Chapter 2.3 – Marley matures

Josias school performance has decreased more and more by pulling childish pranks and not more important, getting caught. A teacher’s caught him red-handed with a cage full of gerbils. There was no way to talk his way out of it. He’s received extra homework for the next week as punishment and that on Marley’s birthday, no less!

Marley isn’t disturbed by it, though. He receives the most beautiful present he could wish for from his family members combined. He’s happy with his new guitar and takes it out to the park to play when the boys are out having fun with their friends in the afternoon. This day couldn’t have started any better. Marley is on top of the world.

08-19-16_1-08-28 AM

And when hanging out at the Manor afterward, Marley looks at his friend Angelina at dinner, thinking he really should start dating girls. His mind can’t remain stuck in the woods, he reckons. Angelina looks back at him and when their eyes meet he blows her a kiss. Maybe Marley will soon enough find the strength to ask her out on a proper date.

But first, as the boy’s friends have left after dinner and Marley’s taken a shower, it’s time for his birthday cake. Standing in front of his cake, Marley feels lyrical and starts a small speech.

08-19-16_3-16-44 AM

Marley wants to do his father proud, he says. He would like to continue the legacy of his family in honor of his dad in the hope his offspring will find as much company in their siblings as he always has.

07-17-16_9-17-52 PM

As Marley mentions this, before he blows the candles on his birthday cake, Lisa’s sure there’s still hope. She’s feeling proud and yet she can’t help to think about her dear old Eeq, how she misses him at times like these.

08-19-16_3-17-35 AM

Little does Lisa know, Eeq is around more often than she perhaps cares to know. Although if she would, it might also ease her pain. Though, who knows what the future might bring for Lisa?

Marley’s set on making changes, no dull life for him! He’s ready to live life to the max. To not shy away from the adventures in life and stay cooked up in the Manor like his father has done before him.

Though, life after Marley’s birthday is as normal as things get.

08-31-16_4-36-14 AM

Josias and Melissa are romancing as they always do, gooey eyed…

08-19-16_12-47-01 AM

Abel is working out or jogging whenever possible…

08-20-16_3-00-54 AM

and Marley lets his hair grow and often practices the guitar. He’s even started a career in the entertainment industry. His confidence grows now that he’s gotten quite good and has written several songs. He even musters up the courage to ask Melissa out on that dinner date.

Yes, life is good to the Mezilkree boys.

Marley has arranged a dinner date at L’Attente Bistro and is keen on seducing Angelina.

Oh, it all starts out nice. Somehow, though, the situation soon seems to turn on him.


As the couple waits for their order to arrive, Angelina confesses she hasn’t been totally honest with Marley. “I don’t want to lead you on, Marley,” she says.

08-23-16_1-25-29 AM

Thrown out of the field, Marley gives Angelina a frantic look before finding his words. “Are you leading me on, how, leading me on? What do you mean? Are we not together!?” Marley throws his questions at Angelina.

Marley's first break up

“Don’t get me wrong, Marley. I like hanging out with you. We get along very well. I think you will be a terrific boyfriend. Just not to me,” Angelina explains, “I’ll be honest with you, I tried to get closer to you only to get closer to someone else. But that someone doesn’t see me whatsoever.”

Marley reacts visibly uneased. “I’m sorry for hurting you in the process. Can we still be friends, though? I know this may sound awkward now but believe I’m honest with you because I care, Marley.” Angelina tries explaining.

08-23-16_1-04-28 AM

Marley isn’t happy, to say the least. He doesn’t see that Angelina does care about him. All Marley can feel now is rejection. He tries to hide his feelings but soon enough says: “Excuse me but I don’t want to be here with you right now. I’ll see you around.” He gets up from the couch, walks up to a patron, gives up his table and returns home.

Once he’s back at the Mezilkree Manor, Marley throws himself on doing household chores, playing his guitar and gaming to try and forget what’s happened between Angelina and him. What’s up with girls? Why can’t he find some loving like Josias clearly has, Marley often asks himself.


A/N: As Young Adult, the heir, Marley now has a full set of traits, being Music Lover, Hates Children, and Non-committal. His Aspiration remains to be Serial Romantic. I gave him a new look and wardrobe to match his current state of mind and love for alternative music. Tune in for more on that next week!


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5 thoughts on “Chapter 2.3 – Marley matures

    1. Twiggy says:

      Yup, the curse of every Mezilkree successor and every male prettacy heir., the official rules at play. All successors have the Serial Romantic LTA and a non-committal trait once they age to YA. With Marley’s Hates Children trait combined, makes you wonder what his future will bring 😉 haha

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