Chapter 1.25 – No second serving?

Despite Agnes’ prediction Jade doesn’t call or come by the following days. Equinus is too afraid to contact her right away and therefore all that remains, for now, is a chilly truce. Most of the hours that pass, Equinus is sulking over his seemingly lost love. Though he does his best to stay focused on spending time with the kids or alone in his study deliberating what steps to take next.

The very first thing Equinus does is have that long overdue chat with Agnes. When she hears everything explained to her, Agnes seems happy she’ll never be asked to fill a spot as heir for the Mezilkree family. Besides that she says that no matter what stupid things her dad may do now or in future, she will be supportive for he will never let her down either, she knows that much. “And I also know mom kinda feels that way too, dad. You just have to grow some backbone.” Agnes finishes her end of the conversation.

talk with agnes.png

When hearing his daughter utter those wise words Equinus seems to light up a little and promises her he won’t remain to be so gloom. He still doesn’t find the courage to contact the girl’s mother, though.

Equinus’ friend Viela stops by several times to try and force Equinus into action again too. “Common old pal, it’s your birthday tomorrow and you still haven’t contacted Jade and that niece, Natalie. You should do something, Equinus.” Viela tries to persuade his old friend.

02-18-16_12-10-52 AM.png

“You can’t just let this be. You know Jade loves you and what if Natalie’s pregnant with a possible heir? What ladies would go through so much trouble for the likes of you? You and Jade deserve much more. Stop whining like a little baby and start doing something about this is all I’m saying!” Viela tries to fire him up once more but Equinus doesn’t seem to be completely won over yet.

On waking up the next morning Equinus goes through the same rituals as he did the days before. There is one big difference, though; today he will be turning into an elder. Despite all the efforts he hasn’t gotten where he wants to be. Oh yes, he has beautiful, loving children but not half as much love and happiness on the romantic front as he pleases. Jade has a bigger pull on him then he would perhaps find convenient yet he realizes he wants to spend his remaining days surrounded by the ones he loves.

Equinus does not dare to put a big birthday party together, though. He can already foresee many awkward moments with more than one sim in a room that have issues with each other one way or another. Whether it be Agnes and Latoya, who still don’t get along… or what about Jade and Equinus, who really need to talk privately before any party’s going on. Even the club members; Eva has always been more Jade’s friend then Equinus’ and Paolo will most probably be even more protective now when it comes to Jade. No, today is spent in solitude; sitting on his burns.

04-13-16_12-43-04 PM(1).png

Trying to fix what he has broken, is all Equinus wishes for when blowing out the candles on his homemade birthday cake. Thinking of his own mortality, it is time to contemplate his life. Hopefully, he gets to embrace his beloved Jade again someday before it’s all too late. But like Jade, he will have to keep some matters to himself perhaps if he wants things to smooth out.

After sharing a piece of pie (or two) with Agnes, Equinus looks after Marley and spends some time with both children in the nursery. Yet Equinus himself is not able to eat much of his cake. He rather makes time for his offspring for Equinus is proud of his clever, teenage daughter and simply adores his little, green boy. Equinus can often be found in the nursery, talking to Marley for hours on end. Ah, time past is a silly thing when seeing the future in their eyes.

04-13-16_12-46-03 PM.png

As he finishes cleaning the kitchen later that night, Equinus steers towards his bedroom. Before he heads off to bed, he finally decides to give Jade a call. He still hesitates when she answers the phone; his hands sweating. “Hello Jade, me here,” he stammers. She can hear the emotion in his words. “I miss you, angel. Can we talk soon, maybe have a coffee somewhere this week?” Equinus asks her. Jade is surprised by the sincerity she hears in his voice. “I’m willing to consider that but tell me, what will we be talking about?” She asks him.

“About what a fool I am for not seeing your meddling as the compliment it must have been. I merely saw it as a way for you to undermine any possibilities to achieve goals I set myself in life. But now I see you wanted to somehow aid me by not telling me. I think that it’s wrong to shut me out but I suppose that is what you have been doing. I don’t know, I’m stupid, I guess. You’ve always been the brains out of the both of us.” Equinus admits.

