Chapter 2.4 – No way back

Marley’s once again musing his mysterious girl when he gets an idea for a riff to accompany the beginnings of a song he wrote the other day. After Marley plays the riff several times, he writes it down. Then he goes in search of his younger brother, to ask his opinion.


Abel and Marley are just discussing and perfecting this latest guitar solo when Josias walks into Abel’s room. “I’ve got the most amazing date planned. You two should do that too someday, HA!” he boasts mockingly about his most recent plans with Melissa to his brothers.

“I’m fine just the way I am, thank you,” his younger brother replies drily. His older brother isn’t as keen on his brother’s disdainful demeanor and reacts more defensive putting his guitar down.


Even tho the boys are very tight-knit they remain young lads in such a way that boasting and mocking is a daily routine for them. It has never stopped them from spending time together with their group of friends, no matter how big their differences, though. Eeq would be proud seeing his boys close like this. All three of them consider each other good friends.

The announcement hasn’t brought any change in that. Marley will make his father proud by continuing his efforts in the name of his grandmother. Even tho, Marley doesn’t have a clue how to do so burying himself in his music and his career as a musician in the meantime.

“MARLEY,” Lisa calls all the way from upstairs. It’s a good thing those halls in the Manor reflect all the sounds so well. “Marley, Josias, Abel, come upstairs if you will,” Lisa yells again. As the boys enter the dining room, the table is all set. “Get it while it’s hot,” Lisa says smiling. When all four of them have found a seat and plate of damping hot food, Lisa informs the men that Mr. Viela’s secretary has arranged to get a car around tomorrow to take Marley to Viela’s office.

Marley’s reaction seems nervous as he repeatedly takes a bite of food on his fork and drops it on his plate again. “Yes, well, uh… sure. I’ll be ready,” is all Marley answers.

08-25-16_11-11-10 PM

After dinner, the boys all do their chores. Marley is the first to leave the table to fix the shower, Josias throws the garbage out and helps Abel with the gardening afterward. As Marley leaves for his bedroom, Josias and Abel do their homework in the library with Lisa helping them out.

Marley’s not nervous about the meeting with Viela or signing the contract. He’s read the copy of his father’s. He’ll make it work, Marley’s sure. He just doesn’t have any hope of finding a true love like his father had with Lisa. His mystery girl remains to be one big mystery. Not once has she shown herself or made herself heard again. Maybe Viela’s right, Marley’s hideous so he can’t expect too much in life. But he might at least try to have fun!


With this thought in mind, Marley grabs his guitar and plays his latest tunes out loud making Lisa hurl downstairs to stop him. “I know you have a day off tomorrow. The boys have school nonetheless, though, and you have that meeting. Can you save this for afterward?” she pleads. Marley sets his guitar down and complies.

Lying in bed, Marley looks around his room. He’s content here at the Manor although he desperately needs a music room or even a recording studio. He could get to changing things to his liking once the contract is signed, he fantasizes before he dozes off into a restless sleep.

The next day the two remaining teens in the Manor go to school, Marley sleeps in and Lisa heads to work. It’s a beautiful day with a hopefully pretty ending too. But by the time Lisa comes home from grocery shopping after work, Marley is nowhere to be seen.

Josias and Abel have already eaten and are wrapping up their homework and household chores. All the boys seem to have forgotten it is Lisa’s birthday today. Lisa isn’t in the mood to rub the teens faces in it.


And Marley, well, don’t get Lisa started on Marley. She misses Eeq even more now. So when the teens take their leave to the family room to watch TV, Lisa grabs a leftover meal from the fridge and heads outside moping near Equinus’ grave. There, she decides to treat herself to a shopping spree tomorrow to lift her mood.

Meanwhile, Marley is rocking his socks off. Not long after the official dealings at Viela’s that day are over with, Marley heads to Windenburg, looking for a good time.

09-12-16_2-03-16 AM.jpg

But first, he visits a couple of bars and cafés to enjoy a drink. Since nothing interesting is happening there, though, Marley decides to take his business elsewhere. If not to find some female sims to practice some charms on then at least to get a load off. His new and hopefully bright future begins tomorrow. He’ll have to start making plans.


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