Chapter 2.6 – Ch-Ch-Changes

As time passes by, Marley gets more involved in changing the Mezilkree Manor. In between parties and gigs, he first takes claim of the master bedroom and ensuite.


When finished he enjoys the fruits of his labor overlooking the room with a grilled cheese in hand. He hasn’t changed much in the master bedroom. He recolors most of the furniture to make it more his own and he changes the wallpapers and bedding.

Though, before making these changes to the bedroom, Marley makes sure Lisa has room to call her own.

09-24-16_11-47-16 AM.jpg

Although the bedroom isn’t large, it’s at least a rich and comfortable looking space. It clearly moves Lisa to see Marley hasn’t forgotten about her and even though the room is on the far end of the hallway, Lisa enjoys the feminine and rustic calm it provides.

After seeing to the lowest basement floor, Marley also starts making plans to change the rooms on the top basement floor. He gives the library, gym, bathroom, and family room a small cosmetic makeover. Then he starts executing more rigorous ideas on the remaining rooms.

Marley’s planning to break some non-bearing walls and make a more open-plan kitchen and dining. He does most of the work together with friends, with a little help from his teen brothers Josias and Abel too, trying to use as little resources as possible to keep the costs down. Because even tho Marley is doing well in his musician career, he isn’t some famous rocker yet when looking at some of the new interiors one might be triggered to think so nonetheless.


In the meantime, it’s time for Josias to celebrate his young adult birthday. Melissa and Josias decide to celebrate their birthdays together over dinner in a fancy restaurant, parents and friends are all invited. That way Josias avoids celebrating at the Mezilkree Manor where there’s still a lot of work going on.


When all guests have arrived safely at the restaurant, the festivities start. Josias is the first to blow out the candles on his birthday cake. He is happy to be surrounded by everyone he cares for, including his mother, girlfriend, her parents, Lisa, his brothers and his best friend. There’s nothing more he could wish for as far as Josias is concerned.


When it is time for Melissa to make her wish and celebrate her birthday, her father is making more noise than ever before. That, even tho Josias already knows him as quite a loud man. Melissa’s mother meanwhile, is gleaming with pride as her daughter takes a deep breath to blow out the candles on her cake.


As soon as the couple gets some time alone the following day, Melissa is keen on talking to Josias. Melissa shares that her father has an opening in his restaurant that Josias can fill in.

When Melissa is standing on two feet again, she tells Josias he could soon enough work his way up into her family’s business and maybe even become a manager in one of her father’s restaurants.

On hearing his girlfriend say this, Josias gets even weaker in the knees than he normally does over his girl. “Have you shared with your parents what you mean to me? But, wait a second, is that what I mean to you? Wow, you sure make me the happiest man alive, Melissa!” is Josias’ response.

“Ah, I’m overjoyed to hear you feel this way. I want to be happy with you for the rest of our lives, Josias. I want us to start planning our lives. This is the start of our journey together,” says Melissa.


After their visit to the park, Josias takes Melissa to her home where they spend another hour with Melissa’s parents. When back at the Mezilkree Manor, Josias walks into a crowded house again. A lot of Marley’s friends and Marley himself are chilling in the still unfinished kitchen.

“Heya, what do you think, man? We’re all pitching in when it comes to the design of the kitchen. I’m thinking of some murals, a dragon would be my idea. Rita’s friend is smashing enough to paint it. She’s quite talented, I hear. Wanna help out too?” Marley asks as Josias walks down the stairs and steers into the kitchen.

08-25-16_11-26-54 PM.jpg

Josias declines and grabs a leftover meal from the fridge instead. When he walks outside, he meets Abel in the garden doing his usual chores around the house before turning in. Deciding that turning in early is a good idea, Josias finishes his dinner and heads toward his bedroom. Tomorrow will be an exciting day for him as it will be the first day on the new job.


A/N: As a young adult, Josias has collected the following traits and LTA, Creative, Self-Assured and Childish with a Master Mixologist LTA.


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