Chapter 2.7 – The willing and Abel

Not long after Josias’ birthday, Abel celebrates his. By now, only the dining room has remained untouched so far. Some last walls to break and doors to move are still standing. Abel has asked Marley to wait one more day with starting further home improvement in the dining room. It is Abel’s last opportunity to celebrate his birthday somewhere that still has a familiar feel to it.


Only in familiar surroundings time that’s shared is valuable to Abel and so his friends and family gather around the old dining table one last time. Abel is eager to start his life as a young adult, to be free to do what he wants without having to father nooboos or bearing responsibilities he isn’t ready to face for a long time, if ever.

From beginning to end the celebrations are as calm and relaxed as Abel has come to love. A quiet evening in the Manor without howling guitars, soaring drills or other work-related noise.

The next sunrise, however, brings more of the breaking and drilling to the Mezilkree Manor. The entire kitchen and dining are one big mess now. Abel decides it’s time to have some time off to orientate on his future without these building noises. He starts planning a getaway while the home improvements on the Mezilkree Manor continue. Maybe his best friends will join him on a small holiday to Granite Falls?

Only a day later, Abel, Lamont, and Ricky are standing in the fresh pine-scented air of Granite Falls. Abel has booked the same cabin as where his family has spent a vacation once. It is a beautiful day, the air outside blue as far as Abel’s eyes can see.

09-28-16_1-03-59 AM.jpg

Abel takes a deep breath of air and enjoys the scenery, while Lamont is putting their bags in the cabin when a ranger walks up and introduces herself as Bridget. Ricky seems quite into her from the get go. Abel and Lamont soon find themselves alone at the cabin as Ricky follows the trail of the ranger out in the wild.


Though, Abel and Lamont seem to be coping just fine without Ricky at the cabin. Abel always feels so at ease around Lamont who as he is a bookworm and has a love for the gym like Abel has too. The two guys often work out together and always confide in each other.

09-28-16_1-13-05 AM.jpg

Abel feels Lamont is his best friend in the world. “If only I could have Lamont all to myself. What would it be like if he wasn’t married yet?” is something Abel often finds himself overthinking when Lamont shares his insecurities about his married life.

In the meantime at the Manor, Marley receives some fantastic news! He’s working his way up the musical ladder. Marley has the great privilege to start as the opening act for Plasimbo on their national tour. Being the opening act for a band like Plasimbo gives Marley some much-needed exposure. It will provide a good paycheck too.


Marley’s happy and his confidence sky-high. He could use some romancing to complete this brighter outlook on life. Marley decides to celebrate by asking that waitress out. Rita had seemed eager enough to say yes and not turn him down when asked on a date and so he gives her a call. Rita and Marley agree to meet the next day at The Blue Velvet.

“Rock and roll, baby!” is what he thinks when Rita’s walking toward him from afar. Rita looks so bright and colorful now, dressed the way she is. Marley’s convinced with the right incentives he will surely be treated to some highly desired feelings of temptation and lust.

“She looks spicy. I like her flat belly. Look at that cute belly button,” Marley thinks as she comes near. Though, when Rita’s close enough for Marley to have a good look at, he thinks she isn’t the prettiest rose in his bouquet but hey, who is he to judge? Any taker must be a fluke of nature as much as she is.

10-03-16_11-41-23 PM.jpg

With a generous smile and a suave kiss in the neck, Marley greets Rita. The date from then on goes very smooth, they both seem to enjoy themselves.


A few drinks later Marley knows Rita has him eating from her hand. She might not be the prettiest of all, but she sure knows how to make him want her.

When Marley’s feeling uncontrollably flirty, Rita says she needs to get back home, the tease! Rita then asks Marley if he wants to grab her coat from upstairs. He takes the stairs, Rita walking behind him.

When they are upstairs, Rita starts to kiss Marley. She throws him against the closet. Marley wraps his arms around her. He is extremely excited and swiftly he pulls Rita into the closet, no longer able to contain himself.

Even though Rita exhausts him, Marley notices Rita doesn’t grab a coat from the closet before they leave. “Aren’t you forgetting something?” Marley asks.


“Nope,” Rita answers with a naughty smile, “I took everything I wanted and my, oh my, you are delish! I had a great time. We must do this again sometimes,” she concludes.


Waking up the next morning, Marley notices Abel’s back from Granite Falls when Marley grabs the food from under Abel’s nose. “Good to see you back, brother, and thanks for breakfast,” Marley jokes as he walks off with the plate of bacon and eggs leaving Abel with only a fork in hand.

Abel is then off to work as he has an assignment overdue, being a freelance article writer while Marley enjoys his breakfast. Josias is not up yet. It was probably a late night out with Melissa and their friends again.

After his breakfast, Marley heads toward the garden to pay his respects to his late dad. He takes some flowers from the conservatory on his way outside.


As he puts the flowers by his father’s grave, he wonders about his very own future. He has one more day off before he starts performing in the nearby venues and he’s wondering whether the tour of Plasimbo will also hit the town of San Myshuno. He’ll have to check with his agent soon. Marley can’t wait to find out.


A/N: With Abel’s aging he receives the following YA traits; Music Lover, Gloomy, and Bookworm.


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