Chapter 1.23 – Two can play that game

Life is tough on poor old Equinus; the hold the agreement has on him for wanting to honor his heritage, being wrapped around Jade’s finger like he is, raising a teenage daughter mostly by himself, still trying to father a second male heir while his elderly days are merely days away. Oh my! We all know Equinus struggles with life. He hardly gets to make decision out of free will alone it seems; his aspirations suffering. Everything always seems orchestrated without him having a say.

But all that is not of any importance to Equinus today. Hé is ever so pleased that Jade has invited him to her birthday party. Maybe not all is lost between the two… or is more meddling in his life lurking right around the corner as he sets foot at Factory One?

“As far as Equinus is concerned today will be all about me turning into adulthood,” Jade instructs Eva again just before the guests arrive, “Don’t go telling him my niece is here to become surrogate mom number two. And stress the boys I don’t want them interfering; not with him or Natalie for that matter!”

Jade has invited both Equinus and Agnes to celebrate her birthday along with the partihaus crew in the midst of a small gathering slash party with friends.

03-02-16_1-36-12 PM

Agnes is the first to congratulate her mother on this milestone and she expresses her love with a big hug followed by a lovely bracelet wrapped in the prettiest pink wrapper bought on one of Agnes’ shopping sprees. Then it is Equinus’ turn to bestow gifts and appreciation to his beloved Jade…

03-02-16_12-54-09 PM

Awkwardly the two former lovebirds face each other. There is still so much love yet both are too proud to admit it or willing to give in to the other. Jade, the ever cheerful and decent sim yet deep down she is as childish and insecure as Equinus can be. On the other hand Equinus, knowing he loves Jade like he will love no other yet he’s filled with longing to ruffle his bold feathers and conquer unsuspecting ladies into some romantic endeavors.

But most of all the both of them are in turmoil over spending time apart from the one they hold dearest. All over an agreement that holds what they both strive for in life, a sense of accomplishment.

Clueless as always Equinus does not know Jade has been working hard on making sure she will be hearing her wedding bells before another year has passed. She has been out looking for a second possible surrogate mom. When convinced she found one in the form of her niece, she orchestrated her birthday so that both Equinus and Natalie meet and spend time together. All this again without Equinus knowledge in the hopes he will not find out this time around. That is, if all goes according to plan.

03-02-16_2-20-59 PM

While Equinus is having a good old time dancing, Natalie walks up to him and introduces herself. “I don’t believe we met before? Hiya, I am Jade’s niece, Natalie. I flew in for her birthday. You’re having a good time? At least you really know how to bust a move!” As he listens to her lovely voice, Equinus seems to be even more fixated on her tight, bright yellow tank top; or what is in it, who knows.

And so not before long Equinus finds himself under the redhead’s spell and outside with Natalie. It is there he senses something must be amiss though. He gives Natalie a sideways glance but she seems to act like she doesn’t know anything.

03-02-16_1-58-47 PM

Equinus however realizes that none of his friends follow them outside, jealous Jade is nowhere to be seen and here he is; alone with some gorgeous young woman acquainted to Jade that is trying to wrap him around her finger. Something must be off. He wont be tricked again.

03-02-16_2-01-56 PM

When Natalie asks Equinus to stargaze with her to get to know him a little better he accepts, thinking this will give him some time to ponder his next steps.

03-02-16_2-00-31 PM

Equinus is thinking hard about how to turn this around while Natalie cheerfully babbles on. He likes the sound of her voice, he thinks as she tells him about her dreams. Equinus is impressed with her spirit. Yet in the meantime he’s all too worried that she will in no time tell him Jade arranged some sort of date for them to procreate and no romantic or otherwise naughty, enticing endeavors lie before him in the near future. That notion doesn’t tickle his senses to say the least. He must do something to beat Jade to the punch.

03-02-16_12-54-11 PM

Equinus gets up and compliments Natalie on her bright personality and accompanying looks after which he pulls her close for a warm embrace. His hands on her back feel the beautiful curve leading up to her pristine bottom. Equinus can’t help himself; always the fanny man.

He pulls Natalie even closer and whispers seductively in her ear: “Care to join me inside? I know a place where we can get to know each other a little bit better even.” With excitement in his voice, a wink and a naughty look on his face he takes Natalie by the hand back into Factory One.

As soon as they are inside he saunters into Eva’s downstairs bedroom with Natalie by the hand. If no one is gonna care he takes his leave from the party with Jade’s niece outside they wont follow or miss them now either, he reckons.

03-02-16_2-22-40 PM

With his back to the closet, he embraces Natalie and whispers: “I can’t believe the hold you have on me. You are a very enticing lady and I am an interested and willing man. We must be here together for a reason, don’t you think?”

03-02-16_2-23-08 PM

When he senses Natalie is clearly touched by his avances, he looks at her intensely and pulls her in for a kiss pressing Natalie even closer. Meanwhile he’s deliberately opening the closet’s door pushing his back into it. And we all know what happens next…

03-02-16_2-23-54 PM

Equinus reappears from the closet with a smug look on his face. Ha, did he beat Jade there! He feels thrilled, invigorated even. This is the most excitement he’s had in a long time.

03-02-16_3-32-26 PM

But even with this victorious feel under his belt, Equinus can’t bear facing Jade right away. He walks outside again with Natalie and asks her to tell Jade he will be picking Agnes up tomorrow. He then kisses Natalie intensely and turns around with a smug look on his face.

“I’ll walk with you, you don’t mind, right?” Natalie asks with puppy eyes. Equinus heads into Windenburg’s city center with her. On the way over to a café Natalie tells Equinus somewhat giggly: “Funny we hit it off so well, you know. I would never have woohoo’d you that jauntily if i didn’t have that talk with Jade. She wants me to make sure you have a spare heir so that the two of you can get married, you know.”

“I do know and that is exactly why I so unabashedly grabbed you in that closet, rawr, hahaha!” Equinus responds not all that charming. His childish ways make him only think of his so called victory on Jade. He had his first kiss with Natalie and he has her romantically interested in him. He is so happy he beat Jade to the punch, score, now just for a couple more kisses and he will be a happy man ready for marriage.

04-12-16_12-10-30 AM.png

Natalie however is not so charmed by the way Equinus reacts. “My niece really loves you, you know! I respect the love she has for you; making you flirt with me like that, wow. You must treat her real good and I like you for that. Keep on doing that, Equinus. But what you have just shown me, pfft.” With those words Natalie sails off leaving Equinus alone at the café.

“Meh, good riddance. She will be on the doorstep again soon enough to birth me my heir if pregnant though I will probably be hearing about this later. But for now, HA, I am feeling too good to let anything burst my bubble. I’m celebrating life tonight; no more meddling. I will go by myself! Why don’t I grab a drink at the Narwhal Arms, the club is still at Jade’s party so I will have the ladies there all to me.” In a flirty mood and with a big grin Equinus heads for the Narwhal Arms; up to no good.


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3 thoughts on “Chapter 1.23 – Two can play that game

  1. Mastress Alita says:

    It is a bit surprising that Jade would enlist a relative to help her out… that must’ve been an awkward conversation to have, heh. “Look, I know you’re my niece, but I need you to have a baby with my boyfriend or we can’t get married. Yes, yes, I know it sounds crazy, it’s all very complicated! You’ll help your favorite aunt out though, right?”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Twiggy says:

      Lol yh I dunno bout all the Jade’s out there but I do know my Jade is a bit of a manipulative and controlling lady making sims dance to her tune. To me, quite fitting to her temperament, traits and aspiration 😀 (She has a Mansion Baron LTA and the Ambitious trait)

      Liked by 1 person

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