Monstrous Mezilkree Generation 2 – The heir (part 2)

You know what they say; first in, first out and so Marley is the first to lift a foot from his camping bed the next morning. Walking outside he sees the guitar standing on the porch. It’s too early in the day to start practicing, he reckons. Thus Marley heads for a bowl of cereal instead.

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As he’s finished his cereal, Marley soon notices none of the other household members are awake yet. Therefore, he decides to head out into the forest by himself. Because although Marley wouldn’t admit it to anyone, he enjoys some alone time now and then. It’s nice to get away from the Mezilkree Manor for a change since that house is filled with buzz all the time, though Marley wouldn’t have it any other way.

Picking up a fishing rod on the way out, Marley walks into the woods in search of a superb fishing spot. Underway, he enjoys the herbs growing along the unbeaten path he’s taking. The morning air doesn’t only smell fresh, it feels fresh too. The dew drops of tall grasses make his shoes shine as he continues his path.

Suddenly, while walking deeper into the forest, he spots a beautiful tree nearby. He steers toward the tree to have a closer look.

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Walking closer to the tree he sees a clearing in the distance. There is a fishing spot there! Marley feels drawn to the scenery instantly. When going for the clearing, his path is obstructed by both the tree’s branches hanging over and his limbs getting stuck in the shrubs beneath him.

Finally, he gets to the water hole in the clearing and whips his fishing rod out, when he sees the time. “Plum, I barely get the time to cast a line! I should already be getting back. Oh, just once then,” he swears inwardly.

08-05-16_10-37-56 PM_result

As his bobber is floating on the water, Marley sees a dark figure moving in the corner of his eye. He watches intently and spots her scrumptious form underneath those dark clothes. Intrigued by the girl’s sudden appearance, he walks toward her and shouts to let his whereabouts be known. There is no answer.

08-05-16_11-02-14 PM_result.jpg

When he arrives at the spot where he’s seen her, she’s gone. Feeling forlorn, Marley heads back to camp.

The boys all take something back home from the camping trip that weekend. Josias collects some frogs to get up to all sorts of mischief in class that following school week.

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Abel and Marley take up practicing the guitar and show a greater interest in gardening. Abel spends more time outside and can even be found in the gym more often. Marley takes up fishing and frequently visits the fishing spots near the Manor.

The fishing holes in Willow Creek aren’t the only ones Marley visits after that camping weekend. He spends a free weekend here or there alone in the woods. Not taking a tent with him, all one with nature, his sleeping bag, fishing rod, and a guitar. When he plucks his guitar back home, he thinks of that mysterious girl on that foggy morning when the air was thick with the scent of flowers and herbs.

Although he still spends a lot of time with his brothers and their friends, he becomes more distant also. Not like his kid brother Abel though who, in his eyes, is still clinging to Lisa’s leg.

Secretly, Marley hopes to run into that sexy female figure again for she’s been on his mind a lot. But he doesn’t run into her again, making him fall into a dark and sad state. He loses himself musing only her in his alternative music and even though he still hangs out with his brothers often, he is never completely there, it seems.

08-09-16_11-35-52 PM_result

Josias doesn’t mind, though, for he now gets all the ladies. “Let my brothers pluck them guitars while I have my hands free for the ladies circling those gloomy guitarists,” he often teases both Abel and Marley when they’re practicing together.

And he’s right because Abel too is not at all interested in dating girls. He just hangs out with his brothers or can be found by himself in the garden or gym. Lisa often wonders if maybe Abel is worrying too much about being his father’s successor for she is convinced the council can only choose Abel, he is by far the prettiest of the boys. Who can blame her for thinking this, though, doesn’t everyone feel that way about their closest of kin? She doesn’t shy away from telling Viela this either whenever he visits the household.

When Marley is away on one of his last outings to the woods not long before his graduation, he’s been playing his guitar in the night sky. He has returned to the spot where he saw that mystery girl before he heads home again.

08-07-16_2-28-39 PM_result

Marley’s just putting his guitar down on te ground to get a BLT from his backpack when he hears a rustle in some nearby bushes. Immediately walking towards it, he notices a weird light above some stones up ahead. What he then hears is pure magic. It is the sweetest voice he has ever heard singing a song. Strangely he doesn’t understand every word he hears but is enchanted by the song nonetheless. Marley grabs his guitar and gladly accompanies the voice. Then, for a second, the voice refrains only to singing more heartily afterward, it seems to Marley.

08-07-16_2-56-15 PM_result.jpg

After playing together for some time, Marley stops, dazzled by the experience. He can no longer contain himself. Could this be the voice of his mystery girl? He needs to speak up! “Hello, there. You have an amazing voice. Can you come from behind those bushes? I’d love to meet you in person,” he says carefully. But all of a sudden he feels a strange gust of wind pass by after which the surrounding woods feel different.

