Chapter 1.22 – Teen troubles

Due to some family business of my own, my prettacy family (and wonderful readers too perhaps?) have been suffering. You hereby witness my humble apologies given to all I may have affected due to my recent behavior. In the coming period of time, I try to up my writing and sharing in the hopes to exhibit my remorse. 🙂 Now over to the new chapter…

Equinus believes that without the continuous control and guidance of a female role model around the house Agnes might be blossoming into a rather rebellious young lady. Oh, how he misses Jade on a day to day basis.

03-02-16_12-41-49 PM.png

He often catches Agnes alone with male company from either school or  the Promenade when he comes back from work. This despite his repeatedly telling her not to without his approval or supervision. Equinus has tried talking to Jade about the matter. She merely smiles it off stating that that is what teenage girls do. Equinus can’t stand the way Jade just shrugs her shoulders over such matters and keeps asking her over and over to help the girl out.

But all she says in return is that the girl is old enough to date by now and shouldn’t be held back in matters of the heart by her old-fashioned father. Jade even convinces Equinus to promise he will let Agnes go on a date if so desired or asked.

Because Jade also lets their daughter go out in Windenburg on nights she spends over at Factory One, Equinus feels he must do something to gain control over the rebelling teen to restore balance in the manor.

Then Equinus thinks of an idea he had earlier. He decides to let Agnes go out. Only this time he will be supervising; keeping an eye out. He figures it would also be a good idea to invite Latoya. That way he can catch up on the how and what’s regarding the pregnancy and there is another adult to keep eyes on Agnes.

Latoya has two teenage daughters of her own so she will probably know how to handle any situations, Equinus assures himself. He calls Latoya right away to make arrangements for the coming weekend.


His plan horribly backfires though when he discovers Agnes is not at all pleased to see Latoya at the dance event. She openly lets Latoya know that she is not about to let someone expecting a baby she doesn’t need in her life conspiring with her father to keep her in check when all she wants is to have some fun on a Friday night.

Blown away by Agnes’ candidness Latoya immediately turns to Equinus stating she will call him later that week to catch up and struts off all emotional and hormonal right after.

Equinus is blown away about Agnes’ outburst too. In his ignorance, he hasn’t at all given her a thought in the entire ‘baby-making with other females for an heir’ process. He realizes he really should have sat down with his daughter before starting all this. What is she going to think of her dad or better yet how is she thinking of him already? She has always been his little gem, his precious little girl. But she isn’t anymore, is she, Equinus?

03-01-16_1-22-02 AM.png

Equinus is now alone at the party with Agnes though only to spot Rory coming their way. Agnes stops Rory in his tracks before he can say anything and strikes up a conversation with him confident as always.

03-01-16_1-22-38 AM.png

Equinus listens in on the two talking but when he overhears Rory asking Agnes out, he cringes. He is so not ready to let his little girl grow up. He feels a headache coming on and after trying to come in between the two he can only stand by and wait for Agnes’ reaction.

03-01-16_1-23-21 AM.png

Or can he? Equinus tries to distract the two one last time but is cut out with a single sentence from Agnes: “Don’t mind him, that’s just my dorky dad. I wouldn’t mind going out with you at all, you know! Why don’t you text me later about the details, Rory? That’ll give you time to think of an appropriate date for the two of us. I will be looking forward to it.”

03-01-16_1-23-08 AM.png

When Equinus hears his gem talking he can’t help but think she sounds just like her mother did when he tried to get things started between the two back in the day. Ah, life still seemed simple then. Now with a temporary ex, a teenage daughter, and a pregnant surrogate mom Equinus life seems far from simple these days.

With that thought in mind Equinus heads over to the bar; feeling a little more defeated than he already did over the course of the last months. To top it all off, Equinus walks into an old acquaintance on the way over to his much-needed drink.

03-01-16_1-32-09 AM

If only looks could kill… Maaike gives Equinus ‘the eye’ but at least he’s free to continue his way. Only to finish his drink and get back to Agnes to notice there is, even more, male companionship lurking with him not around to scare unknown boys away.

03-01-16_1-28-09 AM

Equinus sighs inwardly. “Now who may this bloke be?” he thinks to himself after which he feels enough is enough so he proposes to take Agnes back to the manor. He is happy to see Agnes does not seem to mind going home.

03-01-16_1-24-47 AM

However, Agnes is apparently loving all the male attention she has been getting. What Equinus doesn’t know, though, is that she doesn’t really have boys over for anything he wouldn’t approve of nor would she date them for anything like that. She is pretty picky when it comes to boys.

03-02-16_12-41-50 PM

For now, Agnes is merely scoping the field to see which guys are easily charmed over, then smitten with her and eventually gullible enough to fetch her drinks, lavish her with gifts and carry her bags whenever she wants to go shopping at Magnolia Promenade.

03-01-16_12-32-00 AM

Though he doesn’t see through it, she always schemes Equinus too. Like that little girl always wanting another piece of pie, she now regularly has simoleons on her mind. With her confidence and cunning charm Agnes gets away with asking her father for extra spending money quite often, more so then Equinus will ever come to realize.


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2 thoughts on “Chapter 1.22 – Teen troubles

  1. Mastress Alita says:

    I have always really loved Agnes; her attitude really reminds me so much of Jade, hahaha! (A Daddy’s little girl that takes just after her mother?)

    Also, the complexity of the relationship between Jade and Eeq as a separated couple raising a daughter is quite profound, and I say this because I myself grew up with parents that divorced when I was a teenager, and there definitely are strains and complications when one parents wants to do parenting differently than the other. And it isn’t a dynamic I see featured in Simlit very often, so its really nice to see it explored here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Twiggy says:

      Thank you, Sara, for such a wonderful comment! You bring a 🙂 to my face.

      The strain of raising a child between divorced parents is something I faced when living with the twins’ father and his daughter from before the twins were born. I think people might face differences even when together when it comes to raising a child and this gets all the more complicated after parents have split up and/or have any addition(s) to their family through newfound love.

      Liked by 1 person

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