Monstrous Mezilkree Generation 2 – The heir (part 1)

“I’m happy to see you here before me. There’s a table ready. Please follow me,” Viela says with a warm smile as the Mezilkree boys greet him somewhat timid. Though not Lisa, “Go on, don’t be shy, boys, Viela is nothing but good to us and he’ll see to it we have a good future too, you just wait and see,” she says wearing her confident face.

Once the group is seated and is preparing to order, Viela explains the reason for their gathering in a formal tone: “The Umbrage heritage binds the male Mezilkree offspring for generations to come to help in the battle against the foul green forest trolls. According to the last will of your great-uncle, the honorable Kurzol Umbrage, and the contract, signed by your father, an heir will be appointed toward your young adult birthdays. Before that time comes, you boys deserve to know how one is appointed to be the heir.”

“We will work towards cleansing the further lineage and thus the Mezilkree name from its green troll genes. The restrictions made and pleasures gained in getting there are quite clear,” Viela says.

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Up until that point, Josias, Abel, and Marley had been sitting silently on their chairs. Josias nudges Marley and repeats Viela’s words in a whispering yet giggly voice: “Pleasures gained?”

Viela then pierces at Josias and says: “Yes, without honoring the last will of your uncle, and may I remind you that your late father agrees to the rules set up, you are out on the streets. And then where will you turn to make your way in this world, looking the way you boys do? At least, you will always be settled. Besides, not upholding the agreement would mean abandoning the respectable task of possibly ridding the world of the forest rein of the both inside and out, hideous green trolls and honoring both your father’s and great-uncle’s wishes.”

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Josias feels stupid after acting so childish and hides his face in one of the menus. He always doted on his father and would like nothing more than to follow in his father’s and great-uncle’s footsteps. Thankfully, Lisa diverts Viela’s attention to her by asking: “So Yug, you were saying something about the choosing of an heir? How will this take place and who or what appoints the heir?”

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The group is briefly interrupted in their conversation when the first course arrives at their table. Though when the first excitement over the different dishes has died down, Viela continues: “As far as I know only the finest of men carry on the Umbrage heritage. Now that I’ve seen the boys, I’ll report my findings to the superior council. For the record, I will not share my findings with you at any point, now or in future. That said, my verdict is not binding. Choosing the successor is done by the council following the agreement.”

As the second course is served and all five of them enjoy their dining experience, the group discusses choosing the successor in more detail. The gathered sims conclude that the rules imply that the most handsome of the male offspring will be named the heir and is to uphold the Umbrage standards and their father’s legacy.

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Just after the dessert arrives, Marley excuses himself from the table and heads toward the bathroom. When he’s washing his hands afterward, Viela walks into the bathroom and says: “Ah, here you are. I know what you must be thinking now but don’t let this all get to you too much. You will have the hardest time of the Mezilkree boys. The green is very pungent in you. I do hope you keep it together like your father did, boy. Only then you might still be worth saving.”

Psyched out by the collected manner in which Viela always addresses the boys, Marley scurries off back to their table. He realizes he’s insecure about his green skin. Viela just pointed that out quite clear. Marley feels out of place as he downs the last drop of his coffee. He looks up and feels happy to see his brothers and Lisa have finished their coffee and desserts too and are ready to go. Viela returns to the table and takes care of the check. Soon after, the five sims stand outside the restaurant saying goodbye. “I’ll be checking up on you three again soon, tada.” Viela turns away smiling as he enters his car after which his driver gets the vehicle in motion.

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That night each of the Mezilkree boys has a shorter night’s sleep, all for different reasons. Josias is the first to fall asleep, though. Although he’s worried, he is confident he’s still in the running. The council must choose him over his brothers since Josias for one can’t believe his gloomy brother, Abel, will do better with the ladies than he is and Marley is out of the question no doubt. Marley in the meantime lies in bed worrying about Viela’s words and how his dream of becoming the heir and live the life of plenty now lie in smithereens. Lastly, Abel would probably agree with his older brother, Josias, for Abel is all too worried he will be the one chosen as successor to this council scheme as he sees it.

The following day the boys get to sleep in, their fave pastime on Saturday mornings. When they turn around in their beds one more time, Lisa is busy upstairs with packing and getting breakfast ready. After everything they have been through and are to go through, she believes the boys deserve a little outdoor trip. As she sees it, what teen boy doesn’t want the excitement of running into a bear? Besides, a change of atmosphere for a few days to get away from their daily rut will do them all good.

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So, the Mezilkree household travels to a forest cabin just after breakfast. After settling in, the boys decide to try their luck at catching some fish for dinner while Lisa meets up with the local ranger.

“I hope we catch some fish to bring back to mom. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when we do,” Abel says.

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“Oh, common, mollycoddle! Always on your best behavior for mommy,” Josias mocks his younger brother.

Marley interrupts the two from further bickering when he says: “Never mind that. Who’s with me after dinner? Let’s see if there’s any party going on later this evening and meet some girls!”

08-08-16_7-20-29 PM_result

Then the boys are aware of a bobber diving under water. “Hey, wheel it in, sissy!” Marley ‘coaches’ his brother Abel as the hooked fish gives a big tug on his fishing line, bending the rod.

08-08-16_7-44-24 PM_result

At dinner, the family enjoys well-grilled river trout and talk until the sun is retreating in the night sky. When the boys are cleaning the dishes afterward, Lisa gets a guitar out. “See what the ranger was kind enough to borrow me? When we got to talk about how wonderful those campsite chants are and that I was camping out here with you guys, he said he had a spare one lying around. Let me see if I can still play a tune,” Lisa says as she starts plucking its strings.

08-08-16_7-58-09 PM.png

Marley, Josias, and Abel sit down by the fire enjoying the music as the sun goes down. Lisa tries to teach the boys a few chords but as the sun is casting its last rays on the earth crust’s surface only Abel is still interested in learning more. Both Marley and Josias decide it’s time to head out to the communal recreation area in the park to hopefully meet some sassy locals. Marley, however, already returns after a good hour.

08-08-16_8-10-24 PM_result

Seeing his brother pick up girls with his confident charm and sharing the first kiss with a girl right in front of him, hasn’t done Marley any good. Not now he’s already feeling insecure about his looks. He calls it a day and turns in when Abel and Lisa are still outside the cabin enjoying the fire while softly playing the guitar.


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