Chapter 1.21 – Wham, bam! Thank you, ma’am

Equinus has a troubled night alone at the manor after his run-in with Latoya. His sleep is restless and uneasy. How could Jade keep him out of plans she makes? What does this mean for him when it comes to fulfilling some deep-rooted wants in life? At waking up in the morning his uneasy feelings haven’t given way to happier thoughts yet.

Equinus tries to keep his composure and so when he is all ready he waits for Latoya outside the front gate to welcome her. When Latoya walks up he greets her halfway on the sidewalk where they spend some time sitting quietly on a bench before Equinus confesses to Latoya that he is feeling a little awkward.

02-17-16_7-52-30 PM.png

Latoya reacts very understanding and proposes to make a relaxing afternoon out of it for the both of them. And so they have lunch together and play horseshoes in the yard. They even share good laughs over the doll houses at the side gate playing king and queen of the castle.

When Equinus gets hungry again, he cooks the both of them a nutritious meal. Afterward, they spend some time watching a movie and eating popcorn. It is all fun and games, but Equinus doesn’t get that thrill out of this as he hoped he would in his time alone.

Latoya gets up when the movie finishes and mentions she would love to use the meditation area before to relax body and mind before surrendering to him. She smiles awkwardly as she says it, but Equinus can tell she is afraid to ruin a good friendship just as Equinus is.

02-18-16_2-28-23 AM.png

Equinus in return asks if she would mind if he would already take his leave to the bedroom to get his room ready for them. When Latoya joins him there she looks sexy in her sporty outfit and Equinus can’t help but compliment her on her looks. She blushes and leans in close. “Well, why don’t we get things started,” she says while looking at Equinus seductively.

02-18-16_2-28-26 AM.png

Equinus is happy Latoya feels confident enough under the whole situation for he has no clue which way to look when she pulls him under the covers and the baby-making commences.

02-18-16_2-29-12 AM.png

When the dead is done, Latoya blows Equinus a kiss. Not soon after the two are sounds asleep.

02-18-16_2-29-44 AM.png

The following morning Equinus sleeps in as he does whenever weekend arrives. Though not soon after he steps a foot out of bed, Latoya walks in and asks him to join her for a relaxing sauna before breakfast.

02-29-16_11-49-56 PM.png

Not sure if he agrees with Latoya’s tactics, Equinus dutifully follows Latoya to the next floor and into the sauna.

02-29-16_11-51-34 PM.png

Where some more baby-making takes place. Though Equinus can’t shed the feeling that the only steam felt in both ‘sessions’ was the actual steam of that sauna visit.

02-29-16_11-59-16 PM.png

Not long after breakfast Latoya takes her leave and says she will stay in touch with both Jade and him. As Equinus watches her leave, he stays behind wondering whether his grip on matters concerning his life or future is dwindling, if ever he had any.

02-14-16_10-44-07 AM

In the time following his ‘date’ with Latoya Equinus has all the time in the world to find his way with just Agnes around in the manor. He is ever so happy to have her there for she is the one that keeps him afloat. She is the one he cooks for, the one he cares for, the one he watches over, the one that still needs his advice and guidance in matters of life. And boy does she!

02-29-16_11-55-15 PM.png

“Look at them, all grown up. I really need to keep an eye out here.” This thought fills Equinus’ mind as he sees her talking to that Rory kid again. “I should really take her out on the town somewhere, like a chaperon, to see if want to and can trust her with boys already. I know she already gets the time out at night when she spends weekends at her mother’s. Which reminds me to give Jade a call.” Equinus thinks and so he walks into the living while grabbing his phone out of his pocket.

He hasn’t called Jade at all after that weekend with Latoya. Jade has called him but hasn’t yet mentioned or confessed to her little scheme at all. She sounds pleasant whenever she calls; her gentle voice always soothing Equinus’ troubled mind.

His hand vibrates when his phone starts ringing; Equinus’ line of thoughts are broken. He picks up the phone and hears Jade’s voice. He is flustered for a moment and starts blushing out of nowhere as if caught stealing candy as a kid. “Hi, Jade! What a coincidence. I was just about to call you.” he stutters.

“Yeah, right!” Jade giggles on the other end of the line. “Will you bring Agnes over in time for dinner? Marcus has a whole pot of home-cooked chicken Simsala from his granny. She visited Windenburg last week. We had such a blast! She is the sweetest old lady you’ll ever meet. Anyway, what I was saying, big goof, uh,” she stumbles over her words after that for a split second but restores her composed self quickly afterward. “Just be sure Agnes is on time, you hear? Oh, and let her bring her bathing suit, will you? We will be heading to the pool tomorrow afternoon. It was good talking to you. Bye!”

Equinus looks at the time and realizes she probably called because he needs to leave now if they want to make it in time. He finds Agnes in the game room playing chess, tells her to grab her stuff and her bathing suit and twenty minutes later they are on their way.

When Equinus is back home and starts making dinner his phone rings again. It is Latoya, asking if it is okay to come hang out at the manor. Equinus accepts and not soon after greets Latoya. He hasn’t had time to take a shower yet, so he offers Latoya a snack and excuses himself to freshen up.

03-02-16_3-25-51 AM.png

When Equinus is in the shower, Latoya is meanwhile thinking of how to mention her surprise; take the test or first mention it. She decides to tell Equinus she brought the test to see his initial surprise. She really hopes she can make her friends happy.

She is so excited she can’t wait and walks to the bedroom downstairs where Equinus is standing with only a towel wrapped around himself. She tells Equinus she has brought a test and would like him to be the first to share the results with. Equinus leads Latoya to the bathroom and lets her take all the time she needs.


Equinus waits outside the bathroom patiently when he is startled by an excited screaming coming from the bathroom. He heads inside all panicky.

03-01-16_12-26-08 AM.png

“Tell me, woman, what is the matter? Did you see a spider or what!” he cries out; thick as a brick. “No, no, not at all. I am pregnant… Isn’t that marvelous!” Latoya replies, her hands waving excitedly in the air.

03-01-16_12-26-41 AM.png

Equinus is thrilled with the news, of course! One step closer to his goal of fathering male heirs. But now what about his aspirations to lead a romantic life with a sexy lady here or there that’s all over him and what about not being committed to everything, all the time? Is a man but to dream? Before he knows it there will be another nooboo and he still has to work on finding a third baby momma. So much to do and so little time…

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