Chapter 2.13 – … and new insights

“Good afternoon, Marley, how are you?” is Viela’s first reaction upon greeting the heir at the home office, “Good seeing you again. I have been out of town the last few weeks to arrange some personal affairs for my pending retirement as your legal council.

Today I’m to introduce you to Dasha Manfiel, our new associate. He will be your new go-to man after my leave. There’s so much happening. Walk to the kitchen with me, will you.” Viela says as he turns around and walks through the double doors.


“Ah, how nice to meet you, mister Mezilkree. I’m such a big fan and have been following your career not only professionally. Now that Plasimbo’s tour has finished, will you be making an album, Marley? May I call you Marley, sir?” The new associate speaks politely, brows arched, and a hand offered in a friendly handshake.

“Hi Yug, Dasha nice meeting you too,” Marley answers the men, “I’ll be working on some new material first and yes, I don’t mind you calling me Marley within these walls. Now let’s get to business.” Marley doesn’t think much of the new associate. As long as the guy is friendly, knows his place, and keeps Marley out of harm’s way.


“Agreed, only within these walls. Great, on to official matters. I understand I can inform the Council of your new nooboo, Levi Mezilkree, is it not? This surely pleases the Council. Dasha says when finding a seat at the kitchen table, “Congratulations, Marley! May I assume more will soon follow? In your line of work, you must have many opportunities to meet new sims?” Dasha says with a meaningful wink.

Marley smiles in return. The associate is right, it would be good getting his feet off the floor after tonight’s performance. And so, after some more official talk and Viela’s promise to replace that rusty old computer soon, Marley scurries off and meets up with friends to paint the town red before even stopping by at the Manor and often when he finally does…


Every night after a gig or party where Marley finds himself alone, he isn’t looking all too forward to return to the Mezilkree Manor. When he’s alone in the Manor, Marley quickly heads to his upstairs study and locks the door behind him. Many a night is spent this way which luckily results in some new material for his upcoming album.

Still only married to his music, Marley now has a record contract under his arm and the obligation to gather enough material for a record. The nights alone and the parties enjoyed in and outside the Manor give him enough inspiration to have written a song or three already.

Looking for more inspiration and just some more time outside the Manor during the day Marley starts taking walks around town. He’s not one to hang around the Mezilkree Manor much now with Caprice, Rita, and Levi around.

10-28-16_2-41-42 AM.jpg

Too much nooboo stuff going on and well into his time with Rita, Marley knows all too well that her crazy, childish behavior is only added to with all the diaper changes and baby babble going on in there. Marley will not be seen anywhere near the nursery.

On his walks around town, Marley realizes he is away for his music so often that he really doesn’t know that much about his hometown. To change this, he thinks it will be a good idea to get his fishing rod out more often when outside. This gives him another reason to get out of the house more during the day.

12-17-16_12-14-09 AM.jpg

When he returns home, Marley has found at least one fishing spot he didn’t know of earlier. He also finds the time to contemplate. Marley’s come to a conclusion. He’s okay with having Rita and her teen squatter friend around in the Manor for they seem to be taking the role of cleaning ladies where his brother Abel takes care of things. An unsigned agreement everyone in the house is to be okay with. Although it gives him a few more mouths to feed, Marley is cool with the unspoken arrangements between the grownups in the house.

During the quiet hours fishing, he’s also figured out it would be best to drop Rita as his designated shag. As much as he likes her forwardness in the woohoo department, he doesn’t want her to get in the way of possible new victories in future while however still needing her as his son’s babysitter.

He’s going to have to be gentle about it since it’s quite a delicate situation that might turn on him. Though, he realizes that Rita doesn’t have anywhere else to go either so it should all pan out for him.

12-17-16_12-21-35 AM.jpg

On his way back Marley is distracted from his train of thought by a tree similar to the one he saw back when his family was out camping in Granite Falls. This tree is very tall too with the same dark bark and strange fungoids growing alongside it. Implanting the spot in his memory to visit again later, Marley continues his path home. He heads back to the Manor to get ready for another jam session that night at the Rock Red Lounge.


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4 thoughts on “Chapter 2.13 – … and new insights

    1. Twiggy says:

      Marley’s more of a loose canon than his father was. He absolutely doesn’t want to be tied down like he thinks his father used to be (even when Eeq wasn’t married yet). Marley’s running away for every responsibility facing him thinking partying and having multiple women makes him a free man. Maybe he’ll find out one day it doesn’t work out that way either heh

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