08-07-16_3-01-53 PM_result

All he sees is that same strange light disappearing behind the rock face where he can no longer reach it. So he decides to call it a night and start his way home to the manor.

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The next day, Lisa receives a phone call. The secretary at Viela’s office states that arrangements are made to announce the heir. The council expects the household at the head office of the company in Windenburg at 9.00 AM the following day. The company will send a car over, the secretary mentions and with this information, she ends the conversation.

“Ah, good seeing you again!” Viela greets the household in his usual over the top manner. You got here in good health, great! Isn’t this exciting? Well, let’s not diddle-daddle much longer. Follow me, please,” he continues as he walks towards the conference room.

On entering the room, Viela shows them to their seats after which he takes place behind a computer on the table. “One of the council members will be joining us shortly. Would you care for some tea, coffee or anything else in the meantime?” Viela asks.

08-10-16_2-24-49 PM_result

“That won’t be necessary, Yug. I’ve called for coffee and tea already. Okay, all gathered here, I’m assuming you know of the agreement lying here before us which requires one of the boys to sign after his graduation so let’s get to the point right away, shall we?” A male figure in the doorway says with a warm timbre in his voice setting the Mezilkree’s at ease.

The man introduces himself as councilmember Baba Meary. As he seats himself beside Viela, he summarizes the duties and favors the agreement offers. Everything done in the name of science and world peace, he says meanwhile appealing nifty to the loyalty the boys feel towards their family.

“As I understand all three of you boys will accept the outcome of our council’s decision, so it’s time to inform you. In all other circumstances, the prettiest of the boys both inside and out is named the heir. The council hasn’t been able to make a proper choice and thus other rules are in effect. I’ll gladly explain why the ruling is indecisive, though,” Meary says.

08-10-16_8-20-37 PM_result

Meary elaborates that the board has been dabbling between Josias and Abel. Marley’s ruled out immediately for he is ugly both inside and out, he states. While Abel might appear the most handsome on the outside, his gloomy trait refers to his green troll heritage which is no good. Where Josias has good character, he clearly is not the most handsome of the boys.”

“And thus,” Meary continues,”The council had to reach out to drastic measures. To make sure the objective stays true to its origin the most hideous of male offspring must be chosen to provide more information about genetics. We will then follow the objectives and monitor the outcome at close hand for any anomalies.”

08-10-16_8-31-17 PM_result.jpg

A tense atmosphere hangs in the room as council member Baba Meary ends this narrative. All present are silent for a moment to let the words sink in. Both Abel and Josias look at Marley, Josias in contempt, Abel in relief.

Marley, on the other hand, is not convinced he believes what he is hearing. As if Mr. Meary knows what Marley is thinking, he says smiling: “Yes, Marley, from now on you may call yourself the heir of the Mezilkree legacy, if willing. Everything will be officially taken care of after your birthday which gives you some time to get settled in.”

Baba Meary then addresses Lisa: “You remain the guardian until the boy ages after which he will have a final say in who lives at the manor or not. The council does not control anything in that manner, naturally. If there are any questions, please address them to Yug.”

08-10-16_8-34-00 PM_result

Mr. Meary then looks at Marley, Josias, and Abel and as he walks toward the hallway says: “The same can be said for any questions you boys might have too naturally but I need to go now, I have another meeting soon. Take care.”


A/N: I was so flabbergasted by the outcome of the genetics when the boys turned to teens. I knew I would be facing this at one point perhaps since Eeq might have been looking a little too endearing for a prettacy founder but I didn’t expect these results 🙂 Staying true to the rules I decided to let the following rule take effect: 

What if my offspring becomes pretty before generation five?
You must choose the UGLIEST offspring as the new heir and that heir must find UGLY baby momma’s for two generations, then go back to the original plan. Bring in some UGLIES for townies.


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7 thoughts on “Monstrous Mezilkree Generation 2 – The heir (part 2)

    1. Twiggy says:

      Yes, I’m still mind-blown over it. I knew I was gonna face this point somewhere along the line but first gen! Must admit, though, that Abel’s mom Lisa is the only CAS made sim Eeq has been with but didn’t think it would have this effect. TS4 keeps you on your toes genetics wise that’s for sure 🙂

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      1. Simsophonique says:

        Me too , not because of their personality (we are all nasty inside) but I myself don’t want to carry the weight of a such inheritage.
        I myself thought of Marley as well just because I don’t remember if you mention it or not when Eeq was young but the genetics are important.Stop meif I say a rubbish I catched up Lisabee’s story and now I go further on yours.

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