Chapter 2.1 – The birds and the bees

After Mr. Meary’s heir announcement life has been going on as usual in the Manor. Marley, Josias, and Abel are too good of friends to let this news come between them. Their father told them often enough as young boys to stick together, no matter what. Equinus had known firsthand what it does to a man when he’s faced to conquer life without the support of his family. The boys, therefore, remain to do their share in the household with Lisa leading ahead.

Lisa’s working harder than ever worried about the future. Out of Equinus’ three sons, she has the least contact or bond with the eldest and soon to be heir, Marley. Who knows what might happen when he gains control of the reigns? All she can do is keep taking good care of them and hope that the family values both Equinus and her tried to instill in the boys have found their way into their hearts.

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“But you can’t start slacking off now,” Lisa tells herself when she has just finished loading the dishwasher. “Now to get everything else ready.” Lisa turns her attention to the kitchen counters next when Abel walks into the kitchen. He is always up before his brothers Josias and Marley on the weekends.

“Morning, mom. How did you sleep? I’ll just grab a bowl of cereal and hit the gym,” Abel says as he kisses his mother on the cheek before he reaches for the fridge. Abel then scurries around the corner out of the kitchen, chewing a mouthful of cereal.

“Abel, where are your manners?! But I don’t have the time to talk to you about etiquette now, although…” Lisa says though Abel is already gone. Lisa can hear the faint noises of his mp3-player in the hallway as he moves toward the gym.

She is worried about her son. She understands he misses a male role model. He’s a teen boy. Shouldn’t he be busy with dating instead of spending so much time in the garden, gym or practicing his guitar? Even after the announcement, she hasn’t seen him with any girls. She concludes she should have a chat with him soon.

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As a matter of fact, Lisa realizes the woohoo talk hasn’t been brought up by any of the boys so far. Should she be the one to talk to them about that, she asks herself while continuously cleaning up the mess in every room she enters.  And boy, do these teens know how to make a mess indeed! Lisa concludes that she should contact Yug to ask him for advice on the matter.

Yug Viela is happy to help out and suggests to have that talk with all three of the boys. Equinus was his best friend. It’s the least he can do, he says. And so Marley is the first to be addressed by Viela that same afternoon. Yug asks Marley some questions and then tells him he shouldn’t feel daunted knowing he has to produce male heirs. The firm is happy to help out with guidance, he says, their biggest advice being not to aim too high.

“You know what that brought your father. Don’t go after the most beautiful ladies. For a guy like you, they are too high maintenance. Sorry to be so blunt, Marley, Lisa. I’m just honest and a realist here, you know?” Viela ends his conversation with Marley as he turns his attention to Josias.

Josias isn’t having any of it. “Sorry, Mr. Viela, I already have a girlfriend. We shared a first kiss. I know all about the birds and the bees, thank you,” Josias says politely.

“Okay, I get it. You can handle yourself. That’s no problem. When you do wanna talk, I’m here for you,” Viela replies. All this time Abel remains silent, seemingly uncomfortable.

08-23-16_2-23-55 AM

When Viela looks at him, Abel jumps up from the couch with a look of shame on his face. “No way, I’m not listening to anything you have to say. You don’t know me! I’m out of here.” Abel shouts as he flies off to his bedroom, locking the door behind him.

“That didn’t go too well,” Viela says to Lisa, “Do you want me to go after him?”

“No, I will talk to him myself at a later time. Let him cool off, maybe that’s best for now,” Lisa answers and so Viela leaves the Manor again though not after enjoying a few drinks at the bar in the dining with Lisa.

When Lisa heads to bed later that night, she realizes she is not out of the woods yet. She’s still going to have a talk about woohoo with both Josias and Abel. Because Josias might think he doesn’t need any guidance in the field of love but if he’s already going steady with Melissa, there are things he should know.

07-13-16_11-46-17 PM_result

And Abel will get his fair share on that preaching too, whether he likes it or not. Where will she find the time? And with those thoughts in mind, Lisa dozes off.


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