Monstrous Mezilkree Interlude 1.1 – Agnes breaks loose

Agnes’ family members have a huge celebration planned for her on the weekend following her young adult birthday. Since everyone is doing a great job keeping her out the loop of the organizations, she’s convinced that nobody seems to be bothered. The night before she turns into a young adult she goes to bed feeling disappointed.

06-18-16_3-01-49 AM_result

The next day her father makes her a beautiful layered birthday cake when she is at school. Agnes however, doesn’t appear when the school bus pulls up to drop the kids back at the Mezilkree Manor in the afternoon. Agnes is off gallivanting with friends instead and only returns home in the middle of the night without letting her family know about this.

Equinus has been feeling worried about her absence and is clearly disappointed when finding Agnes home again without hearing from her at all the next day. He tells Agnes how she’s made him feel. Agnes reacts untouched and totally disregards her father’s piece of mind. It’s as if she’s lost interest. She turns around and walks out the door.

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Again she takes off and spends the evening outside the Mezilkree Manor. This time, she goes out to dinner with a friend from school. Her friend mentions Rory has been seen regularly with an old classmate. Rumors of his engagement to this girl, Kristi, are going on, she says.

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Agnes first starts to cry when hearing this news. Then she scolds her friend for no apparent reason, sending her friend off before the waitress can take the women’s order in. Clearly, something is amiss with Agnes. In the weeks following, Agnes keeps acting out of line.

07-03-16_9-13-27 PM_result

She doesn’t go out looking for a decent job but starts spending more and more time at Factory One with her mother Jade in Windenburg. So much so that Jade feels forced to tell Agnes that she can not start seeing Factory One as a crash pad without contributing to the household funds when they are out for drinks one night.

07-03-16_9-14-30 PM_result

Granted, it is not the most well chosen moment to start this with Agnes but Agnes, in turn, gets way out of line when answering her mother. Agnes lashes out to Jade and everyone else around her. Jade’s appalled by Agnes’s behavior. She instructs her daughter to take a break from things to get them sorted towards Agnes’s future. Why doesn’t Agnes go on vacation now she’s done with school and doesn’t have a job yet, Jade asks?

07-03-16_9-14-47 PM_result

Not long after her father announces his engagement to Lisa. Up until the marriage of her father takes place, Agnes still seems able to keep things together. When her friend for life Rory announces his engagement to Kristi too, though, she slowly starts to loose grip.

breaking the bad news to mom (Agnes)

It’s when she passes the grave news of the passing of her father, Equinus, on his honeymoon with Lisa, to Jade that Agnes can’t take anymore. When talking to her mother, Agnes takes a rigorous decision.

She shares with her mother that she no longer wants to be a part of some crazy, baby making legacy and will take her up on her advice. She doesn’t want to be forced to stand on the sidelines seeing one of her brothers undergo the same fate as her father did by abiding by these made-up rules of creepy Viela and consorts.

07-13-16_10-12-22 PM_result

Agnes also isn’t looking forward to spending her life in the ‘all party but no gain’ way her mother seems to sail through hers. Agnes wants to live big, full and plenty but not to every price imaginable. Then maybe, she would rather do without.

Agnes decides to try her luck elsewhere. Maybe somewhere exotic, a place where she won’t be confronted with the goings on at the manor. Jade can only wish her little girl all the luck in the world, though she feels hurt by Agnes’ harsh words.

07-13-16_10-19-24 PM_result

Agnes is unstoppable. She talks to Lisa about her traveling plans. Lisa understand all too well and mentions they will be there at the manor for her whenever Agnes feels like visiting.

Agnes leaving.jpg

And so Agnes withdraws all her savings and says goodbye to the ones she loves before turning her back on them the next day. Excited but also anxious she closes the door of the Mezilkree Manor behind her and travels out into the world.


A/N: In case you’re wondering why all this is going on, Agnes has always been there for her family, right? But beware. A girl can only take so much 🙂 Her growing into a young adult brought Agnes the mean trait spiraling her into what we see here before us today.

She is sent off into the world with the following set of traits and aspiration; Self-Assured, Foodie, and Mean with a Fabulously Wealthy Aspiration.

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9 thoughts on “Monstrous Mezilkree Interlude 1.1 – Agnes breaks loose

  1. Simsophonique says:

    She took the good decision to life her life as she wants and doesn’t want to follow this shit contract his father and his brother will have to follow. She’s not her father, she loved him but she’s independant and she’s the only one now who understand how bad this contract is.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Simsophonique says:

        I can’t wait to read about her I appreciate her a lot as well. I am myself not finished with my sunset valley I just spent time on here to catch up stories to avoid me to be too much in late . Take your time because rebuilding a world is time consuming. I wish you the best.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Twiggy says:

        Yes, there is a lot to consider before starting that story. I don’t want to start it head first like I did this prettacy. I will get the hang of it eventually 😉 Thank you

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Simsophonique says:

        I know I am in the same deal for the Miss V Bsides, I have so much I want to add, so much I want to say and so much I want to write (totally fictional with)
        The gameplay part will be in the same tone than I shared. i want to make the thing good.
        You are welcome.

        Liked by 1 person

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