Chapter 1.28 – What was that?!

Late one Saturday morning Equinus receives a call from Latoya, asking him to bring the kids along with him to celebrate her birthday that she’s hosting at Viela’s place. Although his old body is really starting to wear Equinus down, he accepts the invite thinking this will do them all some good.

It is a great opportunity to talk for Marley and Latoya and besides that, it’s nice for Equinus to talk to old friends. So Equinus, Agnes, and Marley arrive in Newcrest that afternoon to enjoy the party. Latoya is already on the porch, waiting to give young Marley a huge hug.


Afterward, when she, Equinus and Marley are catching up, Agnes is already inside the house to get away from Latoya. They never hit it off like Agnes does with Lisa, this time, around, Equinus notices. “What if I were to pass away sooner than desired, what will happen to Lisa and the kids?” he wonders as he makes his way into the garden.

Right at that moment, Viela comes walking up the stairs from his downstairs business area with Paolo. The old friends meet and say their hellos. Seeing Viela look as smart as ever in his party clothes, Equinus compliments his appearance, asking Viela how he’s able to stay so young and fit through the years.


Viela responds awkwardly, stating he was the youngest lawyer ever to join his firm and is probably younger then Equinus has expected him to be. Although his reply seems to be the only logic one, Equinus isn’t completely satisfied with Viela’s answer. Though, as usual, he doesn’t make much of it.

When the two old friends have spent some more time talking, a fellow Willow Creek inhabitant, Healani Hekekia, greets Equinus. Healani is a lovely lady he never got to woo back in the day so Equinus turns his attention to her without so much as a thought and kisses her hand as a greeting.

05-28-16_10-13-49 PM

What he sees next from the corners of his eyes, puzzles Equinus. He seems to be the only one that witnesses what happens, though. It even seems no one was meant to see it. What was that? He can’t help but wonder about what it is, that he has seen Viela do, for the remainder of the afternoon.

When he asks Paolo about it later, Paolo reacts in the stand-offish manner in which he always talks to Equinus these days. Furthermore, it seems Paolo doesn’t have any recollection of the happening itself at all anymore.


Equinus decides it’s best to schedule a meeting with Viela to ask him about it in private at a later time and maybe, just maybe, it would also be good to mention Lisa. Furthermore, what about choosing an heir… how should he be chosen? There is still so much Equinus wants Viela to let him in on and that he needs Viela’s advice on.

Before Equinus gets a chance to schedule that meeting with Viela, his daughter is up to very different things that evening. Meeting her mother at the party, she decides to spend the remainder of her weekend at her mother’s place. Since she already finished her homework and started a job at a fast food restaurant, Equinus does not mind and returns to Willow Creek together with Marley when the party’s over.

Agnes out

If only he knew who Agnes is meeting in a nightclub over in Windenburg’s bustling city center. As soon as Agnes is off to Windenburg with her mother, after the party, she texts her friend to meet up.


Where they are known to meet up with friends in the past, they hang out together more and more with just the two of them. They, however, are not admitting there seems to be some puppy love forming yet; still monkeying around as if they are kids.

05-29-16_12-10-03 AM

Later that week, when Equinus is out with the boys on a stroll to the park,  enjoying his retired status, Agnes even invites Rory to hang out at the manor. Sure, at first the pair spends some time innocently chatting in the garden. But things are slowly heating up between the two.

03-01-16_12-06-16 AM

Soon enough they are enjoying the finer things in life inside the manor. First, they spend time in the gym working out. All is well so far, right?

On finishing their workout session, Rory sees the massage table in the room. Cheeky enough he asks Agnes for a rub down. Agnes obliges and soon after Rory is lying on the table, dressed in only a towel.

03-01-16_12-09-14 AM

At first, Agnes does not know where to look or what to do. One thing she does know, is that she can’t let this opportunity slip. When will she be able to feel his bare skin again? And so, for the very first time, Agnes touches Rory’s soft tanned body. Her fingertips start to tingle as her hand’s slide over his back. She can’t help but peek at his backside a couple of times.

Then Rory abruptly rolls on his side and gets off the table looking irritated. “What is the matter?” Agnes asks.

“Silly girl, did you ever do this before?! You’re seriously hurting my back, ” Rory explains as he immediately and uncomfortably walks to the bathroom to get changed.

When dressed Agnes and Rory head over to the family room. Here Rory doesn’t stay irritated for long. He tries to act all tough but soon gives in to Agnes’ charming ways.

03-01-16_12-29-20 AM

Meanwhile, Agnes wonders as she looks around the stuffy, dark basement room. She loves the luxury the Mezilkree Manor offers, though she would be happier living in a more modern home; above ground, she believes. Maybe she should be orchestrating another date with Rory? And then maybe, just maybe, on that date, she might actually reward him for his efforts.


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3 thoughts on “Chapter 1.28 – What was that?!

  1. Mastress Alita says:

    I like how realistic it is that Agnes doesn’t just hit it off with all half-brother’s moms, since mixed parent relationships are complex and don’t always work out (I never got along with my step-parents, either, while I know some people who get along with their step-parents better than their biological parents). And the way she tries to slide right into her mother’s female-casanova role but is a bit more awkward at it is oddly endearing. Ah, those teenage years. ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Twiggy says:

      Thank you so much and indeed it’s not always that easy. I know not from personal childhood experiences though as a step-parent I do see it is not a given that ex-partners feel the same way bout raising their kids after a separation and the getting used to a step-parent for a child may be just as grueling at times. She wants to be, she just isn’t (yet). Let’s just say Agnes doesn’t have the sassiness her mother has (not that that always brought Jade her desired fortune lol)

      Liked by 1 person

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