Chapter 2.9 – Making the best of it

Back on tour, Marley doesn’t have much time to keep up with romantic endeavors, though surely not due to a lack of desire. Marley’s very keen on hitting it off with more lady sims. He’s making the best of it although his music will always be his first love.

When Marley’s back in town for a leisure day both Kiera and Rita inform Marley they look forward to meeting again. Marley however, is not out to put all his eggs in one basket. He decides to woo yet another lady and cheerfully gives Skye, the girl he met in the gym, a call to ask her if she wants to hang out.


Skye agrees to meet Marley in the park in Oasis Springs. Marley’s already there when Skye comes walking up. As soon as they greet, Skye apologizes for being somewhat late. Marley says he doesn’t mind. “What lies in front of us is where my interest lies,” he answers smoothly.

While thinking of steamy interactions in his hopefully near future, Marley only half listens to an animated story Skye’s tells him then. “How can I get Skye in the mood?” Marley wonders. Skye, to Marley, comes across as a hard to get and reserved lady and this only makes him want her more.

“Maybe a good look up at the sky will inspire the girl to loosen up. If not that, I’ll take her out for a bite to eat perhaps later.”


As hoped, the two get inspired by talking about the shapes up in the sky though Marley soon finds himself listening to more of Skye stories and just when he’s ready to ask Skye to join him for dinner, she’s up and roasting hot dogs at the park bbq.


After another interruption by a gardener no less, feeling a bit disheartened and jetlagged, Marley’s convinced this meeting with Skye isn’t what he hoped it would turn out to be nor will it turn into something more soon. “Maybe things will work out better when I choose a place to meet and ask her on an actual date. At least the groundwork is done,” Marley smiles and just like that, an idea is forming in his steamy head.

“Wait just a second. Before I go I want to ask you something. Next week I’ll have a few days off too but not the time to fly back here. Why don’t you come over to meet me there, wouldn’t that be awesome? We can go sightseeing together. I’ll make sure I treat you like the lady you are. How would you like that?” Marley inquires.


Skye reacts exhilarated and accepts without a doubt, it seems. “Good, I’ll contact you to let you know how, what, when and where. It was nice seeing you again, Skye,” Marley says as he kisses the back of Skye’s hand and says goodbye.

Marley’s reassured that his confident demeanor and charm shows results. Positive that his small get together surely results in sultry adventures along the way. Marley’s now looking forward to getting back on tour.


Meanwhile, at the Mezilkree Manor Lisa is watching TV, content the partying with the heir’s alternative friends and musicians has lessened with Marley on tour. Lisa can not handle all the fuss anymore, her body frail and her mind brittle. She feels her days are getting thinner in numbers and would like to spend em in quiet in the vicinity of her beloved son Abel.

What becomes of the heir and the Mezilkree family is out of Lisa’s hands soon enough. She does, however, want to make sure she leaves the sim world without any regrets or doubts. Lisa decides she’ll talk to each of the boys and let them know that together they can handle anything, to remind them to always remain close and be a family first and foremost.

Abel walks in. “Hi, mom, how are you? You look tired, can I get you anything?” Abel asks when walking towards his mother from the kitchen. His mother declines, then she says she’s doing fine and shares her most recent thoughts with her son.


After a deep conversation about life, love, and expectations Lisa is assured Abel will stick with his brothers to make the best of it. Lisa gets to bed and hugs Abel before bidding him a good night. For a moment there Abel thinks of sharing his deepest secrets with his mother. He wants to share that he recently found purpose and might even find love along the way.


Abel could even use his mother’s advice in matters of love but when looking at his mother’s worn out face he smiles instead, helps Lisa downstairs to her room and gets back to his writing. He’s nearly finished his second book now and is thinking of trying to get it published.


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