Chapter 1.24 – Baby born

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As Latoya heads into the delivery room she still hasn’t heard from Equinus. Coincidence that this nooboo chooses the day after Jade’s big birthday bash to present itself to the world. Jade will not be at the hospital, Latoya knows that much. Though Latoya, Equinus, and Jade have agreed that Equinus will, of course, be there for Latoya when the baby’s due.

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Looking clearly agitated Latoya walks through the heavy blue doors. Her mobile in hand, she tries to contact Equinus one more time before she is directed to lay down by the doctor.

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The delivery goes smoothly and before she knows it Latoya lays eyes on a beautiful baby boy. The doctor asks Latoya what name the baby will carry. She has no idea what the father’s wishes are. Since Equinus is absent she, after some deliberation, decides to name the boy Marley Mezilkree; her own late father’s middle name. That way, she reckons, Latoya gets to honor her own lineage by completing the lineage of the Mezilkree’s.

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So… meet Marley; a pretty green baby boy and the latest addition to the Mezilkree family tree. Yet the father, even after his birth, is nowhere to be heard of or seen. Latoya thus decides to give Jade a call: “Hiya Jade, Latoya here. Great news, there is a new baby boy to add to the loving Mezilkree family. Now, I am just wondering who will pick me up from the hospital. I haven’t been able to reach Equinus and I am ready to go as we speak.” Latoya says in a very business-like manner.

Jade answers Latoya sounding frustrated. She confesses to Latoya that Equinus vanished from the party yesterday. He was to pick up Agnes also but hasn’t been around yet. The two women agree to all meet up at the hospital and go to the manor together with baby Marley.

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Once the baby is safely at home Marley is first greeted by his older sister. Agnes is elated to see the bright green boy and coos, cuddles and talks to the baby for hours to come.

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In the meantime, Equinus finally arrives at the hospital in a dazed state. He had just left the manor where he wanted to grab a shower. When undressed he spotted his cell phone on the nightstand; flashing a bright color in the dimly lit room.

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After seeing the missed calls and reading received messages, Equinus forgets all about his shower, whips on some clothes and rushes to the hospital.

When he finds out Latoya and his son have already checked out, Equinus looks at the time. “Oh my! Me and my great ideas. Drinking and laughing the night away might have a lot more consequences than I could have imagined perhaps. Well, at least I had a mighty fine time! Both Bree and Lisa are delightful. What a night!” Still meandering about the previous night Equinus greets the clerk at the hospital’s desk and heads out the door.

By now Jade will have heard about his childish reaction to his win, he realizes. How is he going to explain his whereabouts of last night to Jade, after Natalie went back to the party? And with that crazy time following, he has no clue how to sell all this to Jade. He decides to not tell anyone right away. That will give him some time to clear his head. He will have to keep a straight face though and with that thought in mind Equinus heads back to the Mezilkree Manor.

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Once there he spots Agnes in the garden with Rory and greets the two. As much as he doesn’t trust that boy, he can’t be bothered at the moment. He needs a bath and quick if he wants to straighten up and wrap his head around the predicament he got himself into this time.

As Equinus enters the manor he hears voices in the kitchen. Coming closer he overhears Jade and Latoya talking. He is not ready to face those women and so he quietly tiptoes further down the stairs and into the bathroom.

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When he slides into the warm, bubbly water of this much-needed bath, Equinus nods off after only a couple of minutes. When he wakes up, he gets dressed and takes a peek in the kitchen. The women are no longer there. Instead, he sees Agnes preparing dinner. “Mom and Latoya have left already, dad. They didn’t know you were here and I decided not to bother and tell them.”

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“So… that bought you some time, dad. But now what?” Agnes asks her father inquisitively when they’re in the sitting room enjoying their meals. Equinus remains silent for a minute contemplating a satisfactory response.

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“Agnes, I believe the time has come that I let you in on some things regarding me and my life; our family. Right now I am too tired though to discuss things with you. I do hope you understand. I know you love me as I love you and therefore I hope you will let me have a little more time to compose myself. I promise to get back to you on this after my working day tomorrow, okay, honey? Equinus responds open-faced to his daughter. He finishes his plea with thanking Agnes: “I do however really want to thank you for giving me some time today already; keeping your mom and Latoya out of my hair.”

“Aww, all good, dad. We’ll talk tomorrow, no probs.” Agnes replies, “But believe me, you’ll have mom on the phone most probably before we get a chance to talk.” Agnes ends her response in a serious tone.

Father and daughter then quietly finish their plates and both head their separate ways. Before Equinus retires to his quarters, he checks in on his newborn son. Not expecting this after the birth of his firstborn, Equinus reacts somewhat surprised to see his son’s green skin. Looking at the child, Equinus pities the fact this boy was not born out of true feelings of bliss and joy. Though looking at Marley, Equinus can only find his heart filled with just that; blissful joy and warm love for this beautiful new life.

Marley Mezilkree


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