Updated Sunshine Blogger Award

—– Updated 13-09-2016 —–

Hi, Sanne (a.k.a. Twiggy) here!

Recently I’ve been treated ever so kindly and humbling. ADWilson is an amazing fellow simmer and blogger that shares her wonderful legacy on Have I Got A Story For You! She has nominated me and my blog for the Sunshine Blogger Award! Addy, thank you for bestowing me this honor. You’re a wonderful person and writer. ❤

In addition, I add and answer the questions asked by the well-respected fellow bloggers and simmers mastressalita in her acceptance post and sweetnightingale in the following acceptance post for this very same blogging award… Love you, ladies!

sunshine blogger award

What is the Sunshine Blogger Award?
It’s an award for bloggers from bloggers and is a beautiful way to share some terrific things other bloggers do and write about. A way to recognize their efforts in inspiring others to do what they love.

Thinking of this award I think of a nickname given to me based on my name, Sanne. I’m Dutch and have a stepsister who’s raised in Britain. Whenever she would visit she would call me Sunny because that was easier for her to pronounce.

Sunny (Bobby Hebb)

And this brings me to a song (link above) I think of whenever I’m down and need a pick me up… it was originally written by Hebb, thinking of better days, after the murder of JFK and the killing of his own brother back in the sixties. May it bring a ray of sunshine to whoever needs some extra TLC today.

What comes with the nomination?
Besides a huge smile on your face, each nominee has a list of rules that needs to be followed.

1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.
2. Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate 11 bloggers and add their links.
4. Notify the bloggers you nominated.
5. Keep the rules in your post.

My questions from ADWilson to ponder on:
1. What is your favorite color? What is it about this color that beckons to you above all others. All shades of purple, because it’s one of nature’s own colors. This color always makes me think lush flowery gardens. The abundance of flowers in this color is awesome, for example (syringa, buddleia, lavender and so on).
2. If you could invite anybody to your dinner party, who would be your guest of honor? Living today naturally I think that would be Johnny Depp. He would surely make for an intriguing dinner party guest to talk about existential matters over a good glass of wine or…
3. What made you start blogging? Expressing myself creatively and sharing that creativity is what made me start blogging. Originally to showcase my Gallery creations for TS4, though, starting to write and share my prettacy soon took over as the main focus. Since then I’ve participated in the Short Story Challenges also and am barely sharing posts on builds anymore.
4. White, milk or dark chocolate? Oh, definitely dark!
5. In all the EA worlds, who is your favorite townie sim or household? I actually like the diversity of sims. Before I started my prettacy I’d tend to play rotational and think I can easily say which I don’t mind as much. For TS2 it was that bachelor and TS4 that would be the roomies.
6. What is your favorite book? How many times have you read it? I’ve read Tolkien’s Lord of the Ring at least 5 times. I love to dive in that fantasy.
7. If someone is thinking of starting a new legacy challenge, what piece of advice would you share with them? To anyone that wants to start a legacy I would say: go for it! But… I really don’t think I’m the one to turn to for legacy advice. I’m playing the male prettacy without any scoring what so ever. It’s pretty simple. I just see it as my way of exploring the game and trying to get a good story across based on the male prettacy rules by pammiechick.
8. What one sim item is considered a must have? Think beyond the basics. Art on the walls or nicknacks lying around. I like my sims to live in a home that looks lived in/has a warm atmosphere.
9. What have you not done in game, but would like to? Go to Sixam, plum, right? 😉
10. What is your favorite quote?

quotes-life-john-lennon-life-is-what-happens-while-your-making-other-plans-tumbler-timeline-cover-banner-for-fb-profile11. Do you have a favorite board game or card game? Not that I do it often but I like playing backgammon. Naturally, it’s also a joy to see my toddlers have fun whenever I take the time to show them new games.

—– Update —–

My questions from Mastress Alita to ponder on:
1. What is the first Sims game you played? The first Sims game I played was bought waaaay back when The Sims were first released.
Favorite expansion/stuff pack/game pack? Seasons and Vacation had always been packs I bought with a smile. For TS4 so far my favorite is Get Together because it brings loads of gameplay, content, and a neighborhood.
What is your favorite book or author? In line with the answer given to Addy’s question, I love Tolkien’s fantasy world
What is your favorite fictional genre? I have a broad interest but let’s say, life stories, thrillers, and fantasy.
Is there a song that always brings you to tears? Pfff, there are so many that touch me emotionally from ‘What else is there’ from Royksopp to ‘Little girl blue’ by Janis Joplin and so much more in between.
What is your favorite vacation destination? I haven’t been to many destinations but I suppose all are equally great. It’s wonderful to emerge yourself in another culture, different customs, and inspiring new surroundings to broaden your horizon. I have been blessed to be able to visit both Egypt and South Africa and had the time of my life in both countries.
Pick your poison (what is your drink of choice?) I do not drink much, but maybe a dry white wine on a hot day or accompanying a good meal.
Let’s play kiss, marry, kill, only with your Sims! (That is, of your Sims, which one would you most like to kiss, which one would you most like to marry, and which one would you most like to kill?) I absolutely do not have any emotions toward my sims regarding this topic really…
What are five hobbies you enjoy? Spending time with family, writing, gaming, swimming and drawing.
What is your favorite fictional creature? Dragons
Against a zombie, what would be your weapon of choice? I can honestly say I’ve never imagined facing a zombie and not a big horror fan… but I guess a chainsaw springs to mind first?

