Chapter 2.5 – Gimme all your lovin’

After wasting his time at those dead end joints, Marley kills some at Magnolia Promenade, picking up a beanie to complete his workout gear for he has promised he’ll start hitting the gym with his younger brother Abel more often. Marley’s spending more time on stage now on ungodly hours and still maintains a diet like his dad. It will do him good to change that, he reckons. But first some good times.

Marley is just about to head back to his car when he hears some great bass sounds coming from a nearby venue. It appears to be a lounge carrying the name ‘Rock Red Lounge’ on its exterior walls.

09-18-16_2-10-55 AM.jpg

Walking into the place, Marley stops to read some of the posters, notifying readers of upcoming events. Marley soon spots a couple of his favorite singers and bands. He didn’t know of this place before. Eager to see the inside, Marley walks up to a set of double doors leading to the main stage area.

09-18-16_2-08-23 AM.jpg

But the first sim Marley sees when opening the doors is Angelina. Not sure if he wants to engage in a conversation with her right now, Marley looks past her into the room.

A singer is just leaving the stage and a couple of guys walk up. Marley recognizes one of the two men walking up the stage as a fishing buddy and old friend from school. The other Marley knows as an acquaintance, a friend of his friend. He didn’t know his friend played an instrument too. Marley soon discovers there seems to be a sort of jam session going on at the moment.


He walks up closer to the stage and soon finds himself joining in after another female singer recognizes him from a jingle for an advertising he provided with her starting out. She pulls him on stage and to everyone’s delight they sound great together. Marley’s friend and company stand on the stage to root the two on. After a couple of songs, Marley gets thirsty and heads to the bar.


The only seat not taken is the one next to Angelina. Not all that reluctant, Marley sits down and orders a drink carefully greeting Angelina who by the way looks smashing in Marley’s eyes.


Angelina and Marley chat about their careers and make a joke here and there to lighten the mood. Marley goes on about how this is the greatest lounge he has visited in forever.

09-18-16_2-29-04 AM.jpg

Marley and Angelina seem to set old differences aside and appear to be able to maintain their friendship or is there more? But then Marley says something so stupid, though the music is too loud to overhear them.


It must have been the worst comment ever, though. Angelina loses interest for soon after she’s chatting with the guy next to Marley at the bar.


When Marley tries to brush it off with a joke, Angelina doesn’t seem to be all that entertained. Marley stops talking when he feels her glare, gets up from his barstool and mumbles a goodbye. Angelina only nods back at Marley and then turns her head to the guy in the suit again.

09-18-16_2-37-38 AM.jpg

Thinking this might have been enough for today, Marley heads home. Once in bed, he dreams about making his way further in his music and living the life of a rockstar instead of being a loser.

Marley throws himself at work while also committing himself to lots of partying. He makes friends in the alternative rock scene that way quickly. Marley joins in on the jam sessions often. He soon is a well-respected guest at the Rock Red Lounge frequenting it whenever he can with his Theatrical Rockers Club.

Soon the group of friends is quite notorious and growing fast. The club’s members respect Marley for getting ahead in his career. This knowledge combined with being the leader seems to make it easier on Marley to crawl out of his shell once more.


And so, when Marley’s visiting the bakery with his fishing buddy, Jonathan, out in Oasis Springs late one afternoon, he strikes up a conversation with one of the waitresses there. Marley asks the woman to sit down with him for a moment since business seems slow.

09-20-16_10-57-32 PM.jpg

The waitress accepts and joins Marley on the terrace for a moment. With his charisma levels rising, Marley soon has the woman eating from his palm. He tells her about his job, she tells him about hers. She mentions her hobbies and Marley fills her in on his. “She seems to be eating my every word,” Marley thinks as he lands another joke on the waitress.


When they have shared some more thoughts and laughs, the waitress gets up and is about to head back to work when Marley whips out a smile and says: “Maybe we should get to know each other better, talk some more? I’m Marley and might I ask your name?”

“I’m Rita, nice meeting you,” the waitress says while one of her fingers playfully touches her lower lip. The two sims exchange numbers and agree to call soon to schedule a date.


Then just before Rita walks away, Marley holds her shoulder and stops her. Marley looks around.  When he’s sure they are alone, he looks at Rita and plants a deliberate kiss on her mouth. When she accepts his kiss, Marley knows he’ll be scheduling that date while the iron is hot, of that he is most certain!

Marley slips.jpg

After a bite, Jonathan and Marley part ways as the sun is setting on Oasis Springs. As Marley’s heading to his car, he bumps into a sassy redhead after slipping on a banana peel. As he starts explaining himself, the redhead laughs heartily and with a signing voice says: “Absolutely no problem. I don’t know who would leave that lying around like that. Did you hurt yourself?”

another bold one.jpg

Pleasantly surprised by her compassion, Marley strikes up a conversation with the redhead. Marley likes the redhead’s curvy body. As the two talk, Marley slowly steps closer to the young sim. He finds he is standing in front of her home, the redhead has recently moved in.

When Marley smells her perfume, he feels weak in the knees. The redhead smells of leather and hair grease. She introduces herself as Kiera Chouffe. Marley would love to use a bold pickup line on her yet feels somewhat intimidated.

09-21-16_2-06-02 AM.jpg

Then before Marley can get another word in, the redhead storms off saying: “Gotta go now, I’ll see you around!” leaving him behind with a smile on his face. “This has been a good day,” he thinks as he watches Kiera’s curves run and sway away.


A/N: The first part of this chapter features a lounge I only tweaked a little (added windows and changed lighting). The ‘Rock Lounge Concert venue’ is made by islarosexiv. You can download an updated version for ‘Get Together’ right here <– clicky! ‘Bakery Bruttoboni’ is done by me and can be found over here <- clicky!

After searching the available households, I believe TS4 doesn’t generate a lot of real ugly sims. So I have placed a modest number of peculiar looking female sims. All encounters with these ladies have not been staged and are totally random. My tweaked Rita Schaffer (Uglacy) is originally from rayawarner and can be downloaded here <- clicky! Kiera Chouffe is a CAS sim of my own. 


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