Chapter 2.10 – No loose ends

As Melissa and her sister Aria talk about the upcoming wedding and possible caterers in Josias and Melissa’s new humble home, Lisa is confronted with a waving visitor of different sorts when she is at home in the music room surrounded by some friends of Marley.


These days it seems it’s never real quiet anymore at the Mezilkree Manor and it might even get louder by the minute, who knows, Lisa thinks as she heads through the conservatory towards the front door.


Lisa greets the girl and introduces herself. Then she shows the bursting girl in and gets comfortable with Kiera in the kitchen. There Lisa is informed of the situation and the inevitability that Marley will be a father soon. Kiera asks Lisa not to tell Marley anything before Kiera has the chance to tell Marley herself when she next hears of him.

Kiera lastly tells Lisa she hopes he will contact her before the due date. Lisa can’t help but think that won’t take too long anymore, looking at the huge bulge the girl is carrying. When Lisa stands at the door as she shows Kiera out, she is left wondering what more the future might have in store for the family.


Lisa wanders into the garden and kneels in front of Eeq’s grave. Burdening her old knees she lets her head hang but soon picks herself up again.

Lisa whispers. “My Eeq, I miss you so much and can’t wait to be with you once more although there are a couple of things left to do for me here. I’ll be with you soon, my love. I promise,” she says.


With confidence resonating in her entire being, Lisa straightens her back. She will not falter now. She will have that talk with all of the boys soon enough. She gets up and heads back inside.

In the course of the next weeks, Lisa finds a moment to talk to both Josias and Melissa though she doesn’t stay at their Windenburg home for long. Lisa has always been a country girl and doesn’t feel at home in the city. She wants to be back in Willow Creek before dark. Before returning home, though, Lisa compliments the happy couple’s faithfulness and clear love for one and other. Lisa knows she need not worry about Josias. He and his girl have it all figured out. And far before she ever did, of that much Lisa is certain after talking to the lovebirds.

Now all Lisa needs to do is have a talk with Marley. The conversation she is dreading the most. Even more so now that Kiera’s informed her the baby, a girl named Marie, is born. Marley hasn’t at all been in touch with Kiera to find out about the news as far as Lisa knows. Lisa is appalled by his behavior and wants to call him out on it. But how?

Kiera did ask her to stay quiet but how can she? Lisa feels the need to tell Marley right away and make sure he’ll do the right thing but at least be noble about the whole situation and acknowledge the child whether he has feelings for Kiera or not. Now is as good a time as any because as far as she knows Abel is out and no club is gathering at the Manor tonight.


Though before she gets a chance to find Marley inside the Manor she walks into a naked Rita. Lisa’s taken off guard and is scared to bits running into the woman like this. Startled, though even more confident she needs to talk some sense into Marley, Lisa struts downstairs and finds Marley in his underwear in the master bedroom.


When Lisa tells Marley about his nooboo daughter, he in return tells Lisa he has made Viela take care of it already. Marley confesses to Lisa that he can not handle a woman and her baby in the Manor when it is not a possible heir to the Mezilkree fortune nor is he truly in love with Kiera, he informs her.

Marley has contacted Viela to handle the matter further. Kiera will get an allowance to take care of Marie outside of the Manor. “And that’s all there is to know about that,” Marley says without showing any guilt or remorse.

In addition to this news, Marley continues and tells Lisa that Rita and Caprice will be staying at the Mezilkree Manor for a while since they’ve been evicted from their squat and need a place to stay. He says they can stay in the empty bedrooms, finishing with a smile.


When lying in her bed afterward, before finding her sleep, Lisa wonders about Marley’s words. Okay, granted she would have wanted to see another reaction than the one given to her, though she is happy to hear Marley has at least made sure his daughter is taken care of and will not suffer too much for his perhaps ill decisions. But wouldn’t it be much better if he were to see the greater good and start raising a proper family instead? Lisa falls asleep not knowing how much more of this loose canon living she can handle.

The next morning, Lisa is greeted in the kitchen by her son. Abel has brewed a hot pot of tea and made breakfast for the both of them.


Lisa’s enjoying her scrambled eggs and toast though Abel looks worried. “Are you okay, mom? You look a little pale today. Do you want to head to the park with me later today? It will do you good to get out some,” Abel says.

Lisa smiles in return. If this breakfast didn’t warm her soul than every word her son speaks always will. She shares her worries about Marley and the Mezilkree’s future with her son. Abel replies comforting, telling his mother that whatever happens he will be by Marley’s side and the Manor will be looked after. Just like his father would have wanted, Abel concludes.

Lisa then looks at Abel for a moment before she answers. She feels so proud and tired at the same time. “You are right, my son, I feel a little pale but I think sharing some fresh air with my son should remedy that. I’d love to go to the park with you,” she says.

Lisa gets downstairs soon to get changed while Abel cleans up after them in the kitchen. Lisa brushes her teeth first before she heads to her room to put some clothes on.

However, Lisa is no longer granted to take her clothes off the chair to get dressed. Time is getting to her. Lisa gracefully falls to her side and can not find the strength to hold on any longer. Slowly Lisa lets go, knowing she has done everything in her power.



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6 thoughts on “Chapter 2.10 – No loose ends

    1. Twiggy says:

      Sorry, lol didn’t mean to upset you 🙂 I ‘ll surely miss her. I’m sure the boys will too even if not the biological mother of all, she has always been there for the three of them since she moved into the Manor. Who knows what will become of the household now she’s gone, right? 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. lisabeesims says:

        She was my favorite. But that’s how it is with life … I felt the same way when I lost queen my story. And I agree with who is going to be the wisdom of the household it’ll be interesting to see who that will fall to.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Twiggy says:

        She is one of a few of my own CAS made sims in that save. I do have her (as a teen) saved to Gallery (Horticulture Holland) with her sister Bree from before she became a star in the Mezilkree story and lol I’ll be surprised if wisdom comes to any of the Mezilkrees soon 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Simsophonique says:

    Now that’s the time to join her beloved Eeq wihout knowing Abel with a fiancé she did the best she done for keeping the family united despite the choice of Marley to don’t welcome his daughter and Rita at his house as his father did and that’s bizarre Viela’s accepted this.
    RIP Lisa.

    Liked by 1 person

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