Chapter 1.27 – All in the family

“You do understand why I’m saying this, don’t you?” Determent yet understanding, Equinus stands in the garden looking at Lisa for a response.

“Of course, Eeq. You need me to get a job soon to help feed all those mouths here. I get that. But what I was thinking… Lemme keep taking care of the kiddos while I go through my current job interviews. I have good ones lined up and waiting to hear back from a couple too, ya know! I’m bound to get a position somewhere soon.” Lisa replies before Equinus gestures it’s her turn at the horseshoe pit.

05-17-16_9-39-16 PM

As she picks up a horseshoe and starts throwing, she continues saying: “Tho my idea is, as soon as I land a job, I’ll probably get paid better than you. Seeing I just finished a good education, I can land a well-paying job. You don’t want me soliciting at just Simbucks and throw all that away, do you?”

To further emphasize her cause she states: “You’re never getting a raise big enough to take care of everything, ya know. You aren’t schooled here and besides, you do realize beauty factors in when it comes to climbing the ladder in that cutthroat business you’re in?” Lisa explains herself.

As a matter of fact, Equinus never stopped to think that his lack of beauty, besides his lack of schooling, is holding him back on the job. Equinus has always been surrounded by hideous trolls before settling in the Mezilkree Manor. Where he comes from, no one’s ever rejected anywhere over their appearance.

On arriving in the civilized world he hasn’t realized beauty is considered important. He’d been able to make friends here easily, didn’t he? He doesn’t have busloads of them but sims he converses with never refer to him as being ugly. His mind’s cracking under Lisa’s words as he asks her: “So, you are saying I’m ugly… is that why you keep calling me Eek?”

05-17-16_9-46-02 PM

“Oh no, Eeq your nickname!” Lisa’s exclaims raising her brows to the sky. Though as soon as it sinks in how Equinus is taking her words, her lower lip starts to tremble as she continues in a soft voice: “Don’t think I’m making this point to call you flat out ugly, oh noes. I’m just saying, lemme land that job so you can retire altogether. Then you get to spend the time you have with the ones you care bout most. I simply adore you for taking me and Abel in like ya have. You’re the best we’ll ever wish for; the only family I feel we’ve left after Bree so brutally kicked me out.” Lisa cuddles up against Equinus; softening his mood.

Equinus adores Lisa to bits and he knows all too well that Lisa’s backstory is not much different from his own. She was left with an abusive dad after their mother died, with an older sister that despises her for being the youngest and least responsible for the two siblings. Though that never gets her down. Equinus admires Lisa’s positive nature.

He thinks it must be quite a feat wrestling three baby’s and toddlers when he’s out working. Though whenever Equinus sets foot in the house, she welcomes him with an embrace and a goofy joke or she tells him about something new one of the boys has done for the first time that day.

05-17-16_9-51-27 PM

“Hm, okay Lisa, I believe you. I know you’re putting effort into it. You have till Marley’s birthday. That’s at least another week or so from now.” Equinus gives in. He then walks into the house to start preparing the family’s dinner.

05-17-16_11-21-00 PM

Though by the time the family has celebrated Marley’s birthday, Lisa hasn’t found a job yet. But who is he kidding, Equinus finds himself thinking as he’s tutoring his children. He likes having Lisa around all too well. And she’s right: while she doesn’t have that job yet, she’s looking after Josias and Abel like any mother should. Besides both Marley and Agnes are very fond of her.

Even though Equinus hasn’t enjoyed a promotion either, he sees no reason to show Lisa the door. She doesn’t have to know this, he snickers to himself. He adores the way she acts when she gets a little upset and so he doesn’t inform her otherwise just yet.

05-17-16_11-50-40 PM

Then Lisa comes walking into the study just as Equinus is helping both Marley and Agnes wrap up their homework. At first, she looks like nothing special is going on but then she start jabbering away: “Eeq, Eeq, I have a job. Didn’t I tell ya! I start the day after tomorrow in the quality assurance department of a big new tech company out in Newcrest’s business district. I am so excited! Aren’t you happy for us?” Lisa emphasizes her question with a soft caress.

05-18-16_12-12-47 AM

Feeling Lisa’s touch on his cheek makes Equinus forget all about the kids’ homework or everything around him for that matter.

Sure, he’s happy she has found a job but it’s more than that, he suddenly realizes. Maybe it’s the way Lisa always styles her hair. He remembers from old pictures that his late mother used to style hers that way. Or maybe it’s the way she accepts his childish behavior. Her goofy trait always seems to find a way to have a laugh about it.

Lisa knows how to treat an old kid like Equinus. Puddy in her hands he is. Not only does she understand what is important to him, he also hasn’t done anything stupid yet to break this spell or wanted to since she set foot on the manor’s sidewalk.

So, Equinus takes Lisa’s hands in his, congratulates her with gaining the position and confidently promises her he will be taking her out after work the next day to celebrate her new job.

“And if you will let me, dear Lisa, I would like to officially take you out as my girlfriend,” Equinus says and winking at his daughter he continues, “You don’t mind babysitting the boys for that for an evening, would you, sweetie?” Agnes silent answer is a wink and a smile back at her dad. You can tell Agnes is just glad to see her dad happy again.


Young Marley, however, not knowing what to make of all this, finds himself riddled with all sorts of questions after witnessing that display of affection between his father and Lisa.

05-19-16_12-59-47 AM


A/N Since I find the transition between baby and child in sims 4 quite big (who wouldn’t lol ), I didn’t do a big birthday chapter for Marley. I do however want to introduce you up close to Marley Mezilkree as a child. For those interested, Marley’s turning into a very inquisitive, social butterfly with a clear love for music. All be it only alternative music. Go figure! 😉

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 1.27 – All in the family

  1. Mastress Alita says:

    You know, looking back on reading this the second time, I can actually see that once Eeq has finally let Jade go, Lisa really does seem to be a good match for him. I like seeing an untraditional couple with a large age gap but that seem to match well in personality, as his childish nature and her goofy outlook just seem to match each other right. She also brings up a very real and very unfortunate topic, which is that it is true that when equally skilled, the more “attractive” employee often gets ahead in the workforce… just another subtle form of body-shaming, really.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Twiggy says:

      Yup, this is where the game gave Eeq a pleasant curve ball. First of all, I didn’t know if any of the sisters, Bree or Lisa, were pregnant but when Lisa turned out to be (risky woohoo) I happily rolled with it. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Simsophonique says:

        You are welcome I rarely got the time to read so today I told to myself I will finish gen 1 of Equinus and why not to start gen 2 if I can.
        because I am going to be very busy in my real life and I might be out often for my real life. Plus I am a snail when I write something because I don’t master English at all and I don’t have real time to be more present on wp.

        About Lisa you thought is correct but there is something more deep , she trustly follow him because her husband and him were good friends (by interest to make sure he will follow the contract of course !) true and true !
        but she is as naive as him and this is one of her personality trait. I feel the stuff like that. She also promised herself to follow the education both gave to the boys and to don’t break their future.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Simsophonique says:

        Not on each part, sometimes I have nothing to say I just push the like button to say to you ‘read and like it” and I read next. And I am not so chatty on every stories I read sometimes I remain silent I enjoyed what I read and I barely get half or a quater of everything. ;'( and sometimes I understand the deep and the hidden fact and everybody thinks I am right ahaha. and almost almost nobody had anything to say abot my own story ahaha (okay it’s deleted now I can’t continue it anymore I have to play a new save but when it was online)
        World is so funny .

        Liked by 1 person

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