Versatile Blogger Award

It’s already been a while that I was nominated for this award. It has been a recent nomination for another award that reminded me. I feel awful for admitting this but with life throwing curveballs from time to time, I had totally forgotten about this nomination. This doesn’t make me any less appreciative or honored even of the fact I have been nominated by fellow simmer ánd fellow reading circle member sweetnightingale. Although she has more than one stories, I’ve currently been following her story about a young woman’s move after a nasty divorce which features songs in the current generation and generations to come. You can read sweetnightingale’s acceptance post here on WordPress. Thank you so much for your nomination, sweetnightingale! I’m happy to accept and am sorry it took me a while to respond.

Now here are the rules to accepting this nomination:

1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Share the award on your blog
3. Share seven random facts about yourself
4. Tag 10 bloggers with less than 1000 followers and let them know they have been nominated

I believe I covered rules one and two already so here comes number three, seven random facts about myself:

  1. Over the years I’ve collected many handbags and end up only using a couple until they completely fall apart
  2. I’m shy and quiet, though once you get to know me, you realize what a weirdo I am
  3. My music style is too diverse to register. For instance, if I like a band in a certain style it’s never a guarantee I’ll like more in that genre or even when I’m a fan of a certain performer, I may not like everything that they bring forth
  4. As much as I’m fond of animals I’ve never cared much for horses. It’s like I believe they’re placed on a pedestal enough for having the use they have for mankind that I feel there are other animals to think of and care for
  5. Although I’m not a big movie fan, I’ll never pass an opportunity to see a movie with Johnny Depp in it. Ever since I first saw the kid in 21 Jump Street as a young girl, I’m hooked lol
  6. I can never really picture myself without loving a furbaby, I have one remaining of the three I took in when I moved out back in the day and will keep it at that number though I do think there will be more down the line
  7. Not much makes me happier than witnessing the changing of seasons. This just never gets old.

Most of the sites I follow or have on my to-read list have already received a nomination for this award by now, and I certainly don’t expect anyone to have to alter their acceptance posts. And I want to add I do not have a clue how to check how many followers a blog has so please excuse me if I’ve listed blogs with more followers 🙂 
My nominees which consist of both stories I’m following and have on my to-read list are:

  1. mastress Alita’s Sim’s Stories
  2. sweetnightingale’s As Tears Go By
  3. RipuAncestor’s Chrysantheum Tango
  4. Lisa’s lisabeesims
  5. AD Wilson’s Have I Got A Story For You!
  6. rarei’s Rarei’s Fortress
  7. Virtualee’s Randomness and Stuff
  8. Joiewilder’s Taken by Storme
  9. BBQPenguinWings’ A Penguin’s Adventure in Simming
  10. Trip’s Eight Cicades

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