Here I go again

Hello, wonderful people, I realize I haven’t been keeping you informed at all about my endeavors where it comes to building in The Sims 4. That’s silly really since the first reason I started this blog is to highlight some of my builds and inspirations within the world of the Sims. I plan to share more posts on my building adventures and would really love to hear your opinions.

Recently I made a home on a request by a fellow simmer. I really like the outcome and the fellow simmer does too, yay! She requested a house similar to the one portrayed in Mamma Mia! the movie. I have enjoyed myself very much making this home!

But without further ado, I gladly give you a closer look at my latest build shared; Mamma Mia!

06-02-16_10-55-21 AM

I had intended to only use content from the base game, Get Together and Romantic Garden when building. After uploading, I noticed a single stray vase from the wellness pack crept into the build. Ah well, the lot is just as complete if you do not own this pack yourself, though. Here are some more angles of the exterior of the home. The vase is placed in the corner of the first-floor patio.

06-02-16_10-54-35 AM1

The home is built on the 20×20 lot at Windenburg Island, which contributes to the lush greek islands feel of the place. It’s a home that holds four bedrooms and three bathrooms.

06-02-16_10-56-05 AM

Here, we face the back of the lot with a quaint patio with lattice work and lush flora on top. On the patio in the shade is where your sims can enjoy a fine meal from the grill.

06-02-16_11-10-53 AM

Next is a view to the left side of the home.

06-02-16_10-57-02 AM

Here you get a good glimpse of the sunny, open basement which is also decorated to give your sims a fantastic holiday feel all year round.

06-01-16_10-30-00 AM

The first room in the basement garden gives entrance to the sleeping quarters but when the double doors in the lower basement garden are opened…

06-01-16_10-46-15 AM

Your sims are welcomed in the pool area that is adorned with statues and just oozes romance.

06-02-16_10-57-27 AM

In the interior, I also tried to recreate the atmosphere shown in the movie with its faded blues and mix of maritime, exotic and Scandinavian elements.

Without showing the entire home on the inside I’ll show a couple of images that give a good idea of the furnishings and theme on the inside. First a look at the seating area in the living.

06-02-16_1-57-38 AM

And the last image is taken in the game room / bar on the top floor of the building. All rooms are decorated in roughly the same style and color themes.

06-02-16_1-59-01 AM

The reference paintings throughout the home are views of other Mediterranean buildings I have created in the past (Arid Abundance and Bakery Bruttoboni). The paintings are available as a separate download in my catalog, Mediterranean Muse.

I hope you like this quick run-through and home. If you have any pointers, suggestions, other input or requests even, please let me know.

Enjoy your weekend!


4 thoughts on “Here I go again

    1. Twiggy says:

      Thank you, lisabee. When I started playing sims 1 I mostly created homes and entire neighborhoods back then. Silly me only discovered challenges and simlit last year and was like; why didn’t I know about this before lol

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