Chapter 2.11 – La la la la life goes on

Today the cathedral is filled to the brim with sims. Marley doesn’t know a lot of the attendees and since he only has time to stay till shortly after the ceremony has taken place, he will not get to know all these sims either. Which is no problem at all since Marley also spots a couple of familiar faces.


Melissa and Josias in the meantime, are looking radiant in their wedding attire and will most probably experience the best day of their lives until now. Marley’s happy to think the recent death of Lisa has no influence on the atmosphere here or the happy couple’s commitment to wed each other of that much Marley is certain, though he would never want to trade places.


Lisa’s death, however, does have its effects on Marley, he realizes as he looks at his chubby brother at the wedding arch. Marley has lost quite some pounds over the last few weeks with arranging the funeral and the ongoing tour of Plasimbo he’s supporting. He’ll never admit though that he’s troubled by her loss.

After the wedding ceremony itself is over, Marley heads to relieve himself in the restroom. As he leaves the bathroom again to join the newlyweds and their guests, he notices the upstairs hall looks so impressive, filled with all these dressed-up sims.

Marley looks around the room in search of his date. Marley hasn’t invited Kiera or Rita for that matter because he doesn’t want them to think anything of it. Marley doesn’t want to create a situation where those ladies get any ideas in a way he doesn’t see fit.

10-28-16_1-45-14 AM.jpg

He soon finds Skye talking to Melissa and one of Melissa’s relatives near the guestbook. Skye was kind enough to accompany him to the wedding. She’s a breath of fresh air at the venue without possibly having a big yap about her mothering his nooboo, him being her man or something other like that. He does, however, hope Skye looks forward to accompanying him afterward.

Attending a family wedding with him must give Skye the notion he likes her to meet his family and all, this must surely open her up to his charms, Marley hopes. After his brother’s wedding, he’s taking Skye to Misimi Beach out by the coast. He’s promised her a backstage tour before his performance in the Concert Hall tonight. Afterward, Marley will have a whole night and day off to woo Skye. He’s looking forward to hitting the town with Skye very much so already.

His promise to a tour means Marley has to leave the wedding early to catch their flight, show Skye around and let her hang out with him during his soundcheck. Work, work, and play, it doesn’t bother Marley one bit. He’d never intended to stay at the wedding long, not a fan of that kind of party at all. He’s not looking to get hitched either.


But first, Marley goes looking for his now formally hitched brother. He finds Josias talking with Abel. Marley joins in on the conversation and compliments his brother on the beautiful ceremony before he wishes his brother all the best in his marriage.


When Abel’s ever present wingman Lamont joins in on the conversation and the men start talking about starting families, Marley immediately zones out. Who knows what the ladies are talking about now too? Feeling a little cornered all of a sudden, Marley believes it’s time for him and Skye to head out.

All through the flight to Misimi Beach and the soundcheck at the Concert Hall, Marley tries his hand at his most romantic lyrics and songs to win Skye’s heart. He’s out to charm Skye with all he’s got.

His recent and future conquests, however, need not know he writes all of his romantic tunes while thinking of a mysterious woman he met in the woods only twice. And nobody else ever needs to know either as far as Marley’s concerned. He diverts his attention back to Skye. He finds her reacting positively to his alluring trait but is not near to putting out just yet. No problem, Marley feels, for there will be a whole night and day to get this girl going.

11-17-16_7-54-05 PM.jpg

And so, later that evening, Marley returns to the dressing room after his performance. There he is welcomed by an exhilarated Skye. Apparently, she has just run into Brian Simko, a band member of Plasimbo, on his way to the stage.

Skye shares that she’s having such a good time, also at his brother’s romantic wedding earlier. She thanks Marley for such a perfect day while Marley freshens up to go on their date.

Marley and Skye then hit the streets of Misimi Beach. They stroll down the boulevard and silently enjoy the rushing of the water on the nearby sands mixed with the hustle and bustle of the venues located here together for a moment. Then they settle in a nightclub along those romantically lit shores.

Once settled, they soon discuss Skye’s love for fine cuisine, she critiques her wine and treats Marley no less over it. Then Skye asks Marley about his career. Marley in turn, tells Skye about the successes he’s booked on the job, conveniently leaving out any details that she might not agree with. Marley starts feeling confident and throws in a flirt now and then. Marley and Skye are having a good time catching up.

11-14-16_2-09-58 PM.jpg

Marley starts realizing he genuinely likes Skye as she opens up to his flirtations. Skye’s a bit if a snob, though, which makes her hard to win over. Skye is unlike the girls he’s shared a bed with so far. She’s not that gullible and has become his best female friend aside from his sister, Agnes. He can’t stop himself from becoming more and more romantically interested in this lady. They talk some more at the bar after which they head over to the adjacent nightclub.

11-14-16_3-01-13 PM.jpg

When after a while, Skye mentions her shoes are killing her, she and Marley sit down together after Marley gets the two another drink. As she’s taken a sip of her cocktail, Marley looks Skye deeply into her eyes.

Since the place is dying down a little, Marley suggests heading back to the hotel after they’ve downed their drinks. Skye accepts, though when they are at the hotel, Skye insists on heading in early in their separate rooms. Although Marley had other plans, he believes getting up bright and early wouldn’t be all that bad for him, seeing they have another day together tomorrow and he already has plans organized to blow Skye off her feet.


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