Monstrous Mezilkree Interlude 1.2 – Growing gen. 2

Thanks to Lisa’s tender love and care the Mezilkree boys are taken care of remarkably well after Equinus’ passing and Agnes’ leave. Even though she’s scrambling all hours to make a good income in the tech guru career and has her hands full with looking after Marley, Josias, and Abel, they make a happy home.

Luckily the boys know how to stay out of trouble and can often be found together at the table with their homework or just chatting afterward as Lisa returns home from work.

Although Lisa mourns the loss of her romantic Eeq, she’s happy to see the boys pitching in more often doing household chores too now they’re nearing teenhood.

Lisa’s believes the bond she has with all three of them is strong enough to guide the, soon to be, teens through the coming years. Lisa firmly believes that they are aware of their role, now and in future, heir and all. Lisa couldn’t be more proud of them.

07-14-16_12-39-14 AM_result.jpg

“Marley, Josias, and Abel are all good friends so they should keep each other out of trouble too once they’re all teens, shouldn’t they?” Lisa asks herself as she’s whipping some pancake mix in a bowl.

⊕  Marley ⊕

Lisa is up early that morning. Today is Marley’s birthday. She has already baked him a birthday cake and is in the midst of making breakfast as Abel walks into the kitchen.

07-14-16_12-41-02 AM_result

While waiting for his mother to get breakfast ready, he asks Lisa if they can celebrate Marley’s birthday as soon as Marley gets upstairs too. Abel says he’s made Marley a drawing for a present.

“I don’t think that’ll be a problem, Abel. There is time and his cake is ready but we’ll have breakfast first. I’ll ask Marley if he wants his presents and cake before school or after as soon as he’s here. “Lisa says with a big smile as she pours syrup on Abel’s pancake.

06-27-16_10-38-21 PM_result

Meanwhile, Marley is downstairs speaking wide-eyed to the imaginary monster under his bed. “Look here now, I’m getting tired of your lame tricks. I’m done, you can’t scare me anymore. I’ll be the man around the house from now on cause I’ll be a teen today. Just you wait and see. Don’t be here when I get back, you hear!”

When Marley’s convinced his mighty gaze has worked on the hideous creature, he goes to the kitchen. By the time all three of the boys have finished their pancakes, friends start arriving to spend Marley’s birthday with him.

Lisa lights the candles on Marley’s cake and encourages him to make a wish. Marley thinks hard about this before he decides he wants to be a real grown up soon. No more kids’ stuff for Marley! Then he blows with all his might. Not one candle is still burning afterward. Lisa removes the candles as Marley sprouts into teenhood right before her eyes.

07-14-16_12-55-47 AM_result

Abel is standing ready to give Marley his present. When his brother takes a look at the drawing he thanks Abel for it but immediately tosses the drawing aside without so much as taking a look at it. Instead, he takes a good look at himself and then his phone.

“I can’t go out looking like this! Lamont, you have to go get some cool threads with me for the party tonight. What do you say?” Marley asks the only other teen present. Marley gets his way and arrives home later that day with a new wardrobe and a haircut.

Marley teen

⊗ Josias ⊗

Both Marley and Josias don’t see their mothers on a regular base. At least Josias gets to see his mom now and then on her visits to Windenburg. On the day of his teen birthday, she is the first one to congratulate him before his party commences.

07-14-16_10-46-22 PM

Natalie has agreed with Lisa that she’ll get Josias to his birthday party in time after the two have caught up. Josias has been telling some unbelievable stories, though very creative and has a good time with his mom. Then Natalie takes him to the park in Willow Creek, where he’ll spend the afternoon surrounded by his friends and family.

When they arrive at the park the party goers are already gathering. Both of Josias’ brothers are there. Josias sees Abel playing on the monkey bars. Marley is standing next to it. Josias walks up to his older brother to greet him.

07-15-16_1-44-22 PM

As he gives Marley a hug, Marley pushes him away and snorts: “Look, kid, if you think I want to hang out with you, you’ve got it all wrong. Come back when you no longer need your mommy to bring you to a party.” Marley then turns around and strikes up a conversation with some of his teen friends.

07-15-16_1-48-10 PM_result

Josias is left to join his younger brother. “I don’t like Marley now that he’s a teen, Josias. I think he’s mean to you. He’s mean to me also. I don’t mind,” Abel says to console Marley.

