Chapter 2.8 – Branching out

When Marley hits the Rock Red Lounge with the tour of Plasimbo, that hot redhead Kiera shows up for the concert. When Kiera compliments Marley on his appearance and his show after his performance, Marley’s on top of the world.

The redhead shows further interest and lets Marley know she’s into dating musicians when Marley decides to host a party at his place and invites her on the spot. Marley hopes this will be the ideal occasion to break in the new and improved former formal living room of the Mezilkree Manor ánd his master bedroom.

At the Mezilkree Manor Marley and friends have a great time jamming and enjoying their music. Though while his friends do the jamming, Marley’s decides to pour everyone a drink. Soon more alcohol is spilled and Marley’s getting hammered with Kiera while his friends jam on.


When Marley’s friends are all spent and have either left for home or are crashing on a couch, Marley and Kiera only have blurry eyes for each other. Marley invites Kiera to stay the night and then he leads her downstairs and into the ensuite of his bedroom.

Looking at Kiera, Marley turns the hot-tub on and undresses Kiera not only with his eyes. His hands wobble over her hips while he tries to get her pants off. While tumbling, the two finally get undressed and get into the hot-tub.


When Kiera’s naked body slips into the warm water and touches his bare skin, Marley feels even more drawn to her. His hands slide clumsily over her body as Kiera starts kissing him.


After spending some time in the hot-tub to enjoy some more bubbles, they head to the bedroom where more fumbling and stumbling occurs in the master bed. Not knowing where their intoxicated hands lead them, they finally end up under the covers entangled in a shower of lust.

Marley feels invigorated when waking up the next pm. When he looks at the other side of the bed, he notices he is alone. What happened to the hot redhead he hooked up with yesterday?

Marley heads to the kitchen first to prepare a firm breakfast to help him ease his throbbing headache. He’s feeling better with every bite when eating his grilled cheese. He then shares with Abel that he hasn’t seen Kiera anywhere. Marley then hears Kiera has already left.


While munching away, Marley realizes he could sure use burning some extra calories. Since he has another day off today before his next gig, he and Abel agree to hit the gym for the remainder of the afternoon. There, Marley meets a dark haired girl, named Skye Sharpe.


Skye comes up to Marley and mentions she recognizes him from a TV-show, Rock Steady @ Simtropolis. Marley had indeed been interviewed briefly not long ago by a local TV station after Plasimbo’s revealed its national tour.

Marley’s flattered so he chats some more with Skye until Abel and he hit the exercise machinery. He doesn’t leave before exchanging numbers with Skye, though.


With this recent conquests, Marley’s sure he’ll soon be one step closer to fulfilling his aspirations in life. That way he can happily pick a couple of em ladies eventually to have some baby boys with to honor the agreement he has signed. Yup, it must be that simple given his new acclaimed fame, he’s convinced.

After an hour on several treadmills and bench presses, Marley receives a phone call. It’s Rita, asking if he would like to come hang out with her and her roommate Caprice at their squat.

With his desire of dating several ladies on the side and his conviction he will not be with that mystery girl any day soon, if ever on the back of his mind, Marley wants to make the most of his free days and accepts Rita’s offer.


Marley says goodbye to Abel, gets changed and heads over to Rita’s place in Willow Creek. There he’s greeted with a warm embrace.

He spends some time talking with Caprice on the porch and the three of them enjoy themselves while drinking a couple of stiff ones in the beat-up living room of the little squat home. After playing some guitar, Marley goes for a bathroom break. When he walks back into the living room, he notices the door closing behind Caprice.

10-09-16_1-19-36 AM.jpg

“She’s stepping out for something which gives us the time to ourselves,” Rita says as Marley sees her eyes force into a stance that he believes to be a wink. He smiles in return. But this clearly isn’t enough for Rita. She leads him into her bedroom and takes his blouse off. Then she motions him to get in bed with her. Marley doesn’t know what hold this peculiar looking sim has on him but once again he’s persuaded to oblige.


When Marley crawls under the covers, Rita frantically starts to undress him with childish enthusiasm. Then she hurls herself at him, taking whatever she wants once more.

When Rita’s satisfied, she falls asleep leaving Marley beside her in turmoil. Is it wise to woohoo with every single woman he comes across? As he looks at Rita while she’s sleeping, he doubts whether this is what he should be doing.

Marley gets out of Rita’s bed. He feels his throbbing head returning. Those drinks didn’t do him any good. He heads for the bathroom to take a brisk shower. Once he’s dry again, he quietly slips into his clothes, grabs his sports bag and makes a run for it while Rita is still asleep.

Josias in the meantime has been thinking about moving out of the Mezilkree Manor. It’s time to take the next step now that Josias and Melissa are going steady for quite some time. From his first paycheck, Josias buys a modest engagement ring that he’s planning to present to Melissa on a dinner date.

As soon as the couple gets to their table, Josias gets straight to the point: “Oh, my dear Melissa, my beauty queen, you know I adore you and would like nothing more than to cherish you for the rest of our lives.” Josias then takes the box out of his pocket and shows the ring to Melissa. “Melissa, will you be mine? Please accept this token of my affection and my promise to wed you.”


Melissa reaction radiates nothing than positivity as she accepts: “Josias, I thought you’d never ask,” she teases him, “Yes, oh yes, there is so much to plan then!”

With confidence in his voice and a childish enthusiasm, Josias replies: “Don’t worry, I’ve got it all covered. Do you remember that cute little home we saw in the center of Windenburg, by the water?”


While sketching his ideas on a placemat, he continues: “I have a little cash put aside from dad’s inheritance, my queen. I’ve added all the numbers and found that we can both get married and buy our first home with my paychecks and my savings combined. That way we can get married in a couple of months and be moving into our new home straight afterward.”

And just like that, the two lovebirds are starting to plan their new future together and before they know it they are filling in their marriage license and have scheduled to view the house for sale for the first time.


A/N: Caprice is a sim based on Rebellious McSpider by charantea, a wonderful and very versatile TS4 creator 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Chapter 2.8 – Branching out

  1. Simsophonique says:

    [Rock Steady @ Simtropolis this is the channel my Goth sims Riban, watch often (she is my current avatar at the sims official forum) xD and I am sure she would adore Marley’s music and Plasimbo (she is also into rock music carreer) ]

    Now back to your story
    Marley rather to date girls because he knows the struggle his father had so better to be engaged with a girl he never live with, he better enjoy his time with all the girls who wants him. He’s ugly but he’s attractive.

    Liked by 1 person

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