Chapter 1.26 – The circle of life

Equinus’ recent gallivanting has created a great distance between Jade and him; a distance maybe beyond repair? Jade is there for him, they are the best of friends and they talk often enough, but no sparks are caught flying around between them these days. And if this doesn’t change for the better soon, Equinus reckons, she’ll be back at Factory One as soon as Natalie delivers the baby. Little does he know…

Giving up hopes for a romantic future, he finds himself spending more and more time with the children. The kids are his everything. Equinus counts his blessings, knowing he is there for them. He gives them all the love they deserve; all the love and attention he as a child has been deprived of. Thinking if this is to be his only purpose left in life, he can live with it and make sure he can be proud of himself.

Natalie’s pregnancy goes smooth enough to have the baby delivered at the manor and just as Equinus finds his matured state of mind, his third child is born into the world.

05-01-16_2-15-23 AM

And thus, the newest household member, Josias Mezilkree, a second baby boy, introduces itself.

05-02-16_9-08-05 AM

Equinus’ following days pass by in postnatal bliss as he dutifully drags his feet off to work whenever called for. Even though he’s an elder now, his financial situation doesn’t allow him to retire. Maybe after one more promotion is what he tells himself. Although he would much rather spend the remainder of his days surrounded by his children.

His daily grind keeps Equinus’ tired old body busy most of his days. He doesn’t make a lot of time to mend the situation with Jade even though they both reside in the manor. Being reminded of their time together this way doesn’t give Equinus the strength, to be honest to Jade about what happened that night before Marley’s birth. He just can’t or will not completely be true to himself here either, it seems.

A mere week after Josias’ birth, however, Equinus’ gallivanting creates a permanent impression on everyone around him. Any possible relationship whatsoever between him and Jade is terminated when the radiant Lisa Holland presents her cheerful self on the sidewalk next to the manor. This is the day Equinus loses his beloved Jade altogether.

05-02-16_1-42-35 PM

How can this be, you wonder? That night away from Jade’s birthday party lasted well into the next day. Equinus made new friends; very amicable friends. Not fully remembering that intoxicated night himself, Equinus is soon filled in with the past goings on by Lisa.

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With every word the perky woman utters, images of that night come flashing before Equinus’ eyes. In a clouded distance, he sees Jade running into the manor. Storming after her is of no use, he instantly realizes. Instead, he stands nailed to the sidewalk still attentively listening to Lisa.

“After I told Bree about our pregnancy, she kicked me out of the house. Would you believe it!? So… now that I find you here, can I stay with you for a while? I mean, you know, we need a place to stay for this baby, right?… And I’m about to pop, ya see!” Lisa utters a contagious giggle before she continues: “Besides, I don’t have anywhere else to go. So please, pretty please?” Expressing those last words with a high pitch, Lisa tilts her head, grabs Equinus’ hands and lays them to rest on her perfectly round belly as she looks at him with puppy eyes.

05-02-16_1-44-19 PM.jpg

Staring into that set of hazel eyes, Equinus smiles at the young woman. Then he focuses on her pregnant belly. His hands feel the movement of the baby beneath them. A distinct kick makes Equinus look up again, his eyes moist.

Then, again in a distance, not clear as if looking through a wall of water, Equinus sees Jade and Natalie haste out the front door. He doesn’t run after them or stop them in any way.

Looking at Lisa so close to him, feeling the warmth of the child growing inside her, remembering how he felt that morning after waking up and seeing Lisa’s astonishing beauty in that unfamiliar living room, he merely replies: “Of course you can, dear! Don’t you worry, you can have the baby here and stay as long as you like.”

Holding her hand in his, Equinus then walks towards the manor with Lisa. It is only when Agnes stumbles down the stairs in a panic that Equinus realizes he’ll have some explaining to do before doing anything else. After showing Lisa to the formal living, he takes his daughter by the hand. He leads her into the garden and starts explaining.

05-05-16_1-45-33 AM

As he finishes his elaborate explanation the sun’s rays are slowly retreating from the sky. Agnes’s gaping but then looks at her father and says: “Well, you really blew it with mom now, is all I know. I guess that’s not any of your concern now with all em baby’s and what not. And with that contract and all I see where you’re coming from. Just happy to help where I can, but I will, of course, keep seeing mom!”

The last words are expressed with so much conviction, Equinus takes the teen’s head in his hands and says: “Of course you will, sweetheart. I wouldn’t expect anything less. We will make the best of it, Agnes. That’s a promise. Know that I’ll give you the same attention I always have. You have been and will always be my one and only little girl!” He then leans in and kisses Agnes on the forehead saying: “I’ll go and show Lisa around the manor now. You finish your homework and get ready for bed, sweetie.”

Lisa settles in with the Mezilkree household members quite easily. She turns out to be very easy and outgoing; helping around the house wherever she can. She takes great care of both Marley and Josias during Equinus’ work days; getting the two to gurgle and giggle all the time.  The boys seem to really adore her goofball trait.

She and Agnes really get along too. Lisa makes the best ice cream in Willow Creek and being a real foodie, this is right up Agnes’ ally. The two can often be found together in the kitchen creating new flavors and filling the home with cheerful laughter.

05-02-16_9-53-18 AM

Two weeks after Jade and Natalie leave the manor, screams are coming from the living room. It could be just another brain freeze caused by a batch of ice cream but Equinus decides to check it out nonetheless.

As it turns out, it’s Lisa’s time to give birth to a new nooboo and so the family is again spoiled with a lovely baby boy, Abel, bringing the total count of possible heirs to three.

05-05-16_12-54-09 AM

From then on the Mezilkree Manor is never to be spotless again. Equinus can’t seem to stop smiling; overjoyed with so many beautiful baby’s and toddlers surrounding him. The childlike goo-goos and gaga’s replenish his old soul. A soul that has lost so much along the way, but also one that can look around him to feel blessed and rich having so much to live for.

05-05-16_11-34-39 PM.jpg


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3 thoughts on “Chapter 1.26 – The circle of life

  1. Mastress Alita says:

    Normally automatic scrolling slideshows bother me because by the time I read down to them, they’ve scrolled the images to a point where I don’t know where the “starting” point in the slideshow is and am starting at some point in the middle and reading out of order, but in this case, it really does make the images “flash” by in a sort of disjointed, random way, the sort of way someone remembering a night they were highly inebriated might be putting back together pieces of a memory. It’s actually quite effective!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Twiggy says:

      Thank you, sweet, glad you feel that way! I’ve been thinking on how to portray these events. I’ve been doubting the slideshow for it is not something I come across often in simlit, though I wanted to explore the possibilities. I felt it fit here since I didn’t want to elaborate on the night itself too much but wanted to explain events prior and make it feel like a sort of flashback of a very blurry night.

      Liked by 1 person

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