Open with a close (a home makeover)

“We’re not finished yet.”

07-24-16_2-07-03 PM_result.jpg

Ellie looks around the empty living space, drops of sweat drying in her eyebrows. The bare walls and floors are a mocking eyesore to her. She inwardly starts listing the necessary chores to finish the renovation and furnishings here.

07-24-16_2-51-56 PM_result.jpg

“And to think I have only a couple weeks to get this house in shape so that my baby and I can start calling it home and move here. So, up you go, lazy butt!” She downs her tea, gets up from her makeshift seat and starts painting the next wall in the same color of latex paint.

Stroke after stroke the layers of paint builds up to cover the second wall. There is something therapeutic in painting and not before long Ellie finds herself tangled up in her closest memories. Every single one of them passes by as she adds more strokes of paint to the wall. “It’s as if they’ve come to say goodbye,” Ellie hopes.

Jake insists, “The last time we talked about this you found the idea interesting. Why do you react like this now?

Ellie objects, “I don’t want to do that again. Didn’t we do this last time? I’m willing to try and give this a shot but not every time around. Can you try to sympathize with me here, hun?”

Jake cries, “It’s so hard to find someone that understands. We’re meant to be, right? I don’t know how to go on.”

Ellie gives in, “I’m sorry. I didn’t want to upset you. Maybe you’re right. I’m overreacting perhaps. Okay, I won’t mind.”

Jake smiles, “That’s better. See, we can make this work.”

Ellie silences, “I’m still not feeling comfortable with this. Please, can we stop, you’re hurting me.”

07-28-16_10-56-10 PM_result

With each memory passing, Ellie’s heart grows heavier instead. Realizing that those tiny doubts she’s been used to disregard since before they’ve been wed, have grown into the heartbreaking pain dwelling in her soul today.

“You deserve better. I didn’t mean to go this far. I should have stayed at home, I know. I didn’t ask for the consequences, though. Aren’t you happy that I got home in time? Don’t you see I’m a victim here too?”

Ellie sputters, “Yes, it’s not fair but you got yourself into this mess in the first place. But I love you and the nooboo and I need you. I’m a forgiving woman and you’re a lucky man to have me. You get your second chance but shouldn’t we get some help, hun?”

Jake parades, “We don’t need help when we’re doing just fine, fine, fine! I’m giving you all the attention you could possibly want and we are good. So is the nooboo! Leave us be.”

Ellie struggles, “Please, I can’t do this alone. Don’t you see? No, you’re hurting me. Please, stop!”

Taking a step back, Ellie is pleased with the work she has done in a single afternoon.

07-27-16_5-34-48 PM_result.jpg

Knowing her mother is taking care of her precious nooboo and she doesn’t need to clock at the shelter till 9.00 P.M., she vigorously continues her work.

Jake restraints, “Now listen to me! It’s not very nice of you to walk away when we are talking, now is it? All I want is the best for us. Why don’t you see that?

Ellie hesitates, “Then why do you keep me from going my way? Don’t you love me anymore? I don’t want the nooboo to witness our fights like this. Stop. Please, give me some time to respond?  It’s hard for me to talk to you when you get so worked up.

Jake tightens, “Oh, so now it’s my fault. I’m the one who causes this or maybe it’s you with your constant putting me down. Making me feel like you’re too good for me!”

Ellie shivers, “All I do is love you and try to make our life together pleasurable. Do I not do this well? What more can I do? What more do you need to make you happy? Ask me and I will make it so. Oh, please, stop hurting me. It’s getting hard to breathe.”

Ellie closes the lid firmly on the large can of latex, banging it shut with the back of a screwdriver.

07-27-16_6-00-22 PM_result_result

“It’s a good thing that we left when we did. I still see me with my angel on that dreadful morning. I’ve never cycled that hard to get where I wanted to be; up, up and away. Mom was the most inviting when we were at her doorstep. I’m happy she helped us so generously before we moved to the shelter.”

07-28-16_11-35-08 PM

As Ellie looks around the room one more time that day, the walls freshly painted, besides some tools and cans nothing on the floor but her makeshift seat, she can’t help but think of her precious nooboo and the days gone by.

“I’ll always keep our best interest in mind, no matter how much it hurts. My angel should be able to visit her dad whenever she wants to, in order to develop into the young sim she wants to be, without feeling smothered or restricted.” Ellie says to herself as she closes the door of their new start behind her.

“We’re not finished yet.”


8 thoughts on “Open with a close (a home makeover)

    1. Twiggy says:

      Thanks, Cathy! As long as they see the sun shining every day, right? 🙂 I’m a strong believer that when you put positiveness first, every dark tunnel will eventually give way to let the light back in again.

      Liked by 2 people

  1. Mastress Alita says:

    I know faaaaaaaar too many people that stay in broken relationships and won’t make a clean break to find a happier life, so I’m really glad Ellie is a strong, intelligent person willing to do so. I totally get her sentiments about finding painting relaxing, since coloring is really zen for me… and I find the picture of her going to visit her mother, the elderly mother there in the corner looking like a TS4 version of Rose (at least from that one angle!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Twiggy says:

      Indeed! I think so too, painting is very zen 😉 and now you mention it haha Ellie’s mom could indeed pass for a TS4 Rose. I wasn’t even aware of that when creating her in CAS 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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