He can hear a faint smile in Jade’s response: “You know what, maybe you’ve convinced me. I’ll meet you for that coffee. I need to talk to you too. We meet here in town at the Hare and Hedgehog café. It’s okay if I text you the when later.” Equinus is so happy she accepts his offer, he most certainly does not mind to be at her beck and call for the time being. Go figure.

04-23-16_2-15-52 PM.png

A couple days later Equinus and Jade have set a date and time. Equinus arrives early so he seats himself on a couch in the corner of the café. Fidgeting with his collar; tapping his fingers on his legs, he awaits Jade’s arrival. Then he spots her walking through the door with a determined demeanor.

The old friends meet and share a hug though everyone around can sense the tension between the two. Will Equinus be able to break the ice here? After some friendly banter, Equinus feels it’s time to share his true feelings with Jade.

04-23-16_3-53-39 PM.png

Equinus takes Jade’s hands in his and with a tender kiss on the back of her hands he confesses his lasting attraction to her. Jade, however, doesn’t reciprocate his feelings that easily. She shies back and suggests the two sit down before any of them says things they might regret soon after.

04-23-16_2-42-42 PM.png

Equinus glances at Jade; unsure of what is to come or what to say next. Instead of answering her, he obediently follows Jade to a nearby table and pulls a chair out for her. When the two are seated, Equinus starts apologizing straight away: “You can have the shirt off my back, my dove but I’m telling you: I am ever so sorry for treating you the way I have. When it comes to looking for surrogate moms, I think you haven’t been honest or upfront with me but that doesn’t give me the right to make you jealous and go off gallivanting with your niece. Nor was it appropriate of me to talk to her like I have.”

04-23-16_3-29-46 PM.png

Before Equinus can continue showing his shame, Jade interrupts him: “I am sorry about what happened. I wish you would have found a more civilized manner to share your insecurities with me. Instead, you went missing a whole night and disappointed Latoya by not being in time for Marley’s birth.” Jade says. “But we have to face the given situation as is. You may want to know that Natalie is with child and still in town; staying at my place. Factory One is not a place for a pregnant woman though so I have decided both Natalie and me will be staying at the Mezilkree Manor for the duration of the pregnancy.” she continues saying.

Jade then ends her narrative by saying: “Don’t get your hopes up, though. You’d better be able to handle yourself for I am definitely not staying over at your place for romantic endeavors. I’ll be there to spend time with Agnes but especially to support Natalie.”

04-23-16_3-32-51 PM.png

Jade shoves her seat back and gets up with the words: “I got us in this mess too so I will see Natalie through this!” With a glance over her shoulder in Equinus’ direction, she struts over to the counter and asks the barista for a cappuccino to go, leaving Equinus behind in his seat.

04-23-16_3-35-12 PM.png

Equinus face hangs. There is probably nothing he can do to get Jade in a mood where she’ll ever be susceptible again to any of his advances. Yet he gets up from his seat and follows her.

04-23-16_3-38-36 PM.png

When in front of Jade again he tells her once more how sorry he is and how much he has missed her. Explaining the longing took the best of him when he met Natalie at her birthday party. He wasn’t just hungry; he’d been greedy. He would do anything in his power to prove that he’s still worth her while.

04-23-16_3-50-24 PM.png

Jade just looks at Equinus untouched as she takes a sip of her coffee. Equinus feels meaningless as she gazes at him. “Natalie and I  will be at your doorstep first thing tomorrow morning. Have a room ready for us!” Jade says. Then she swivels around to turn her back to Equinus. With watery eyes resting on her ever swaying hips, Equinus watches Jade trail off, muttering only: “Okay, see you tomorrow.”


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      So true, I am afraid they havent been on the right footing with one and other these last chapters. But maybe, just maybe they’ll find a way 😉 Thank you for checking up on him, sweetie!

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