Chapter 1.29 – What’s another year?

The whole manor is still covered in darkness and silence. Now that Lisa is around Equinus isn’t always the last one to sleep in. Agnes and Marley are good at it, but Lisa often wins on her days off. On Josias’ birthday, Equinus is up before they all are, though. He has just changed little Abel and manages to do it without waking Josias. Equinus is pleased about himself as he puts Abel back in its crib.

Eeq wondering

He’s about to head to the kitchen, to glaze the chocolate cake he has made, after throwing Abel’s dirty diaper in the bin. Thinking about the guests invited to the party, he can’t help but wonder how he will approach Viela upon seeing him. Equinus hasn’t found the time to talk to him since Latoya’s birthday party at Viela’s place some time ago.

He doubts about saying anything on the matter at all today. After all, it’s his little boy’s birthday. Or maybe he should; if the occasion arises where they can talk privately? Not overthinking things, as usual, Equinus sheds these thoughts and heads upstairs. Today is all about the family.

After glazing the cake, he whips up another gourmet fruitcake and a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Thinking that should be enough for all the rascals gathering here today, he decides his jacket is a bit much for a casual birthday and changes his clothes. Then he starts breakfast before waking up the household. It won’t be that long before guests start arriving so after breakfast Equinus, Lisa and Agnes work together on getting the boys dressed.

04-20-16_1-08-33 AM_result

Since his retirement, Equinus hasn’t been without spreading his love among his children for a single day. He’s either helping Agnes with homework or drilling her on being on her best behavior; either in work or play. He adores little Marley who’s such a bouncy and open-minded young man; always dancing or chatting with whoever he meets. Abel isn’t but a wee man anymore either and Equinus is convinced that with a loving mom like his Lisa he can’t turn out to be anything but amazing too.

“Last but certainly not least I get to see my Josias blossom into childhood today. It’s always magical to see the cocoon of diapers and the smell of kindergarten change so gradually into an aura of development and homework. He’s already so keen on gaining good manners and besides that he turns out to have quite an imagination. I’m most certain he will do an awesome job turning into a young man just like his older brother.” Equinus thinks to himself as he opens the front door to the mixologist who’s just arrived.

After checking and arranging the last preparations for the afternoon’s party, Equinus changes his attire one more time, thinking it could be a bit less casual than his everyday jeans. When he gets back upstairs there are already guests settling in.

06-12-16_8-00-17 PM_result

The rest of the afternoon flows just as comfortable and easy as the morning has and the party-goers all seem to amuse themselves.

06-12-16_8-24-40 PM_result

Then the time comes for Josias to blow out the candles on his birthday cake. It turns out to be a delicious cake! As the attending sims are enjoying the chocolaty goodness, Josias is telling every guest he encounters how much he likes to see so many sims together and that he wouldn’t mind a party every day. When unwrapping his presents it’s clear he likes the ones that call upon his imagination most.

06-12-16_8-12-37 PM_result

The day turns out to be an amazing day for the boy.

Three weeks later it is Abel’s time to celebrate his birthday. He too is lavished with gifts and praise.

As Agnes and Viela are debating on their favorite dance clubs that afternoon, Equinus gives Viela a look. He ponders about saying something to Viela this time but decides it’s probably best to schedule a meeting instead. And so the birthday party seems to be another ordinary but good one.

06-12-16_8-22-05 PM_result

Although birthday boy, Abel, after unwrapping his gifts and thanking everyone for coming, believes it’s best to get a head start on his homework instead of attending his very own party and heads of to the lower basement to spend the rest of his day in solitude.

06-12-16_10-05-27 PM_result

When seeing the last guest out after the party,  Equinus realizes, it’s a joy to see his boys happy . Even though his children have not all been conceived out of desire, he’s highly content with the way they seem to grow up nonetheless.

A/N: It’s all just a coincidence you might think but I think it’s very funny nonetheless. Josias grows up to gain the same aspiration his older brother Marley has; being a social butterfly. But instead of the music lover trait, Josias receives the creative trait making use of the random trait generator. Abel, on the other hand, receives the same trait as Marley; being a music lover but instead, he gains the artistic prodigy aspiration. Such a social, music loving and creative bunch!


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4 thoughts on “Chapter 1.29 – What’s another year?

    1. Twiggy says:

      Tbh me too, but it just was not meant to be. This is kinda where I got directed otherwise. They still are friends even when looking at the meters. Romance is just totally out of the question for Jade’s meter after fathering three babies with other ladies hehe But Eeq shouldn’t be all alone either. Couldn’t do that to him lol

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