Chapter 2.2 – Puppy love

When it’s only a week before Marley’s first steps into adulthood, he gets a phone call from Angelina early on a Saturday afternoon. Groggily he answers the phone.

“Hi there, Marley,” Angelina says. “Would you like to hang out with me this afternoon? I can be at your place in half an hour. Well, what do you think?” she asks.

07-15-16_12-44-14 PM

“Sure, why not!” is Marley’s restraint eager reply. And before he knows it, he’s dressed and standing in the yard waiting for Angelina to arrive. When she does, they awkwardly stand by the door at first.

08-19-16_12-33-57 AM

Then Marley uses some childish charm, makes a joke, complains a little bout teenage stuff, strikes some silly poses and the ice’s melted. Not long after the two young sims are adorning the outside pavement while trying to detect silly shapes in the clouds above.

Marley's last teen days

“Just look at that turtle!” Angelina says to Marley at the same time he points at a bat-shaped cloud. They look at each other and laugh. Then Josias walks outside, on his rounds through the garden, tending to all the plants.

“I’m going to the park when I’ve done my chores here. I’m meeting Melissa there. Do you care to join me? ” Josias asks. Both Angelina and Marley agree they join Josias as he picks up Melissa after which they head to the park.

08-19-16_1-25-47 AM

The couples of teens enjoy a grilled meal first, followed by some music at the park’s picnic area. Angelina must be impressed with Marley’s play for she keeps circling by his side. Apparently, Marley doesn’t have to sell himself short on getting some real life action. He deserves attention too! Feeling confident Marley makes a move on Angelina later that night.

08-19-16_1-27-36 AM

And against all his expectations, he succeeds…

08-19-16_1-29-18 AM

After sharing his first kiss ever with Angelina, Marley is walking on air the following week. When the friends meet again the day before Marley’s birthday, they have a great time.

08-19-16_2-57-56 AM

Marley doesn’t seem able to convince Angelina to kiss him a second time, though. The only two sims that get some action are Josias and Melissa, it seems.

08-19-16_2-59-59 AM

When seeing Angelina off to her taxi around dinnertime, Marley is no less confident yet, though.

08-19-16_3-02-22 AM

As he walks up to his brothers enjoying a snack at the picnic table, Marley says: “I bet you if I ask Angelina out once I’ve aged she will be like putty in my hand, right! I’m thinking of taking her to a good restaurant. Do you know of any I could take her to, Melissa?”

“Take her to the Bistro. I know she likes it there,” Melissa answers.

While discussing their fave band and a couple of newest releases next, they all enjoy their grilled fruit when a guerilla party suddenly emerges. All sorts of young sims come from the taxi stand over to the most open spot and start putting down a bar and DJbooth. The teens, therefore, enjoy some more leisure time before heading home again, going to bed, and facing a new school day.

08-23-16_2-51-27 AM


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