Chapter 1.20 – Well, what do you know

When Agnes and Jade have already left a day before, Equinus find himself all alone at the manor after work. He’ll be alone for the entire weekend since Agnes will be sleeping over at Factory One with Jade, as arranged.

01-28-16_2-37-11 PM.png

Equinus is filling out his reports for Monday, but it seems the numbers don’t add up properly this evening. He just can’t focus and is not able to shed the thought of feeling a bit forlorn. Jade has not even been gone for a day and he already misses her; the sound of her voice, the smell of her perfume and the swaying of her hips, which always entices him on the spot. He also muses her gentle, yet outgoing nature.

It feels weird to him being alone now, but he will have to get used to it somehow. With the promises he not only made on paper but with his heart too, he feels he should really find a distraction. He tries to think of an innocent one, but his mind only brings him to more romantic thoughts.

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When he finally finishes up his reports, he decides to grab a drink at the local nightclub. When outside he gives Viela a call to check if he wants to join in. When Viela declines all giddy, Equinus hears a female voice in the background. Viela mentions he is otherwise engaged at this point in time and, with laughter in his voice, merely states that Equinus should be doing the same.

01-28-16_2-30-40 PM.png

Equinus is visibly disappointed and heads back inside. He will not visit his partihaus mates at Factory One for he knows Jade and Agnes are there too. He doesn’t look forward to going there since he and Jade are separated for the time being. She has only been gone for a day and he is just too stubborn. He won’t ever admit to feeling a little defeated.

When inside he turns on the TV and sits on the couch. He is not ready to start moping around over the loss of Jade, though; he is certain the break-up will only be temporary. But in order to make that happen, he needs to work on committing to his contractual agreements.

Before Jade, there have been only two people he wanted to commit too but never could. Now that both his beloved mom and uncle have passed, he wants to make them proud through his uncle’s will. But to do so he will have to find ladies other than his precious Jade to father some sons.

When the movie starts, Equinus suddenly gets up in a hurry. “I can’t sit here and frustrate myself any longer. I should go out by myself. Befriend some locals maybe, I don’t know, hit the field.” he thinks to himself hesitantly, “and if not that, I will at least get some fresh air which may help me form some sort of plan on how to tackle the future.”

Equinus freshens up and changes into his everyday attire before he ventures out to the local nightclub. When heading towards the entrance, Equinus is stopped in his tracks; hearing his name called out. He turns around to see by whom.

02-14-16_9-01-27 PM

He spots Latoya on the sidewalk not far from him. She heads up to Equinus and greets him heartily, to say the least, mentioning she is in for a drink. Thus the two enter the nightclub together. Once at the bar Latoya offers to buy him a drink. Equinus happily accepts.

02-14-16_9-04-35 PM.png

After some small talk at the bar, listening to some blues and downing their drinks, Latoya and Equinus are both in a very chipper mood. Latoya asks Equinus for a dance. Equinus loves to dance, so he naturally agrees. Besides that, he is flattered by Latoya’s advances. It seems she has forgotten all about their awkward encounter at the pool.

02-14-16_9-12-45 PM.png

When the two have been dancing to some tunes by Simmy Waters, Billie Holisim, and BB Simking for some time, Latoya leans in very close. Her hand softly and seductively touches Equinus’ arm and then rests there. She totally takes Equinus by surprise. Latoya mentions it is such a coincidence they meet now since she has agreed to their generous proposition earlier this week by contacting Jade.

Equinus looks clearly puzzled. He doesn’t know Jade has been talking to Latoya about any problems they’re having, though he has seen the two talking in the past. And what about this proposition? Before he can ask for clarification, Latoya pulls him closer. Her hand on his arm moves to his waist while she puts her other hand in his. “Let’s dance some more,” she whispers in his ear. Equinus now looks totally dazed and confused. “What is going on here,”he thinks to himself, “What has Jade been up to, what proposition?” His heart is pounding in his chest. He feels both excited and fearful of what is to come next.

“I have always wanted another pregnancy,” Latoya continues as they slow dance, “Giving birth is the most beautiful thing in the world. You know I have two daughters myself and couldn’t support any more children. So when Jade told me all about your predicament and made me that offer, I was already tempted. Knowing now for sure I will be a surrogate mom to the both of you, really joys my heart! Besides, I am really grateful for your contribution to the college funds of my daughters. I already told Jade I think it is a very generous thought to grant them two-thousand simoleons each! It shows you’re true friends and I would be happy to return that friendship.”

In return to her narrative Equinus has no idea what to say. He just stares at Latoya in a clueless fashion as Latoya stops dancing and takes a step back. “But since we will be meeting again tomorrow afternoon and I do need my beauty sleep,” Latoya says smiling; “I’ll be headed home for now.”

Equinus follows Latoya outside in silence. “Then it’s probably time to go home for me too…” he thinks, still flustered. His head is racing with questions: “How did my precious mastermind come up with this plan? When was she going to tell me about this? Will she be telling me at all? Am I okay with this? How could I not be, though? But what about that college fund contribution? I do not suppose she will be donating that money? She is going to have to tell me something, right?”

02-14-16_8-58-53 PM.png

He then looks at Latoya standing there in the moonlight. She really seems content about the whole situation. Equinus realizes he should probably do the same. Who cares how his life is always planned and orchestrated by who knows what or who. Live in the moment! And so he whips out his phone and, with a wink and a goofy smile, asks Latoya how late he should set his alarm in the morning to look his best for her.

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