Chapter 1.31 -Family ties

The days and weeks in the Mezilkree Manor follow each other in good company. The boys are all doing a good job at school and receive help with their homework regularly.

One morning before school Marley mentions he’s aced another surprise test; cranking his average grade to an A! Equinus is very happy to raise such a hard working young boy and promises Marley a puppet show to entertain his friends and siblings with.

07-03-16_9-43-24 PM_result

Marley is in heaven for he has been asking his father to get one for weeks on end. He immediately runs off to his brothers to tell them the big news, leaving Lisa and Equinus alone in the family room.

“That’s a great gift to give Marley and the boys, love,” Lisa says. “I think it’s awesome you always see to their individual needs.” As Lisa expresses these words she gestures Equinus to turn his back towards her a little.

07-03-16_9-47-01 PM_result

She puts her hands on his shoulders and gives Equinus a nice rub, clearly comforting his old bones. This gives Equinus an idea. He takes Lisa with him to the master bathroom and guides her towards the hot tub.

proposing Lisa

Though before Equinus lets her get near the hot tub, he takes a deep breath and gets a small jewelry box from the cabinet under the sink. Down on his knees in front of that sink, he turns towards Lisa and acts on his whim. “Lisa, will you be mine to have and to hold for the remainder of my days?”

Opening the box, Lisa is mesmerized by the rock on the ring laying on the red velvet inside. “Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, Eeq, you couldn’t make me happier! I never imagined being part of a loving family and look at us now. Yes, of course, I’ll marry you! ” And while expressing those words, Lisa jumps into Equinus’ arms, making the both of them almost fall smack down on the bathroom floor.

07-03-16_11-11-28 PM_result

Lisa and Equinus don’t waste any time and make more preparations for the upcoming wedding almost every day following.

06-27-16_9-30-43 PM_result

Whether they are getting ready for another day or wrapping up after another hectic afternoon, Equinus and Lisa can often be found sharing new ideas for the ceremony and the honeymoon.

07-03-16_9-49-05 PM_result

On the morning of the wedding day, Equinus and Lisa eat breakfast together in silence, both eager and nervous to get married. After breakfast, Lisa goes downstairs to get ready for the big event.

Equinus walks into the family room and riles up the kids to get ready. Marley asks why his father is marrying Lisa. Equinus seats himself beside Marley on the couch and explains that he feels at ease knowing Lisa and the boys will be there for each other after he’s gone. Then, brushing his thoughts of mortality away, Equinus says: “Besides, like you, I really like Lisa. She makes me smile, I love having her around. It feels good to marry her. Do you understand now, Marley?”

07-06-16_12-32-34 PM_result

“Nope, I don’t understand, dad. Not at all but smiling is good, right?” Marley says. Equinus confirms and pulls the boy in close to hold him tight. Then he gets up and encourages Marley to get ready for the wedding too.


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11 thoughts on “Chapter 1.31 -Family ties

      1. Simsophonique says:

        You are welcome .
        He accepted blindly a life fulled of obligations , he couldn’t be happy until when he was an elder , he suffered a lot especially with her relashionship with Jade. he was only well-rounded with his children and at work and fortunately for him he has friends to chit-chat. However we don’t know if his friends really appreciate him. Only Viela the eternal laywer who if I might speak like this and this is my own doubt and opinion about him.. I don’t think he’s real.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Twiggy says:

        Oh, and there’s more to come for sure but lol when it comes to Viela and consorts I must be as secretive as he is and only release tiny titbits of info at once on that matter 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Simsophonique says:

        I didn’t want you share all Yug’s secrets with me – My private investigator flair ahaha Miss V’s ate my soul ahaha naah she is a part of me –
        You know how I react face to Viela and this sci-fi rooms makes me speculate about him much more .
        I think for Marley’s the obligation will be harder . Everybody trusts about him he will surely take advantage to his position to abuse more.

        Liked by 1 person

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