A base game celebration (#abc)

Creating a challenge
Recently I’ve started setting restriction challenges when I start a new build. I normally don’t keep restrictions to myself where building and furnishing are concerned using the content of every pack available. I find now that it brings focus. Sometimes it even requires just that bit extra to make something work the way I plan out when I rule out certain content out of the equation.

The first time I’ve tried this very deliberate has been with the Mamma Mia! share. There, I’ve tried using only vanilla, Get Together and Romantic Garden Suff. To my regret, a single large vase from the Spa Daypack got mixed up in the decor when decorating the garden. But as it turns out, this had only been a practice run.

Esmee’s Elegance
Having so much fun building Mamma Mia! with the set restrictions, I give it another go. There’s this shell house I made a little while ago on a request by a fellow simmer. The shell of Esmee’s Elegance looks exactly like a converted countryside farmstead slash villa that you can find around villages in the Netherlands. I’ve built the home on a 40×30 lot in Windenburg (Summer Home) but tested it on other lots also. It can be placed anywhere when the lot is of similar size.

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I’ll gladly give you an overview of the house with the following pictures:

06-24-16_1-41-42 PM_result
ground floor
06-24-16_1-41-27 PM_result
first floor

The house is furnished with an eclectic mix of old and new. Like almost always, I’ve used bb.moveobjects (mmo) here and there. This shows looking at the dresser in the nursery and the dino beds in the children’s bedroom. Both bedrooms house two babies and two kids. The lot is placeable without mmo on to my knowledge thoughThere is a third bedroom, which is the grand master bedroom. I just hope no accidental placement occurred this time.

Some more pictures of the inside next to wrap up the tour of this, to me, typically Dutch styled home.

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ABC – A Basegame Creation
To celebrate my newfound challenges even further, I also present a modern home in vanilla only; Introducing ABC.

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Next a blueprint of both the lower and top level of the home:

06-21-16_1-32-15 PM_result
ground floor
06-21-16_1-31-35 PM_result
first floor

It is built on a 30×30 lot that you can place in either Newcrest or Windenburg. I’ve tried to maintain a modern, clean yet warm look in both the exterior as the interior decorating with colors ranging from green, orange, gray and brown. The house holds four bathrooms, a nursery, three more bedrooms and contains all the luxury vanilla offers from a dishwasher to a pool. 😉

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I hope you enjoyed this run through of a couple of my recent #basegame / #abc builds.

Have a great weekend!




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