Chapter 2.12 – Trusted friends

The next day Marley takes Skye shopping by the waterfront. He gets her to try out a couple of outfits in a quaint boutique and buys her the best-suited frock to wear to a fancy dinner that evening before she’s driven to the airport by chauffeur to catch a flight back home.

In between, they visit a small museum located in the harbor. Having a drink before heading to the museum, Marley shares some revelations with Skye when he feels at ease, wanting to be candid with her.

12-02-16_10-41-34 PM.jpg

He mentions that with the Mezilkree Manor and its wealth comes responsibilities. First and foremost to uphold his father’s legacy. He also shares he feels an obligation towards his brothers to uphold his end of the bargain. In exchange, his brother Abel always has a roof over his head, no matter whether his books will ever get published or not. Marley’s not in it for the splendor, it’s his way of looking out for his family.

Skye listens without interrupting Marley’s outpourings. “He probably doesn’t have sims around that he trusts with his inner thoughts like he does me,” she thinks to herself. In fact, she even feels flattered that Marley shares these feelings with her instead of his brothers. She merely hugs him in return while softly saying: “Everything will be alright.”


The mood and subject soon change to lighthearted again for the remainder of the day after their deep conversation. The dinner they share that evening is absolutely superb. When the time comes to say goodbye, the two friends share a warm embrace before Skye heads home.

Since Lisa’s death, Abel and Lamont share a lot of time together at the Mezilkree Manor while Marley is touring. Lamont often helps out around the house after Rita and Caprice have thrown another party.


When he and Lamont are sitting by the fire in the upstairs study one evening, Abel says: It’s good having you around, though I’ll be happy when Marley’s tour finishes.”

Lamont looks up from the book he’s reading and clears his throat. “Why would you say that?” he answers.

“I could complain to Marley directly about the behavior of some of his ‘house guests’. Rita, for example,” Abel starts explaining, “You don’t want to know what she’s like when just being herself, even without being inebriated. She is known to use shabby language first of all, and she walks around the house in the nude or her underwear most of the time. Not to mention the amount she eats, she seems to grow by the day these last weeks.”

Lamont listens to his friend and nods. “If ever you want to spend a couple of nights at my place to get away from here, just mention it. My door is always open to you, you know that.” Lamont then offers.


“Marley can take care of things himself. It might even be better for him when you are not always cleaning up after him like your mom used to do. It would be a good reality-check for him, don’t you think?” he continues while thinking in the best interest of both of his childhood friends.

Abel lets Lamont’s words sink in for a moment before answering: “No, I think I’m needed here. I’ll keep it in mind, though. Thank you, Lamont. Besides, I have promised my mother I would look after the manor for her and dad. This transcends Marley, you know that too, Lamont.”

12-03-16_12-07-40 AM.jpg

Locking his gaze on Lamont, Abel asks for reassurance, knowing Lamont will never second-guess his best friend’s decisions. “I just know I can help my family out better when I stay here. I want to be there for my brother in the decisions he will be making in our futures, and don’t get me started on possible decisions this so-called Council might throw at my family.”

Then, to change the subject, Abel offers Lamont to stay for dinner. After dinner, Abel retreats to the study after a refreshing shower, secretly still thinking of his friend’s offer. When he’s settled behind the desk, he starts the computer. The PC howls and squeaks at start-up. Abel opens a document once the machine is all fired up. He glances at his notebook to go over his ideas and angles. Abel looks at the computer screen again. Not a word was written down yet for his first chapter. Just a working title and his manuscript full of scribbles on the desk.


To find some inspiration, Abel thinks of entering his map with finished manuscripts. He clicks the wrong icon, though, and so ends up in an old document map of his late uncle Kurzol. Clicking the documents, he soon discovers that most of the files are encrypted except for a couple of pictures of his grandparents Agnite and Lakzor. They look happy together there, a beautiful blue lake with a waterfall in the background. There’s one in a cabin too.

Seeing the images of his grandparents makes Abel think of his late father. Out of the three sons, Abel seems to miss his father most. Being an orphan falls hard on Abel even tho he’s an adult already. Abel was still young when his father passed away. Now he wants to know all about his heritage, where he comes from and where his family is heading most of all.

If only he were able to decipher these encrypted documents. That way he might get to know a little bit more about his family’s past and hopefully see what might lie in their future too.

By the time the last stretch of Plasimbo’s tour is over, and Marley gets home, Rita’s binge-eating and growing posture has turned out to be a surprise pregnancy.

giving birth (Rita).jpg

Nobody’s noticed she was pregnant until very late. No turning back now since the baby’s due date has passed when Marley sets foot on the premises of the manor again. Though, with his participation as the opening act on the tour of a well-known alternative band, Marley’s now seen as a serious talent and far too busy to look after his green little baby boy. Rita, therefore, gladly stays on in the mansion to look after young Levi.

However, when Marley hears of the squeaking PC with encrypted documents, he does find time to give Viela’s office a call mentioning both his newborn son and the rusty old computer. He then hears Viela’s out of town and is replaced by an associate. Viela’s secretary schedules a meeting with Viela later that week and, in between, mentions the associate will be happy meeting Marley for he will take over the Council’s cases after Viela’s pending retirement.


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