating under the covers, Marley changes his mind.

There’s nothing at the manor needing his immediate attention nor does he have any appointments to attend to the next morning so instead he gets up to get a glass of water. Marley returns to Immelda sleeping in the bedroom. He cuddles up against her, caressing her raven black hair until he nods off again.

01-15-17_2-18-23 PM.jpg

On Marley’s arrival at the manor later that day, after having some more steamy fun with Immelda, he’s greeted by his brother Abel and Viela chatting in the garden. When the three men are seated in the upstairs lounge not much later, Viela starts pointing out that Marley’s first studio album better be out soon and no one-hit-wonder. He stipulates that with child support for Marie and hush-money to Kiera paired with the current household at the Mezilkree Manor, Marley always needs to make a more decent income than the day before.

With a certain nonchalance, Viela asks Abel if he’s finished a good book recently. Then, he asks if Abel’s still helping the family out by doing his freelance articles. When the Mezilkree brothers convince Viela all is well, Viela wraps up his visit by informing the brothers he will be stepping back from the firm within the next two years and that he hopes to see more heirs within that time.

01-15-17_1-42-20 PM.jpg

Viela’s words are weighing on him so Marley’s quick on his feet to see the sim out. When Marley’s getting dinner ready for the household afterward he thinks of Viela’s words. There’s a lot on his plate at the moment, considering what Viela’s said. Then there’s also the nagging of Rita who can’t seem to find herself a job, the ongoing support of Levi and Caprice, his brother who hasn’t published much as of yet and so on. As dinner’s served, Marley doesn’t join in but heads to the gym instead.

12-28-16_3-26-07 PM.jpg

After a good workout, Marley heads to the bathroom for a shower, thinking about what his next move should be. Looking at his reflection in the mirror, Marley figures he needs time away from it all. Maybe that would get his creative juices flowing to finish writing and composing a couple more songs for his album. First, he’s planning a party for the weekend after his birthday, though.

01-15-17_6-17-18 PM.jpg

His birthday party is a smashing hit. With Rita as a babysitter at the manor, his brothers, and his friends close by at the Rock Red Lounge and a lot of alternative musicians lined up to make sure everyone enjoys themselves at the party, Marley has the best time of his life. There might not be much more Marley could wish for.

He even finds time to sneak off into the wardrobe in the hallway with a groupie or two left and right and by the end of the night everyone still standing is either drunk or about to pass out. Marley’s all set to start another chapter in this crazy life!


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