The Spirit Animal Blog Award

Hello everybody,

Not only have I been spoiled on mothers day, I also received a huge compliment from the amazing simmer adwilson1991, who shares my love of reading and writing SimLit. She nominates this blog for the Spirit Animal Blog Award. Thank you so much for this nomination, dear! I didn’t at all see this one coming and am ever so flattered!

UPDATE: In the months following my acceptance post I’ve received more nominations from Jonathan Chronicles, Marialein, and sweetnightingale! I’m ever so joyed to receive nominations from such awesome bloggers. Thank you so much for this and for reading my blog to begin with. You guys are awesome 🙂

Spirit Animal Blog Award Acceptance Rules:
1. Once nominated, add the award picture to your blog;
2. Write a short paragraph about yourself and what your blog means to you. Also, let the world know, if you could be any animal, what you would be;
3. Pick and notify ten nominees for the award.


The Spirit Animal Blog Award


Me and my blog
Just when my life was in dire need of more depth and fulfillment, I feel I was rewarded with the birth of my children. Of Dutch origin, I live in a beautiful coastal region in the south of the Netherlands with a set of, almost 4-year-old, twins that brighten my every day. Never did I think that being able to watch these human wonders grow on a daily base would be so gratifying and feel so rewarding. So in a nutshell, I am really just a stay at home mom doing the best she can. In the spare moments I do have, now the ground work on forming these rascals is done, I love to sit down and immerse myself in the wonderful world of the Sims.

This is where we happily meet. It all started with sharing my in-game creations such as, well, anything really. I made several lots and rooms that if preferred come with their own premade household. In my in game Catalog, you will find a vast array of different styles and shapes of builds, from Asian to Mediterranean, from fantasy to sci-fi, for the clean cut to the romantic simmers among us and so on. Be sure to give my catalog a look in the Sims 4 Gallery when in need of a cool home or venue for your sims 😉 Oh btw, this so reminds me I should be updating my Builds page soon. Am putting this on my to do!

Anyway, I digress, when I became active with sharing my creativity again, to me, logic has it I also started seeing what others share and so I stumbled onto SimLit. Now a big fan and well, when my creative juices start flowing, there has never been a limit to me and so I started sharing my writing also. I am having the best of times with it, whether writing a short story or another chapter about the Mezilkree’s journey to beauty! I find myself thinking of plot or story angles in the weirdest places and the oddest hours these days. Knowing that sharing my imagination in this blog entertains or inspires others also is a wonderful notion and a huge bonus.

Spirit Animal
This is something I have never thought about that much. Staying in the native American vibe that I get from the imagery of this award, at first, I have been going back and forth between a deer and a wolf. They are both majestic and kind; one more gracious and the other may be more ferocious. Though sleeping it over and reaching deep inside my soul I find a totally different animal to be my spirit animal.AUTO00372-figuren-tribal-dier-slang-02-27x21 The Snake
If mistaken for an animal I would have to say; the snake. Don’t get me wrong, though. I do not have a forked tongue nor am I a slithering serpent. 😉 I’m a very patient person that is content with warming my body in the morning sun on awaking. I bide my time and don’t burst into movement lightly. Though when I do get involved, I wrap myself completely around the matter.

I move gracefully (most of the time lol) and enjoy fine art. My senses are high which makes me vigilant. I don’t move immediately but when I do it is with force whether for good or bad. If anyone attacks or drives me into a corner, I will strike; venomous even if called for. I protect what is important to me. But don’t worry, like the rattlesnake I will warn any on-comers timely about the possible dangers ahead. Yup, after a fun and mindful journey, thinking of these traits, I must admit I have found my spirit animal.

The nominees are, in random order:

  1. Sabreene’s Distractedly Daydreaming
  2. cully_c’s Dalton Anderson Official Website
  3. Raerei’s Fortress
  4. Mastress Alita’s Sim Stories
  5. MedleyMisty’s In the Valley of the Sun
  6. Moon In Capricorn’s Jonathan Chronicles
  7. Virtualee’s Randomness and Stuff
  8. PeachyKeen’s It’s All PeachyKeen
  9. Citizens Erased’s Ashes to Ashes: A Legacy
  10. lovesstorms’ There Goes the Neighborhood

8 thoughts on “The Spirit Animal Blog Award

  1. lisabeesims says:

    There is no such thing as JUST a stay at home mom … I believe it to be the most important job of woman could ever hope to do and one of the most difficult as well. To nurture a little person to keep them safe and happy as they grow is an amazing. 😊

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