—– Update —–

Questions to think about asked by sweetnightingale:
1. What made you start playing Sims? It was my younger brother that got me started way back when I was still living at home with my parents heh
2. Coffee or tea? Although I like the smell of ground coffee beans, you will never see me sip from the dark brew. Not my cup of tea, so to speak 😉
3. Pizza or tacos? This is a hard one, who knew? haha In the Netherlands, we are not that acquainted with tacos that much and I do like the true Italian kitchen. I like my crusts crispy and thin. But on the subject of pizza and tacos I’m gonna be a pain here and choose both lol Taco pizza! I have had the pleasure of eating this once or twice while I was on holiday in South Africa in 2010 and thought it was the bomb! But to be honest I ate a lot more tacos there than I ever had in my entire life and I just loved the guacamole and taco combo!
4. Junk food or healthy choice? Healthy. I was raised with the idea that a piece of meat can be skipped but preferably not the veggies! I’m naturally not immaculate so I do sin. I try to instill the same wisdom over to my kids, though. Let’s hope it works out well hehe
5. Do you like where you live or would you relocate if you could? The house I rent at the moment isn’t my dreamhome, that’s for sure. For now it’s a very good neighborhood for my kids, though. The provence I live in is a very sunny one and it’s close to the shore so I love the region I live in with it’s rich history and tourists all summer long.
6. What is your favorite animal? I’m fond of feline creatures, so that would be a cat of any sorts.
7. What is your favorite mythological creature? As said before I like dragons. I don’t collect them and only read a couple of books and stories with dragons in them (for instance ‘The eye of the dragon’ by Stephen King). I did use to have a little figurine that was so adorable but it perished somewhere along my journey here
8. When taking a vacation, do you prefer to drive or fly? I’ve never learned to drive so I don’t drive myself. Then again, I never learned to fly either 😀
9. If you could go back in time to change something in history, would you? If so, what would it be? No, I wouldn’t. Maybe I’m too much of a Trekkie to think that that would be wise. This would be against the Prime Directive (Star Trek), wouldn’t it?
10. When playing your Sims game, do you prefer big families, couples, or single Sims? I like playing them all, although I must admit one takes more work than the other. A large family with my micro-managing at times can get exhausting haha
11. Cake or pie? Sure, tell me when and where and I’ll be there. Want me to bring the drinks, coffee or tea?

My Nominations
The eleven bloggers I would like to nominate have been already nominated by other bloggers so I will confine myself to naming some bloggers that I haven’t seen offered any nomination(s) yet. I will not reach a total of eleven for I haven’t been reading as much as I would like to and don’t have many more insights to offer then offered already by great fellow bloggers.

  1. The Book of Hangman
  2. Distractedly Daydreaming
  3. It’s All PeachyKeen
  4. JoieWilder Sims 4 Blog

My Questions to the nominees

  1. When do you peak in a day, in the morning, afternoon, or evening?
  2. What food dish describes you best and why?
  3. What is your favorite color? What is it about this color that beckons to you above all others?
  4. Who inspires you, who is your biggest inspiration?
  5. What country would you like to visit on your holiday and for what reason?
  6. How many times have you read your favorite book and which book is this?
  7. Who would you like to have lunch with tomorrow?
  8. If asked to divide a million in cash in three, what would you do with it?
  9. Have you looked at a movie or read a book where you have gotten inspirational ideas from and if yes, which movie or book and what accompanying idea was this?
  10. What is your favorite song and why does this song trump all others?
  11. Do you have any grand endeavors planned or waiting for your future?

4 thoughts on “Updated Sunshine Blogger Award

    1. Twiggy says:

      Thank you so much, Sara! It is an honor to receive such a compliment from fellow blogger(s). It also reminds me to get another chapter out. Working hard on a TS4 Spa atm, though. So much fun things to do 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  1. sweetnightingale says:

    I totally loved your answers, and it was great that you wanted to answer even more questions after another nomination. 🙂 I always love reading this stuff, as it gives us a little look into the blogger behind the stories. Hehe. Right, them. 🙂 You bring the coffee and I’ll have chocolate cake ready and some nice Peppermint tea. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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