Chapter 2.14 – Picking up pastime

Things generally stay the same for some time in the Mezilkree Manor. Marley’s hardly ever there and Rita’s taking care of both Caprice, the older teen in the house, and nooboo Levi, though one could argue on how well of a job she is doing.


Tho it seems the only sim that notices Rita’s extreme slacking, is Abel and he is far too kind to mention anything about it to her or his brother. He compensates instead for almost every slip-up Rita makes by maintaining some sort of order in the house.


Abel does, however, be it hesitantly, advise Marley to tell Rita to find herself a job again. If Rita were to get a job on the hours Abel is home, the household would receive some extra money, and to top this off Rita wouldn’t be around the house as much when Abel isn’t at work.

And so Marley stops Rita soon after his workout that day to have a good talk together over some homemade lunch. He explains to Rita that it is important that all the adult household members in the Manor provide in some way to make the home a better place.

shiny and new.jpg

Rita immediately replies saying she does her best to keep everything shiny and spotless in the house. “And don’t I take excellent care of the kids and the plants in the conservatory too?” she asks.

Stating he expects Rita to understand him for what he is about to say, Marley looks dead ahead not meeting Rita’s gaze. Thinking it is best to get this conversation over with, Marley starts talking as her ice-cold gaze starts to burn.


Stoically Marley explains that Rita must have noticed that their amorous relationship has cooled off dramatically after Levi’s birth. Now that he has the status of a rock star it should be it even more obvious that he can’t be tied down to a single woman. It just doesn’t suit the image, Marley tells Rita.

He declares it is best if they come to an understanding about this, cool things off between the two of them and just be friends for the time being. “There’s just too much going on in my life right now, Rita. I can give you benefits but that’s about it,” he tries with a careful grin.

Rita and Levi1.jpgMarley concludes by mentioning that he feels taking care of the nooboo is a less strenuous task now that the boy is growing and Rita should find a paid job to do since she has more free time. That way she doesn’t have to look for another place to stay and can start paying some rent to help maintain the family’s lifestyle. “Why don’t you ask Abel to help you out with that? I’m sure he’ll be happy to,” Marley tries sugarcoating his words before he’s up and off to work.


When several weeks have gone by in which Rita hasn’t found a job, Viela and the new associate grace the Manor with a visit. They come bearing a brand-new, state of the art computer for the family to use. Though, when Viela asks if Dasha can grab the old one to take with them for disposal, Abel, quick on his feet, mentions he’s already thrown that one out when it refused to work yet again.

Abel’s lying, though. He’s figured it won’t hurt anyone to keep the old computer behind just in case someone’s ever able to crack the code of the documents on the hard drive. He just doesn’t want Viela to know that.10-08-16_11-58-35-pm1Because Abel hasn’t thrown the computer away for he’s the doubtful sim, always expecting the worst, he immediately diverts Viela’s attention from the old PC by addressing Rita that the new computer will aid her in finding a job immensely.

Abel will never let his guard down when it comes to Viela and consorts. Viela, however, doesn’t seem to think much of it and so the new computer finds its way into Marley’s upstairs study and Abel stores the old PC without Viela, Dasha Manfiel or any of his household members for that matter, knowing.

In the meantime, now that we’re talking about not letting one’s guard down, Marley’s words don’t sit very well with Rita. She had hoped Marley would have special feelings for her, his friend with benefits, for she is the mother of his first possible heir no less and even lives under his roof. Rita’s fists ball up just thinking about it.

12-28-16_8-57-51 PM.jpg

“Pfft, paying rent!” is a phrase that keeps going over in her head. After her conversation with Marley, she’s left wondering how he could have been so harsh and most of all what she can do to make herself feel better.

Then Rita remembers that a good swipe always used to lift her spirits. In fact, she and Caprice are pros at it. With the pregnancy and birth of Levi, Rita hasn’t had much opportunity to try and nick some items in her pastime. Though, the urge is always there, lingering and easily provoked when feeling stressed or aggravated.

And so Rita connivingly starts conjuring up plans to rid the Mezilkree’s of a prize possession here or there for some easy money while she’s tending to the leafy greens. However, she doesn’t want to lose the roof over her and Caprice’s heads so will have to go about quite secretive, keeping things on the down-low.


Her childish, opportunistic nature has her thinking the guys won’t miss an item if swipes only occur occasionally. Once fenced she can make it look like she’s made some money for the family and none need be the wiser. Used to con her way to get where she wants to be, Rita’s confident she can pull this off.

“I’ll have to start wearing some more clothes again, though…” Rita realizes as she struts downstairs to wake Levi from his afternoon nap.


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10 thoughts on “Chapter 2.14 – Picking up pastime

  1. lisabeesims says:

    I cracked up at the part where he said that caring for a newborn wasn’t very stressful now that the child was older. He obviously has no experience in that department because they are bad to the about five. Lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Twiggy says:

      haha true he’s as clueless as he was when he was a wee toddler himself.I mean, c’mon, he’s running away from every responsibility he has, thinking his bro or the moms will just take care of things for him.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Simsophonique says:

    Abel is determined to discover the truth about his past and the contract.
    Rita wants to sell furniture ? I don’t understand I know she wants to have easy money and the Manor is full of richeness as a lazy opportunist girl. I tried to translate I don’t understand.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Twiggy says:

      You are not far off, though! Rita has the kleptomaniac trait and although we haven’t seen her get into action yet, she often steals things when out of the house. Now that the boys are making it harder for her to be the opportunist she is and ask her to generate an income too, she’s thinking of stealing from right under their noses.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Simsophonique says:

        Simply she only wants receiving stolen goods to the Manor furniture . I ignored this trait is also availible with the sims 4 my small experience with the game wasn’t so rich of surprises.
        I heard about the flea market , she will send it like this incognito.

        Liked by 1 person

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