“No, Abel, It’s not cool. I’ll show him now I’ll be a teen too! I can take him, don’t you worry. And I’ll be better with the ladies too, I bet ya,” Josias says confident while he and Abel hang out on the monkey bars together.

“Hey, do you see Melissa checking me out? I’ve known her since kindergarten, you know? She’s into me. She thinks I’m cute, I’m sure of it.” Josias continues, trying to distract Abel from his gloomy train of thought.

07-15-16_1-46-55 PM_result

After playing make believe pirates on the jungle gym with both Melissa and Ricky, while their brother Marley is still chatting with older friends, it’s time to head back to the Mezilkree Manor where a great BBQ and chocolate cake still await the birthday boy.

07-17-16_9-11-58 PM_result

With a big gust of wind, Josias blows his candles and welcomes the teenage years to come. Lisa seems to be pleased to see both Marley and Josias grow up to such fine young men. It makes her wonder what her angel Abel will look like once he ages.

07-17-16_9-17-43 PM_result

Josias has a different thought on his mind, however. As soon as he’s blown out the candles on his birthday cake, he crawls on the bar stool next to Melissa and well, let’s just say the party didn’t last well into the night.

07-17-16_9-48-35 PM_result

Josias can only hope everyone has had a good time, though.

Josias teen wardrobe

⊕ Abel ⊕

Being the youngest of three boys isn’t easy in the Mezilkree household. The oldest, Marley, is always too busy with himself or his mates to spend time with his kid brother. And besides, Marley hates children now; Marley’s no fun to be around anyway.

Abel’s other brother, Josias, is mostly chasing girls since he turned into a teen; inviting  them home from school whenever he gets the chance.

07-17-16_10-03-20 PM_result

To top it all off, the boys’ mother has recently received a phone call from mister Viela. When the boys all age up, he requests a meeting. Not long after a decision is to be made. One of them will be chosen as the heir to the Mezilkree Manor and the important task of making sure the green troll bloodline is thinned further.

07-15-16_10-58-23 AM_result

On the morning of his birthday, Abel is wearing a long face. You can clearly tell he misses his father around. Being the youngest, he’s had the least amount of time with his dad. Even tho his mother means everything to him, Abel wishes his father would still be around for advice and guidance.

All his friends have already turned into teenagers over the last few months. Abel feels out of place; not even sure he wants to age up. Not if he’ll be anything like his brothers being a teen. Learning at an early age that things don’t always go your way, Abel’s birthday party presents itself nonetheless.

His brothers and their friends are partying from the time they come home from school till his mom comes home from work. After a late supper, Abel’s mom comes outside with his chocolate birthday cake and lights his candles.

07-17-16_10-22-28 PM_result

In the most radiant light, young Abel has a first glance at maturity, be it somewhat gloomy as he takes a look at his selfie. Abel isn’t the only one to notice his appearance. Lisa notices his looks too. She gazes up at the sky as and inwardly asks the Watcher why it has to be her son. Knowing the rules for life in the Mezilkree Manor and the further existence of their clan, he and his mother are sure he must be offered the seat to the heir’s throne by Viela.

07-17-16_10-26-24 PM_result

Abel’s deep inner thoughts and creative nature prevent him from being happy at this point in time. He is, however, happy with his wardrobe.

Abel teen wardrobe

A/N The tales concerning generation one end here. A path to the future and choosing an heir are upon us now. For reference purposes, I’ll leave the link to the original rules right here, Male Prettacy Rules.

We leave generation one with three possible heirs:

  1. Marley who has the Serial Romantic LTA with and a Hates Children and a Music Lover trait
  2. Josias has the Serial Romantic Aspiration armed with a Creative and a Self-Assured trait
  3. Abel is a Serial Romantic (LTA) paired with a Music lover and a Gloomy trait

There will not be a voting for an heir this time around. Wondering why? Stay tuned for the next chapter on Monstrous Mezilkree – from grotesque to gorgeous! 🙂


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    1. Twiggy says:

      thanks and so true, there weren’t many times to do so when they were younger, but I really liked to dive into their characters a bit more 🙂
      Isn’t it a surprise? It sure was to me not being all that known with sims 4 genetics. He only inherited is slightly off key figure, but you have to go looking lol

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